21 Great online business ideas

If you're looking to make money online , you're in luck! At this point, almost everyone is online! In this article, we will come up with 21 great online business ideas for you to try.

Before business

With 4 billion internet users, the world is wide and full of opportunities to make money online. However, note that it is also a competitive world, and so you need to put all your effort into succeeding.
First and foremost is choosing a niche .
For example, if you like traveling and love to eat, you can create a blog about food reviews. But, you can also choose a niche as street food from where you go.
Or, you can start with viewer demand. You need to research first to find out their needs, then you can run a business that solves the problem of the market .
Next, there are points you need to have for your online business:
  1. Web hosting . For businesses that need a website, you need web hosting to place your website on the internet. We recommend Hostinger with competitive prices and high quality services.
  2. Domain name . Choose the best domain name for your business. Domain names are an important decision after choosing a niche.
  3. Time of . Some ideas take more time to develop and succeed than others. Evaluate yourself how much time you need to make a profit.

21 Online business ideas

Now, let's take a look at 21 great online business ideas you can use immediately.

1. Write a Blog to make money from it

There are many reasons why people like blogging. Some people want to interact with people who share similar interests, share knowledge with others or make money.
So how to make money blogging? First, if you don't have a blog, create a blog now with the following steps:
  1. Choose web hosting
  2. Domain name registration
  3. Choose platform
  4. Write a blog post regularly
For more details, read the comprehensive guide to blogging this success.
Next , you use the following ways to make money:
  • Google Adsense . You can learn from Jack Herrick (WikiHow) who earns up to $ 2 million per month from Adsense.
  • Sell ​​eBooks . If you want to be like Carol Tice who makes $ 45,000 from selling eBooks, you can open a bookstore right on your blog.
  • Paid review . It needs good writing skills and quality to make money from writing reviews. But Famebit has confirmed that you can still succeed.
  • Affiliates . Pat Flynn said that it will take you a long time to make money from affiliate. But affiliate marketing

2. Create an ecommmerce website

Ecommerce is used to buy products and services on the Internet. Amazon and eBay are the biggest names in this industry that you are familiar with.
Setting up an ecommerce site is one of the best online business ideas. Business opportunities with e-commerce sites are extremely large.
For example, Etsy . The site is very nice and sells handmade products such as jewelry and toys.
Online business ideas on etsy
Like blogs, to create an ecommerce site, you'll need:
  • Web hosting
  • Domain
  • Products for the store

3. Site Drop Shipping

Do you have good sales skills but don't have the space to store products? So you should try drop shipping.
With drop shipping, you can profit from selling other people's products.
When customers order, you receive money and buy products from suppliers. The supplier will then deliver the item to your customer immediately.
So the profits from customers who have paid minus the cost you buy the product. You do not have to manage other surcharges because there is no need to manage inventory.
Drop shipping is one of the online business ideas worth trying because:
  • Small investment
  • Less risky
  • Not having to manage many things
If you want to move into drop shipping business, you just need to create a website presenting products from suppliers. You can then receive orders.
dropshipping website - online business idea
Oberlo is the clearest example of how you can do business online with this technology. It has sold more than 85 million products worldwide. Isn't that great?

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the form of advertising other people's products.
If people buy the product with a referral from you, you will receive a commission. There are many niche markets suitable for affiliate marketing including web hosting, online services, health products, or even sleeping cushions .
You need to join the affiliate marketing program and get special links from there. You can then post links on the website or on social media to introduce certain products.
You can use the website for affiliate marketing by:
  • Post ads / banners on your website
  • Write a product review and leave a link.
So, if you think this online business idea is right for you, read more in this article

5. Become a Freelance Content Writer

Your writing skills can help you create successful online businesses.
There are many websites that are willing to pay royalties for you. One of them is Cracked . This site needs creative pens with humorous content. You can earn up to $ 250 / article while developing your writing skills.
Or, you can also use blogs to showcase your skills. Danny Margulies will inspire you on how to succeed as a freelancer writer.

6. Application programming

Application programming is a fairly hot and profitable online career. Spotify or Instagram are the most typical products.
You have many ways to make money from this online business idea:
  • Freemium (provided free but users pay extra for premium features).
  • Advertising in the app
  • Subscription.
  • Payment in the app.
You need to have specialized skills in this area. And if you like games, you can create unique mobile games. Online PUBG, Pokemon Go and Clash of Clans are all games that make a lot of money.

7. Create Podcasts

Podcasts are video or audo files produced in series and distributed to online subscribers. It is growing fast now.
Broadcaster (broadcaster) can make money from this online business idea, while listeners can hear exclusive content, personally they like it everywhere.
Although the early stages will be slow, you will be surprised when it grows quickly and becomes as big as Wondery .
wondery podcast
How does podcasting benefit broadcaster? This online business idea makes money from:
  • Sponsor
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Crowdfunding

8. Graphic design

If you are good at graphics, you can almost certainly make money from this skill.
There are many websites that help you connect directly with customers. 99designs is a typical example. At the moment they have 97,000 design professionals. You can join today to develop your skills
Or, you can see how  Kate Moross makes money. She simply presents her work on the portfolio website , and customers automatically come to it.

9. Twitch Streaming

If gaming is part of your life, try streaming on twitch. It is not only fun, many people also make money. A lot of people like this online business idea.
Twitch is the platform for gamers to stream their videos while playing games.
twitch game streaming
Instead of playing the game yourself, you can stream the game for everyone to watch. Especially when you're a pro gamer.
The reason is because, for example, Jeremy Wang, he makes money from more than 800,000 followers, up to $ 20,000 per month. Moreover, he also makes money from sponsorships and brand advertising.

