How To Transfer A Blogger Blog To Another Account

Perhaps you are one of the lucky blogger who got offers from someone to buy your blog, and now you wonder how you can transfer the blog safely without sharing your Google account credentials? Maybe you are just simply wondering how to transfer your Blogger blog from one Blogger profile to another Blogger profile? Either way, in this article I am going to show you the proper way to transfer your Blogger blog to another account without exposing your Google / Blogger account credentials. Read on to find out.

Blogger platform does not mention anything about any such feature to migrate a blog from one account to another account. But the process of migrating a blog from one Blogger account to another Blogger account is quite straight forward.

However, every now and then I see some users asking about guidance to transfer Blogger blog in the official Blogger Community.

Steps To Transfer A Blogger Blog

To make the process easier to understand, let us call the current owner of the blog as User 1 and the future owner of the blog as User 2.

We also assume that both parties have an existing Blogger Account. If any one of the party do not have a Blogger account, they can easily register for a Blogger account using their GMail account. Just head on to Blogger website and sign in using the GMail account credentials.

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If you are looking to migrate a blog between two different Blogger accounts that you own and manage, it will be better to use two different web browsers or device to carry out below steps. Most modern web browsers nowadays comes with incognito mode or private mode which can you can use.

Invite As Author To Blogger Blog

Before we can make another Blogger account as admin, we first need to invite them as author. Hence the existing owner of the blog – User 1, would need to invite User 2 as a author to the blog that is to be transferred.

Blogger provides two different roles for blog – Admin and Author.

Admins are the owners of the blog. They have full control over the blog settings and can even remove other admins of the blog.

Authors have limited access to the dashboard of a blog. They can create a new blog post and edit their own blog posts only.

To invite an author to a Blogger blog, go to Settings > Basic > scroll down to find the Permissions section. This is the section where you can manage authors and admins of the blog.

invite author to Blogger

To invite User 2 as an author to our blog in question, click on “Add Authors” link to reveal a text area. Enter the email address associated with the Blogger account of User 2 and click on “Invite authors” button.

Accept The Invitation

The User 2 will be receiving an email from Blogger about the author invitation sent by User 1.

Add author to Blogger Blog

Click on “Accept Invitation” button. User 2 will be added as an author of the blog.

User 1 – the existing owner will be able to see User 2 listed as Author in Blogger blog Permissions section.

Update to Administrator Role

At this point, User 1 is still the owner of the blog and has full permission on the blog. User 1 will now be able to assign User 2 from Author role to Administrator role.

To assign our newly added blogger profile from Author role to Administrator role, go to Permissions > Blog Authors section and select “Admin” from the drop down button beside User 2 profile.

Transfer Blogger Blog

Voila! User 2 is now has administrator access to the blog.

User 1 can now remove themselves from the blog or User 2 can remove User 1 from the blog by clicking on “X” icon.

The blog has been now successfully transferred from the Blogger account of User 1 to the Blogger account of User 2.

Wrap Up

I hope this simple article helped you guide your way around Blogger platform to successfully transfer Blogger blog from one account to another account. If you are having any troubles, feel free to write to us in the comments or in our Blogger Help Community.

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