How to schedule posts automatically in Wordpress

How to schedule posts automatically in WordPress - Do you write that in WordPress there is a nice feature that helps you automatically post articles on a predefined schedule, this feature is quite useful for those who regularly organize events in a set amount of time, or simply today you're "too free" but tomorrow you're "too busy", you want to write in today's article and write for tomorrow's post always, of course. Posts for tomorrow will automatically post.

If you love writing articles, and you want to have them every day, but the time is not fixed, so the automatic scheduling feature will be very helpful if you If you do not know how to use this feature in WordPress, please follow the instructions below.

The reason you should schedule it automatically

Did you know that for a successful Blog you must have content strategy, content plan, write articles regularly, post on schedule are extremely important factors, good for readers and for search engines - SEO.

When you regularly post in the appropriate time frame will help increase the number of viewers on your blog. Nobody set a schedule for posting at 2:00 am, at that time everyone was sleeping, so please post at appropriate times such as 11-12 noon, or 9-10 pm depending on the type of website. , to get as many viewers as possible.

Simply, the next day you have a "Chầu nhầu", who wrote for you here, now complete everything, the article will automatically post in those days.

Schedule automatic posting of WordPress posts

First, if you are Vietnamese, you want to post in Vietnam time zone, first you need to check that the time zone is correct by visiting Settings (Settings)> select overview (General).

Schedule automatic posting posts in WordPress
Schedule automatic posting posts in WordPress

Make sure your website is using the right time zone. If your site is using the incorrect time zone, your scheduled posts will not be published according to your wishes.

Post with Classic Editor

For those who are using the old editor Classic Editor, after the content is ready, look to the right of the edit box you will see the box Publish, please click Edit besides the function Publish immediately.

wordpress post wordpress 3

The time box displays, select the time at which the article will post, then Click OK To confirm.

wordpress post wordpress 4

At this time, the blue button "Publish" will change to "Schedule".. Please click the button ‘Schedule’ to officially schedule posting for posts. WordPress will post at a set time.

wordpress post wordpress 5

It is done!

Post with Gutenberg Editor

When you're done writing the text, look to the right of the edit box, below the 'Document' Tab (document) you'll see the Status & Visibility section, click on the link ‘Immediately’ to the right of the item Publish to select the time of posting. After clicking ‘Immediately’, here you will see the time box show up. Please select a specific time to post.

Wordpress automatic writing 1

Okey, after choosing the date, click the button ‘Schedule’ to officially schedule posting on Blog, when the time comes to schedule the post will automatically be posted.

wordpress post wordpress 2

So complete the automatic post scheduling! Too simple right?

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The scheduling of posting posts in WordPress is quite simple, but simple but it brings great efficiency for administrators, if you are a busy person, the use of the automatic posting schedule feature in WordPress is very essential, not to be missed.

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