How to become a virtual assistant

How to become a virtual assistant - Finding a regular job is not the only way to earn a significant amount of revenue. Today, very popular freelancers are available much more flexible online. If you have the necessary skill set, you can register and start making money right away. Usually, people choose a more suitable job because they have a busy schedule and cannot manage their time.

If you have other responsibilities, it's always a good idea to become a virtual assistant. This will allow you the freedom to work. Another situation might be that you simply don't want to spend money on expensive training or equipment that other jobs require.

Working from home as a virtual assistant only requires a laptop or PC, some self-study skills and free time. Moreover, you can start with a small online job and then slowly turn it into a full-time, more serious job. You can really start a lifetime of life from the moment you apply to be a virtual assistant.

What needs a virtual assistant?


Businesses and individuals may need some services while they do not want to hire anyone to work at their offices. In these cases, hiring an online homeworker is a great option. This is beneficial for both parties because the company does not need to pay for an ordinary worker while you can also work efficiently at home, having a flexible schedule.

If we simplify it, becoming a virtual assistant is basically trading a specific skill you have for making money. You can learn a range of skills in high demand right now among a large number of businesses. This is mainly because a lot of professionals out there have a lot to do and they need a helping hand.

As a virtual assistant, you can even work for multiple employers at the same time if you feel you still have some spare time after completing a task.

The term Virtual Virtual Assistant dates back to 1990, when the Internet was accessible to everyone and it allowed users to send documents to each other. Since then, businesses have realized that more and more tasks can be done at home, online, and dozens of new freelancer jobs appear.

Virtual assistant do

The interesting thing about being a virtual assistant is that you can do anything that a typical support worker does in a company. The only difference is that you won't be there to work with a team. As a virtual assistant, you'll talk to your colleagues and employers primarily via Skype, Viber or any similar application that allows group chats and webcams.

Working as a virtual assistant does not mean you can only work on documents and administrative tasks. People start an online business every day and they often hire web designers and marketing assistants, for example. This is also considered a virtual assistant and there are many skills you can learn.

Because there are so many different ways to approach marketing today, the overall marketing of a business can be broken down into smaller tasks to increase its effectiveness. Businesses that do this often hire multiple virtual assistants and each of them specializes in a different part of marketing, like advertising, email marketing, discounts, campaigns and more.

Or you could be a virtual assistant that works on a variety of tasks, all within a specific industry. For example, you can become a medical billing data entry officer that only works for medical centers and pharmacies.

Become a one-person business


As a virtual assistant, you will have the potential to become a one-person business. If you provide a high quality service while still following the deadlines every time you get a job, you will have a lot of loyal customers and high income.

Moreover, you will have the freedom to choose the job that you are most interested in. Virtual assistants make an average of $ 25 per hour and you can make more if this is the job you really want to spend time doing. In addition, you will be able to set your own price depending on the task you are about to accept because you are your own boss.

If you are a beginner virtual assistant, you can always create an account on the freelance site and browse through the jobs currently available. Of course, this is only recommended if you don't have a better idea. Freelancer websites are basically microwork sites. However, it is a good way to practice and start your career as a virtual assistant.

How to get started as a virtual assistant

The great thing about starting your own virtual assistant job is that it doesn't require a huge investment. The only investment you need is to buy a laptop or PC if you don't have it and access the Internet. Today, becoming a virtual assistant is one of the fastest ways you can start making money while you don't even need to leave home.

There are tons of businesses on the Web that need virtual assistants. If you have the skill set you need to start a business, it won't take you long to get your first job and start your career. Next, we'll show you our 5-step guide that will help you become a successful virtual assistant.


  1. The difference between employees and independent contractors
As an independent contractor, you need to establish an online presence and disseminate yourself so potential customers can find you more easily. You need to build a customer base and perform the tasks they assign to you at the same time. But if you are an employee, your company is constantly working towards you to new customers so you do not need to spend time and effort to attract them.

