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Self-hosting Vs. is free - What is the difference between self-hosted and free That's a question that almost all new bloggers ask when they come across alternative versions. For many newbies, even the terms "self-hosted" and "free" are not fully understood.

Basically, you can set up and run a blog from the .com website without a website. That is why it is described as free. People who run the .org version need their own website as a platform and this type of web hosting is not free. WordPress software is still free, whether self-hosted or not.

The necessity of Web Hosting

No matter which version of WordPress you use, it must have a domain name and must be hosted on the World Wide Web for it to appear on the internet. Both versions of WordPress are identical in this respect. Although they are stored in different ways.

The main difference between the two options is that one (.com) is hosted as a subdomain on the WordPress website, while the other (.org) is hosted on your own website. Software is fundamentally the same and their differences are custom-connected possible when you host the blog on your own web space.

Domain name and subdomain


WordPress offers free hosting services. You have no need to pay for a domain name because you do not have a domain name. Your blog will be published with a URL like - the WordPress name will appear after your website name. That's because it is a subdomain on the WordPress web space.

Subdomain is a directory on the website that contains your WordPress files. With the free service, this directory is located on WordPress server. Whenever you use WordPress, files are taken from the WordPress server. When you run a blog from your own website, your files are stored in a directory on your own web space that you pay for with your web hosting service. So - it's free on WordPress server, not on your own web space.

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Upgrading Blog for a fee

If you don't like your free URL interface, you can improve it by paying for a domain name. will then allow you to use that domain name without your own name appearing. However, it will no longer be free because you are paying for the domain name. offers other paid options, but it's the "Free" version we're discussing here, not these updates bring it closer to the self-hosted .org version.

Along with Google’s Blogger, the free WordPress version is popular with bloggers who don't like using their blogs to make money - and this is the first big difference. Self-hosting is essential for professional bloggers and others who want to use their blogs to make money. This means the pros and cons of two different forms of WordPress - free and self-hosted.

Benefits of using WordPress.Com


As suggested earlier, if you're new to blogging, you can get started right away by setting up your account. You can choose one of the available themes, and then start blogging right away.

The cost to you is nothing for your first 3 GB of storage. However, the space is not completely free and if you need more space than this then you have to pay extra. Another benefit of a free WordPress service is that you get a free backup of your blog and its files.

Disadvantages of free


One limitation is that you do not own your blog. WordPress puts free ads on your site and you have to pay $ 29.97 / year if you want to delete these. Additionally, you cannot place your own ads on your site if you receive fewer than 25,000 page views of your page every month - and even then you must share your advertising revenue equally with WordPress! These are the main reasons why we think the free service is only for beginner bloggers.

Not only that, nor can you use your own topics, plugins, or analytics software. Even if you buy their "design upgrade", you still have very little control over the look of the blog. Because you do not have access to any encryption, you cannot delete the text "provided by WordPress" and do not have access to your CSS or HTML.

Benefits of self-hosted

tu-luu-tru-wordpress-org-vs-wordpress-com-mien-phi is the version you can install on your website from cPanel. You can also install WordPress from the .org website, although if you have cPanel then why bother. With this free self-hosted WordPress version, you have complete control over your blog. It must be self hosted which means you pay for your own domain name and for your web hosting service.

However, with most web hosting services like HostGator and Bluehost, you can run unlimited WordPress websites and blogs from your website. You only need a different domain name for each website or blog. Here are a few other benefits of choosing a self-hosted WordPress option:

  • You can modify your HTML and CSS in any way you want without restrictions.

  • You can install any plugin and widget you want.

  • You can use any theme you choose and modify it to meet your needs.

  • The SEO plugin allows you to optimize your blog for the best possible Google rankings.

  • You can use any analysis and tracking software you choose.

  • There is no limit to how you use your blog - including ads on your site.

  • You can have unlimited email addresses and set up your own list forms and databases.

  • Your site belongs to you and WordPress cannot put any restrictions on you.

Negative of

There is little negative to using self-hosted WordPress. Basically, it focuses on having to take care of certain functions yourself with the free WordPress version.

Among these are updates and backups, although there are plugins available that will do it for you.

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The self-hosted version of WordPress is the only useful option for professional bloggers. If you're blogging to entertain either your hobby or family, then the free WordPress option will work just fine for you. You will need to pay anything, and your blog will look great. However, if you intend to monetize your blog or even just supplement your regular income, then self-hosting is given priority to use for free each time.

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