How to change the Facebook wallpaper for Chatbox and Messenger

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As you all know, Facebook is the most populous country in the world today, with more than 2 billion hits per day. We all seem to use it every day to read news, communicate with relatives and friends or Livestream sales, play games or something ..
But already using Facebook, almost everyone uses the Chatbox or the Messenger application to message and exchange information with people, right?
And if you are fed up with their default black and white interface, then in this article I will show you how to add wallpapers for Messenger and Facebook Chatbox!
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#first. Instructions to change the wallpaper for Facebook Chat and Messenger

By default, Facebook Chatbox and Messenger only have two unique interfaces: white and black (Dark-mode) unless you install the interface to use external utilities of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, ...
Although Facebook has not supported you to change the interface for Facebook Chat and Messenger, we can completely replace it with any image with the utility we are about to introduce below.
The utility I want to introduce here is called Background For FB Inbox by Huynh Point, look at the name probably makes you know that Vietnamese have created it, huh 😀
This utility allows you to add your favorite wallpapers to Facebook Chatbox and Messenger extremely easily. Okey, now let's start ....
+ Step 1: You click on the link below and then click Add to Chrome => and press Add Extensions to add this Add-on to the web browser you are using ..
Utility installation link: Background For FB Inbox - Huynh Sharp
Note: You can use this utility for Google Chrome, Coc Coc, Microsoft Edge Chromium ... and web browsers using Chromium kernel.
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+ Step 2: Now go to Facebook, open the message of any person you want to set your own wallpaper on.
=> Then click the gear icon above tab => and select Background Image to upload the wallpaper you want.
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+ Step 3: Immediately, a pop-up image upload will appear => click on the button Upload blue to select the photo you have prepared or paste the link of the photo into the online photo entry box on the left.
You should choose a scaled image 2:3 To help it display the most beautiful and most complete offline!
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The photo you uploaded will be displayed as shown in the image below, and the path of that photo will be saved on the page. for you to copy and share to others.
After satisfied with that photo, then click the green tick in the right corner pop-up to replace the background image of Facebook Chatbox.
chat-facebook-chat-messenger-messenger (5)

+ Step 4: Immediately, the wallpaper you just set will display in the chat box as shown below. More specifically, this utility will help you set the chatbox background image with each individual rather than shared.
So want to set wallpaper crush for Crush, just open the message with crush up to install offline! And in the future, the author will update more features for both you and the message of the person to whom you set the wallpaper.
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***** Done on Messenger ****
On Messenger, you also follow the same steps as when you do on Facebook Chatbox, click on the image icon next to the call button on
Then upload the image and click the green tick to set the wallpaper as you have the results as shown below.
Note that you should also choose a photo that makes Facebook's text color easier to read. Krong read the wrong message and answer miscellaneous then miserable :)).
facebook-chat-and-messenger-wallpaper (7)

#2. Video tutorial on adding wallpapers for chat Facebook and Messenger

If you read the tutorial but do not understand, you can watch the author's own video tutorial through the video below!

And when bored with this trick, you just need to right-click on this utility icon on the toolbar of the web browser (top right corner) => and click Remove from Chrome, Edge, ... to delete it is okay.

# 3. Epilogue

The above is the simplest way for you to Change wallpaper on Facebook Chatbox and Messenger with the images you want.
Hopefully this little trick will help you to be more comfortable, more interesting when chatting chit, chatting with friends and relatives on Facebook. Good luck !
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