Summary of basic equipment in Auto Chess Mobile game

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For the most part, newcomers to Auto Chess Mobile tend to focus only on the power of heroes and the effectiveness of races, systems or squads.
However, the point that greatly affected the victory and defeat of the half that few people noticed was the basic equipment. Today I will synthesize and guide you to use the dishes The most effective basic equipment to climb Rank in Auto Chess Please.
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#first. Overview of the basic basic equipment

These are items that increase the damage resistance, or recovery for heroes. These basic equipment can be easily earned from battles against first monsters with a relatively high probability of dropping.
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In terms of effects, most of the basic equipment are quite simple, such as increased armor, increased damage or attack speed.
However, the role of these equipment is very large in the beginning, and these equipment are also raw materials for you to group into basic equipment of level 2.

#2. The basic defense equipment in Auto Chess

With basic defensive equipment will be suitable for the front row hero of the squad has the ability and role to withstand damage. However, you can also equip the main hero to increase stamina.
Basic defensive items include:
1. Shield: Has a 100% chance of defending 10 normal attacks.
Function: Increased stamina, is the raw material of making secondary equipment such as Long cốt thuẫn and Món qùa thời gian.
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2. Cow leather armor: Empower heroes equipped with 5 additional physical armor.
Function: Increase physical defense, is a manufacturing material Giáp thép and Giáp dao.
3. Anti-ghost cloak: Increases magic resistance by 15% for equipped heroes.
Function: Increase the ability to magic, is a manufacturing material Áo choàng diệt ma and Mặt nạ con rối.
4. Vitality rings: Regenerates 10 energy per second.
Function: Increasing resilience, is the manufacturing material Áo choàng diệt ma and Cầu hồi phục.
5. Ax kira: Increases 15% vitality for equipped heroes.
Function: Strengthen resilience, as a manufacturing material Quyền trượng rồng, Món quà thời gian and Kích vân đính.
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6. Vitamins vitality: Gives an extra 250 vitality to the equipped remote.
Function: Increasing resistance, as a manufacturing material Long cốt thuẫn, Ma long tâm and Tẩu phỉ thuý.

# 3. The basic equipment increases physical damage in Auto Chess

These items are suitable for heroes with massive physical damage as the main source of damage of the squad. You can also equip heroes that can resist but have physical damage.
Basic items that increase physical damage include:
1. Wooden sticks: Increases physical damage by 5% attack speed.
Function: Increases damage done, helps cooldown faster. As manufacturing materials Mặt nạ cuồng nộ, Gậy lãng quên and Ảnh kiếm thép.
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2. Strange face sucks blood: Has 5% lifesteal from basic attacks.
Function: Increases the recovery ability for heroes, as raw materials Mặt nạ cuồng nộ, Mặt nạ con rối and Mặt nạ ma quái.
3. Harpoon hook: Increases physical damage by 15 equipped heroes.
Function: Increases physical damage, as a manufacturing material Chuỳ lôi điện, Gậy lãng quên.
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4. Thach chu lo van: Increases physical damage by 15 equipped heroes.
Function: Increases physical damage, as a manufacturing material Rìu ma huyết, Chuỳ lôi điện and Quyền trượng rồng.
5. Broken sword: Increases physical damage by 20 equipped heroes.
Function: Increases physical damage, as a manufacturing material Giáp đao and Kiếm ma tinh.

# 4. The basic equipment increases magic damage

These are "indispensable" equipment if you want to play a team with magic damage. These items do not directly increase magic damage but have very good support.
Basic equipment that increases magic damage include:
1. Energy magic crystal: When dealing damage, regeneration increases by 100%.
Function: Increases mana regeneration using skills faster, which is a manufacturing material Cầu hồi phục, Liềm tà ác, Pháp trượng xung kích Lever 1.
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2. French magic staff: Increases skill damage by 10%.
Function: Increases the damage caused by skills, which are the materials to make French scepter lever lever 1,2 and French scepter.

# 5. Epilogue

Above is his article about The basic equipment common in Auto Chess Mobile game. I look forward to receiving your attention with my posts and blogchiasekienthuc dot com.
Wish you climb the Rank effectively in Auto Chess Mobile!
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