Why do smartphone OEMs want to produce a Smart TV?

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Recently, Vsmart has launched the first TiVi model after a short time participating in smartphone production in our country.
And from this move of Vingroup, a question arises: Why do OEM smartphones, if possible, most of them produce more Smart TV array? If you've ever asked the same question, let's follow some of the reasons in this article.
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#first. OEMs typically represent both smartphones and TVs

There are many large OEMs (device manufacturers) that have done this for a long time, and mostly OEM Android smartphones.
For example: Samsung with QLED TV screen technology for the ability to display images with brighter and clearer colors.
LG, the boss of the panel manufacturer for smartphones and TVs, has also been very successful with its OLED TV.
Sony with Bravia brand is very popular in our country market, with elegant design and great sound.
Huawei also produces Smart TVs, and so does Xiaomi. Even Xiaomi's Redmi subsidiary has a super-priced Smart TV.
Oneplus has also confirmed their entry into the Smart TV market, etc. and so on.
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Even the opposite also happens. TCL is a major TiVi OEM in the world, also announced to enter the smartphone market. Panasonic too!
So what is the reason? What is the relationship between TVs and smartphones?

#2. Why do OEMs want to produce more Smart TVs?

The first is the question: Why do smartphone OEMs choose Smart TV for further development, instead of Laptop or Tablet?
After smartphones, TVs are probably the second most active market in the world of technology devices. Laptops and tablets are much more user-friendly than TVs, even though a household's TV replacement cycle is much higher than those two devices.
Therefore, OEMs make TVs and in return, they can gain more market share and make more profits for other electronics segments.
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Next: Smart TV is similar to Smartphone.
Not the same as the previous TVs, only the screen and the Input / Output options to play content from 3rd party devices.
Most TVs sold today are Smart TVs, running customized operating systems from Google's mobile Android platform.
In other words: TV is now like a giant Android smartphone. So the development of TVs and smartphones now has certain similarities, and research and development will be less hard.
And finally: It is a potential market.
The role of TV will increase over time, due to the development of smart features that Google brings, and the development of 3rd party devices such as Console, Android Box, ....
And in the time of 4.0 technology revolution with booming artificial intelligence, it is likely that in the near future, Smart TV will be indispensable in every home.
So this is a very fertile market, although not an ideal market to replace the smartphone market that is too cramped as it is today.
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# 3. Conclude

That is my view on the purpose of cross-pitch production of OEMs of smartphones and Smart TiVi. Do you think the role of the TV will increase over time? Please leave a comment below this article.
Thanks you!
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