The best thing about being an independent contractor is that no one tells you how much money you can get, which clients you can work with, and what kind of work you can do. It is all up to you and you can even create your own schedule when you like to work the most. In addition, as an independent contractor, you will receive the entire price for the job. If you work for a freelance website or an employer, they will always take a percentage.

On the other hand, being an employee of a company also has its benefits. Before you start work, your employer will force you to set a time when you are ready to work every day. Once you run out of time, you are free to do anything else without having to worry about work-related things.

Another benefit of being an employee is that your employer will find your customers one by one or give you a platform where customers hang out, search for virtual assistants and you can Contact them immediately. Companies that hire virtual assistants often provide a variety of community support, helpful tools and resources you can use to improve.

2. Set up your own website

One of the best ways to do this is to be available online through as many platforms and applications as possible. It is good to be present on the most popular social media platforms, as you can add more information about yourself.

What we recommend is that you set up a website, because it only shows that you take your work seriously and potential customers are more likely to choose you. We recommend using Bluehost, for hosting and WordPress to build your website. When people visit your website, you need to make a strong first impression and greet them with a catchy phrase. Then continue to explain to them your work history, your accomplishments, and what you are good at.

This way, people can see exactly what they can get from you if they decide to hire you. You can hardly get along as an individual contractor if you don't have a website. For recruited virtual assistants, it is also recommended because it can help them own themselves.

3. Available on social media

Most online businesses and individuals put their social media contacts on their websites in the form of buttons, so you can easily reach them there. As a virtual assistant, you must always have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram ready so potential customers can find you there.

It requires a bit of time and effort to keep your profile up to date on at least three social media platforms, but it will certainly pay off. It is important to focus on building relationships, because they are one of the main building blocks of every business.

Social media was invented to help people easily form relationships and relate to each other, so this is the best method to build a good customer base. But rest assured that once you have a few loyal customers, they will also recommend your service to others and then your virtual assistant career will be on the right track.

As an independent contractor, it is almost impossible to attract customers without social media and it is also completely recommended for recruited virtual assistants.

4. Provide useful information


Social media is also a great place to promote your services as a virtual assistant. However, you need to be careful not to post or comment too much because people may consider it spam and you may lose credibility. Emailing also sounds like a good idea, but if you send it to people who have never even heard of you before, it probably won't work.

People need to reach out to build customer base and secure significant income, but there are other ways that can be done. For example, it's a great idea focused on making good content free. Many successful websites send newsletters every hour that contain helpful tips that make people happy to read them.

Another thing you can do is start your own blog and post interesting articles so people can see that you are constantly learning and really interested in your work. It not only shows that you are a skilled virtual assistant, but also helps to attract more visitors to your site, who appreciate the information.

Every independent contractor should do this practice because of the strong competition between virtual assistants out there.

5. Build your customer base


You can start your career as a virtual assistant without much investment, but it will take some time before your customer base begins to grow. Until then, you will have a flexible schedule and a bit of free time you can devote to creating content and building relationships within the community.

Some people may think that starting as a virtual assistant is a full-time job. This is not necessarily the case. Just like any other business, it requires you to go step by step until you become the busy virtual assistant you really want to be. The point is to stay productive in the process and eventually you'll reach your goals.

It is a common business practice to find places where you can talk to people about a specific problem you want to solve with your product or service. There are many communities on the Web where you can find your potential customers as a virtual assistant. By being there and communicating with people, you can be recognized and it will lead you to a busy work schedule.

Both virtual assistants and independent contractors must participate in these communities. Without forming new relationships, it is difficult for a business to progress further.


The hardest part of being a virtual assistant is the first step. You can read countless articles about what virtual assistants do and how to succeed.

Articles and tutorials may contain a lot of information briefly, but there is an even more effective way to learn more about this topic. Reading a book about working as a virtual assistant always provides a better insight and many tips you can use when you get started. Hopefully, this article provides you with information and encourages you to start your career as a virtual assistant.

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