Money management skills and experience you need to know

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Money ($) is the fastest way to exchange goods and conduct person-to-person transactions. Money can be controlled by a person, depending on how the person is spending and managing his or her money. So how to manage money most effectively?
Money can go into your hands and easily "leave" whenever, so it requires each person should have reasonable control methods.
Maybe the way people manage their money is different, but ultimately, our goal is to create a certain value, which is a reasonable way to spend money to be able to save. Money wisely.
And in this article, I will share with you some experience to manage the money that I am applying. If it is reasonable, you can apply it.

#first. Estimate the amount of money earned

To manage money, you must first see how much money you earn per day or month.
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Perhaps, for business people, this is not a strange job for them because they already have "blood" to manage money.
Some people think that only those who do business, trade or do big jobs need to estimate the amount of money to manage.
But actually not so, estimating the amount of money earned is essential for each person. For example, students who live away from home, they also need to estimate the amount to spend appropriately. In order not to live in the situation of slurping noodles in the last days of the month.
This may not seem very helpful, but in fact it helps you create a very good habit, helping you spend more scientifically and logically. And it also limits spending beyond the money you earn.

#2. Make a budget

Money will be "at your fingertips" if you have a reasonable way to spend by setting up the spending.
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To make sure there are no mistakes, you also need a small notebook to keep a brief note of the amount of money you need to pay for daily life.
This is probably the job few people do because they often think it will take time and sometimes annoying, but over time will become an extremely useful habit.
The daily expenses also need to be estimated just like the money you make. For example, food, electricity, water, monthly living expenses and a set-up fee.
Establishing expenses that need to be spent like this not only gives you control over cash flow and money management more relieved and smarter. In addition, you can also adjust the way to spend as reasonable as possible to motivate yourself to try every day.
Note: If you are afraid to write on paper, I will share with you an extremely useful mobile financial management application called Money Lover. You can download it at this address: For Android/ Intended for iOS / Intended for Windows Store

# 3. Set goals to save money for the future

Everyone has dreams and ambitions for themselves, and money is one of the top important criteria to make dreams come true.
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Therefore, saving money for the future will naturally be something to do. And do it as soon as possible!
Some people think that no matter how much they have to save, there is money to be saved for the future.
Of course this is the right direction but sometimes it will make you feel really tired of having to accumulate and spend so sparingly, because sometimes living expenses still have to be "mon men" to save money. economical. If you do not set a specific amount to save money, you will be hard to achieve.
Suppose you set a goal of "every day, every day" every day. The specific number depends on how much you earn per day. You can deduct about 10% of the money you earn for the future. And make a determination not to touch the money.
I don't know everyone, but if I don't set a specific goal of saving money every day, I won't be able to keep my money. Sometimes I feel like having an illusion in that amorphous amount and then spending it when I'm not good. Over time, I have learned that an experience is to set a very specific and detailed goal of the money that will be saved. Thus, the amount of his savings is really "peaceful".

# 4. Rule of 6 jars: The most intelligent financial management formula

Here's how to manage the money of successful people, you can apply it to your own life.

The 6 rule vial of your money

# 5. Epilogue

Above are a few of my little share Money management experience I find it effective and useful to me. Hopefully the article can help you solve your money problem more easily!
Good luck !
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