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Places to find great ideas for writing a blog - As bloggers, we constantly try to balance our own interests, the interests of our readers and what helps us to make money. Our blog has a playground for creativity, but it is often difficult to find inspiration and write a post to achieve your goals. Many people think that we have exhausted our blogging ideas, but fear not, there is so much to write. You just need to get a little bit more creative and gather some inspiration from our list. Today, we are going to talk about all the different types of blog posts you can use to make your blog more popular.

Learn Quora


Quora is a great place to see the things people care about. It's a place to find inspiration and find out what kind of blog post you should create next.

Talk about one of your secrets

People always like to hear about someone's secrets, which you won't tell anyone. Although it's obvious that you are letting thousands of people know, readers will still read it out of curiosity.

Give a story, create it, then reveal and give your secret to everyone. Let it be known to the whole world. Just make sure it's something to share, not the fact that you like blogging.

Talk about the meaning of a famous quote

We love quotes from famous idols. Often, these quotes tell us some points of view of life, change our outlook on life, or guarantee our beliefs.

Find a blog to steal their posts


This may not sound great, but in fact, your favorite blog stole the last few posts from another blog you didn't even know.

By stealing blog posts, you will write on absolutely incredible topics that will get a lot of interested readers who will be pleased with what they read.

You do this in two simple steps:

Find your 5 favorite blogs and take a look at their best posts.

Write the title of their article and rely on your own purpose and audience.

Invite other bloggers to help you

Who says you have to do the job? Why not invite other qualified individuals will help you with their excellent writing skills and other talents. You will have a high quality post (if the blogger is good enough) and the blogger will have a solid backlink from your blog, this will boost their SEO. Many bloggers are constantly looking for guest blogging opportunities, so it's not hard to find one.

Try out the new experience and blog about it

Have you ever bungee jumping, capoeira, sitting in a Lamborghini or eating a bug? People crave new experiences and love to hear others talking about them. Find something ridiculous, crazy or interesting that you've never done before and do. Then come back and put the experience inside a compelling story that readers will love.

Create a basic tutorial

People only like it when they can find all the information and knowledge they need in one place at the same time. If you have some practical skills you can share or you can call yourself an expert on something, rather than you can share it with the rest of the world as a guide. Comprehensive or an ultimate guide.

Write Listicles


Now there is an idea that no one has ever thought of, right? That's right, and there's always the top lists you write. The top 10 lists and other lists are among the most successful blog post types. People just like the fact that they receive a large amount of valuable information in a short time, so they like to look through a beautiful, well-written list of things they care about. Listicles is one of the most compelling types of blog posts. They make people click and read faster than anything!

Talk about the successes, biggest failures in your life, and what you have learned from them

We all have stories to tell and those stories are full of ups and downs. Many of us enjoy listening to other people's stories so they learn from them and avoid any mistakes they may make along their journey.

Oppose a myth or a theory

We live in an era when all predefined concepts are being put to the test. Whether it is a religious belief, scientific fact or social phenomenon, someone will surely be suspicious in one way or another.

You write things like common misconceptions about what is considered normal social behavior or something smaller like that.

Talk about your bad habits and how you will break them


At some point, every blogger must turn to develop themselves like any other person. They are human and they have bad habits. Your bad habit is an interesting story to someone.

Tutorial for beginners

After the basics, a beginner's guide is a type of blog post you can always create if you have marketing skills and someone clicks and shares. Be kind to your readers and help them get started in a new career, hobby or job they want to pursue.

Write a list of the most common mistakes made in your industry

Wherever you go and what you do, will make mistakes. Some mistakes are more common than others and everyone wants to try their best to avoid it. Helping students avoid some common mistakes in following school rules is the teacher's first task.

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Ask your readers questions and answer


If you're good at something or know more about the topics you've chosen than others or know how to answer personal questions without a problem, tell people to ask them. Once you've done your research for the answer or given it yourself, write it down into a short article that you can share with your readers.

Conduct an interview to find answers to specific questions

You do an engaging interview with someone who is influential in your industry or even your grandmother. As long as you make the interview fascinating with interesting questions, people will enjoy reading it.

Solve a specific problem


Most blogs rely on helping people solve a problem. Search queries are about individuals looking to solve problems in their lives or improve in some way. So you also need to explore this topic.

Whether it's treating depression, figuring out a cure for the disease or baking a better cake, do some research and find solutions to common or uncommon problems. Useful posts like this one are most welcome in cyberspace and you get yourself a loyal following after you help him / her.

Giving useful advice through practical situations

Whether it's relationship advice or how to handle a bully, there's a lot to say. Why not share your valuable experience and advice with those who need it? You solve a certain situation in your life and write down your ideas.

Write a series with each article having a different writer

You get a certain idea, problem, or any type of topic, and publish a set in which each section is written by a different guest author. This will provide a range of different opinions and opinions, which will add a lot of unique value to your blog and post.

Use the Theme Builder


It is not suitable for creative people, but the theme creator proves to be an extremely useful tool, with all you have to do is enter keywords. The creator will give you some blog post suggestions. Some theme builders are better than others, you'll get at least one pretty good blog post idea from each of these theme builders:




HubSpot theme builder



Whether it is a comparison between two products, two people or two websites, comparison is a common topic in any niche and will always get people's attention. These comparisons are appreciated, so it is really worth reading the many things.

A news story

This is clearly the most successful type of blog post. There is always something new happening in the world that needs a skilled blogger like you to write about it.



There has been an increased need for studies with relevant, factual data. Looking at your industry from another perspective, doing research and testing is sure to pay off, because it helps keep you in the hands of unique research information your readers can't find on real any other site.

Webinar, live broadcast or Vlog

If you're ready to show your face behind those writing abilities, it's time to put yourself in front of the camera. There is definitely something you want to share directly with your audience or something you will teach them via webinars. Perhaps you want to organize a discussion on a certain topic? Either way, these events are a great way to get your followers more engaged and add value to your blog.

Diary of your experience of an event in life

If you have a special event, a trip, or a specific event that happened in your life, it's worth blogging about it. Unique stories always get the attention of readers. People will want to hear the conclusions you draw from an event, the people you met and the adventures you took part in. Glad to do it!

A comment


Whether it's a TED talk, a TV interview or any other event recorded on camera, share your comments about it. Check out the video, analyze everything that happened, everything was said and done. Your followers will certainly be interested in what you have to say about something relevant in your field.

Read a great book and write a summary

Reading a good book will spark your imagination and help you come up with ideas for new blogs. The title of the article does not have to include the title of the book. It could be the conclusion you drew from the book or the subject or problem the book solved.

Books are obviously one of the best resources for a blogger, so make sure you read a lot of them!

Review, reuse or update old content

Many things will happen throughout the year and there will always be new knowledge, useful information that you access to an older blog post. Your text is also improved, so there are ways you can reuse a good blog post, but not get much traffic.

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Those are some of the inspirations of blog posts that you use to create new content on blogs. We hope that you enjoyed reading through this article.

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