10. Mine / Trade Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that uses cryptography to encrypt security
To make money from mining cryptocurrencies, you need a special computer to do this.
Bitcoin mining uses units called blocks. Each blog is locked with a series of algorithms. If the code is successful, you will receive a reward.
The reward for deciphering a blog block is 12.5 Bitcoin. If the price of Bitcoin is $ 3,500 . So you will earn $ 42,000 .
But there are many things to consider when choosing this business idea:
  • Hardware . It can take up to $ 4,000 for an aluminum rig frame, 6x GPU, PSU, cooling system (because it generates a lot of heat), yes.
  • Electricity . It will consume about 20 kWh daily, make sure you know how to calculate to know how much the electricity company charges
  • Maintenance . How much it costs to maintain the mining system, in case an error occurs.
  • Time of . You need to calculate the time it is possible to dig and whether it will wade from the reward earned.

11. YouTube Streaming

YouTube streaming is currently the most chosen online business idea. For creative people and those who like to make videos.
Whether you become a Pewdiepie or not, choose your forte content type.
Ryan ToysReview is a prime example. The channel has always been the # 1 money maker on Youtube when it reached $ 22 million this year by rating toys.
youtube streaming
No idea yet? Try to see how to make Youtube Creator offline. You can earn subscribers and make money from this easily.

12. Web development

web developer can earn $ 3,000 working from home. An online business idea is not bad, right?
If you like the web and prefer web design, you can create your own personal project for customers. There are many platforms to post your product portfolio: Upwork and Guru to get customers.
web developer online business
Or, you can create your own website and present your work on it, letting customers work with you directly.
Whether you are a web developer or a full-time developer for a company, making money from this profession is really not difficult.

13. Publish books

The book publishing industry has changed. Self-publishing is becoming a major trend and gaining a lot of profit.
You can choose this online business idea if you can write a book. You will need to sell your online book as an ebook. There are many places that can be sold, of course Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is one of them.
Tip for you: if you want to get 70% of the profits from Amazon, sell books priced from $ 2.99 to $ 9.99 .

14. Managing social networking sites

Why is social network management a hot online business today? Many business owners believe that social networks play a big role in their businesses. They are willing to pay a high fee for you to manage it effectively.
Managing social networks and making money from this is almost a new online business idea and not many people are competing. If you choose the perfect customer, you can charge by the hour. According to payscale the average salary for this position is up to $ 56,000 a year depending on where you live.

15. Training

This online business idea has been around for a long time. You can charge for training skills for others
Although it depends a lot on your ability, you can make up to $ 25,000 / year. And, if you're good enough, you can be like Michael Serwa and earn $ 600,000 / year.
There are many online teaching platforms you can join such as Coach.me and Coaching Cloud .
coach.me teach online
However, creating your own website for your online coaching business is better.

16. Translation

Although Google Translate has done a good job of it, the gap between natural and automatic translation is still quite far. That is why translating is also a good business idea for making money online.
translate online translations
Many companies are laying the foundations for this translation profession. They are Conyac and Translate.com.
The process is very simple, you may need to prove your ability and to get a job.

17. SEO Consultancy

If you have SEO skills, you can make money from SEO consulting career.
SEO consulting , evaluating websites for better traffic. You can earn money from this profession.
Many SEO consultants can evaluate websites and rank better.
With this SEO review service, you can charge an hourly fee of $ 171 . Or, like Michael Cottam , he creates a professional website and charges SEO for $ 350 / hour.

18. Tutoring

Online tutoring is a popular online business. You only need a computer and a network connection to be able to earn money for teaching.
You should also create your own website. But, there are also many platforms to support this profession. Wyzant is a great example.
online tutoring
With Wyzant, you can earn up to $ 60 an hour depending on your skill experience. But it charges 40% service charge for the first 20 hours of instruction.

19. Online fitness course

Have you ever heard of Zoe Rodriquez? She is the founder of ZBody Fitness Inc.
fitness online
Zoe started her career from a personal trainer. She has a fitness program to help people work out at home to improve their fitness, without having to go to expensive gyms. Successful, Zoe earned up to $ 30,000 from online courses, training and product sales.
So, if you like fitness, you should do this job, this is a good business idea and extremely potential.

20. Trading in domain names

This online business idea has great potential. You can buy the domain for a cheap price and list it online to sell for a higher price.
Depending on the status of the domain name. You can make a lot of money. For example, lasvegas.com costs up to $ 90 million .
domain name business
This happens because a domain name is crucial for online businesses. Most businesses would pay a lot of money to get the perfect name for their online presence.
You can either sell a domain yourself or join domain a marketplace like Sedo .

21. Invest in stock market

Last on our list of online business ideas is to invest in the stock market. You can make money and lots of money from this profession! But it requires a lot of skill and time to study thoroughly.
You get important information from The Economist and financial analysis sites like  Calculated Risk . It will help you understand the latest market trends. Then, you choose sites to trade like Ally .
tradingUse the above sources to invest. If you choose this online business idea, don't forget that being patient and sensitive to the market is the most important factor


These online business ideas can help you make money at home. But any idea, it requires a certain amount of patience and time, just as you have the right skills.
Besides these ideas, the following 3 home-based online business ideas seem to have the most potential:
  • Blogging to make money online easily. From a popular blog, you will have many ways to make money later, from advertising, affiliate marketing, to selling books on it. It is important that you have your own background.
  • Set up an ecommerce website and sell many items on it.
  • Learn the success of Zoe Rodriguez, become a fitness expert yourself and guide users to achieve the same results as you.
Now that you have the basic concept of making money online, apply one of the above online business ideas to increase your income right away.
About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. https://www.insurancefinances.com/. Mr Cuong.
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