What is webmail?

What is webmail?

Are you familiar with Gmail, Outlook.com? So do you know what webmail is? Simple, webmail is a web application of email companies that help you easily send / receive email via the web. The webmail itself is a web-based email client. Most major email service providers support webmail because of its convenience.
In this article, we will guide you to use webmail to send and receive email. Also fix the basic errors you may encounter


Before using webmail, you need the following information:
1. Path to access webmail
2. Registered email for its email address and password information. If you need an email by domain name can see this post

Instructions for using webmail to send / receive email

The convenience of webmail is clear, you can access it anytime just through the browser. The steps to send and receive emails are as follows: 1. After you have your provider email, log in to the link they send you. Here, because I already have Hostinger's account, I will log in with this link: https://webmail.hostinger.vn/
2. Enter your email information and password
Log into webmail
3. You will be redirected to your email management website, which will look similar to the following:
webmail interface
Depending on the email hosting product you choose, you will find that the webmail management interface has little or more features.

Instructions for sending / receiving emails

To start sending emails, click on the Compose button:
Send email on webmail
You will be directed to the familiar editing interface
Compose email content
To check email delivery, you can also send it to your own address in the To box. Here I will perform this simple check and press the Sent button to send mail. As a result, you will find yourself receiving that email:
send and receive emails successfully on webmail
That's it, extremely simple right. In the next section, I will guide you to configure email service management, in case you send the above test without receiving email

I cannot login to the web mail or email, what should I do?

The most common and extremely simple reason is: the email service is being disabled.
You can disable or enable the email service in the Mail Service configuration in hPanel. Some providers' e-mail systems may automatically disable your account's Sendmail and SMTP functions , due to sending over multiple emails, sending mass mail, or sending SPAM mail.
If these services are disabled, you will  not be able to log into the webmail or use the mail client application.
  • If you want to enable / disable email service, go to your hPanel website by clicking the Manage button .
go to cpanel hosting
  • Navigate to Mail Service Control
mail service administration
  • In the new window that opens, you will see the Mail - Mail Service Control translation administration interface You need to activate Sendmail and SMTP . Then press the Update button to save the changes.
activate mail service
NOTE: It is best to turn off the mail service if your mail account is used for SPAM or has been compromised.

I do not receive email from other people, what should I do?

If, after activating an email service, you still haven't received an email from someone else. Then:
  • Check in the spam mail folder
  • Check your domain's DNS configuration. The most common error is because you have not pointed the MX record to the correct MX record of the email provider requesting you to point. See the following tutorial for how to fix errors.


Webmail is very convenient, but besides the advantages such as: being accessible at all times, you can search quickly on the browser, the price is low. Webmail has a big limitation depending on internet connection. Therefore, webmail users often install email into the device they are using.
In this article, you already know what webmail is. This is a term that everyone who uses the internet should know because everyone has their own email. In addition, you also know how to enable / disable email service, fix some basic email errors. Wish you use email professionally. If you have any problems with webmail, leave a comment below.