The 10 most popular WordPress plugins of all time


The 10 most popular WordPress plugins of all time - CThere are over 55,000 plugins in the official WordPress plugin archive. Of course, not all are updated and used continuously. This article focuses on the most popular WordPress plugins of all time.

Wondering which plugins get the most? Below, you will find a list of supported data.

10 most popular WordPress plugins of all time

Based on actual downloads from, here are the 10 most popular WordPress plugins of all time.

1. Yoast SEO


Plugin that gets a lot of love, without a doubt, it's Yoast SEO. This plugin is used by people who have a blog or website on WordPress. In fact, it's hard to find pages that don't have Yoast SEO installed.

So, if you are one of those people who doesn't use this plugin, it will help you increase your SEO score. With Yoast SEO, you will put the main keyword, meta description, slug, SEO title, alt attribute of the image and it also recommends best practices for readability. It's great because the plugin provides statistics and action tips on how to help your work, and when everything is done well, they will signal with a green button.

Who will use Yoast SEO? I think it's for everyone because we all want to rank better in search?

2. Akismet


The way Yoast SEO is not far off when it comes to downloads is Akismet Anti-Spam. Akismet is an Automattic tool to automatically block spam comments. Every day, we are spammed by advertising links, other stories, malicious content or simply by mistake. And it's hard to filter them yourself, especially if you own a business that gets hundreds of comments every day.

The plugin is not only good for automation but also for security purposes because it will not allow malicious or problematic content to exist on your site.

Akismet also checks the contact form submissions against the global spam database, so you will have good and relevant information for you. This plugin is required for blog owners and businesses who receive at least dozens of comments daily.

3. Jetpack


Another plugin created by Automattic makes the most popular WordPress plugins. This time, it's very good Jetpack. You will market, design and secure. Various features, you will analyze website, post media pages automatically, many WordPress themes, filter spam, track downtime, scan for malware, login security, lazy image download , CDN, etc.

Jetpack has one free plan and three paid plans, so not all its features are paid for. The plugin is suitable for personal blogs and for both startups and businesses. It suits basic needs and budget.

4. Contact Form 7 - Contact form 7


The next most popular plugin is Contact Form 7, which creates simple and effective contact forms for blogs. Since everyone needs a way to reach out to everyone, it's no surprise that this plugin ranks very high on the list. The plugin was developed by Takayuki Miyoshi and handles contact forms on the same page; It has Akismet spam filtering and you can customize the look and fields you want. The plugin provides CAPTCHA and Ajax submissions.

This is a plugin that will have many customers, whether you are running a personal blog or a business making money because it is free, easy to configure and effective.

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5. Wordfence security


As you can see, WordPress plugins are very diverse and come with features. Wordfence is a security-only plugin; It was created to keep your site safe. Wordfence places a firewall on your page to avoid malicious traffic. In addition, it has a malicious software scanner that blocks outside attempts and a secure login system.

The interesting thing about this plugin is that it has warnings whenever something strange happens on your page, which means that something shouldn't happen in terms of security. For example, when a plugin you use is closed or dropped or when there is a security problem.

As soon as you have a new website or blog, a Great installation on WordPress is required if you do not want to face unnecessary problems or at least if you want to reduce the potential risk. But a lot of people don't think security is a concern, so checking your site would be ideal, but that just depends on how you view things and how you deal with them. problems (stop them or fight them when that's the case).

6. WooCommerce


How does e-commerce miss the list of WordPress plugins? WooC Commerce is a plugin that helps you turn your WordPress site into a store, so you sell products on the web.

Of course, this plugin is created for commercial purposes, so its users must be business owners (will be for side projects or for business).

The great thing about WooC Commerce is that it is very flexible in terms of customization options. In addition to installing and developing, there is a community around and creating extensions, so that online sales go smoothly. With WooC Commerce, you sell both physical and digital goods, add product variations, use affiliate links and expand your payment method.

7. All in One SEO Pack - SEO all-in-one package


SEO is a very popular topic on the web. When it comes to what is shared in WordPress, we discovered that SEO is the second most interesting topic, after plugins. So, if you want to experiment more or need a solution instead of Yoast, you should choose All in One SEO Pack, created for both beginners and advanced users (including developers).

How does this plugin help you? In addition to basic SEO guidelines for content optimization, the plugin also has XML sitemaps, Google Analytics, and Google AMP support. Another great feature is that it integrates SEO for e-commerce sites.

Who will use All in One SEO Pack?

If you host a personal blog that you want to grow, own a business or are a professional blogger, this plugin will be a valuable addition for you.

8. Google Analytics for WordPress


Does anyone in this world not use Google Analytics? I mean, if you have a really big plan for your site. If you want to grow your personal blog, your hobby into something you make money for, you can't do without Google Analytics.

Therefore, MonsterInsights' Google Analytics is a plugin that makes connecting between WordPress and Google Analytics more simple. Plugin integrates quickly when just need to copy and paste the tracking code into the page. After you do this, the plugin only works. An interesting feature is that you can keep track of statistics without leaving the dashboard because it imports numbers from Analytics into the WordPress admin area.

9. WP Super Cache - Super WP cache


Performance is essential, so it's no surprise that 9th place is a plugin responsible for speeding up your site. How does it work correctly? By creating static HTML files from a WordPress blog to save time. WP Super Cache comes with three types of buffers: Expert, Simple (recommended for beginners and intermediate users) and WP-Cache capture.

This plugin is also a plugin you have to install on your site because it gives you a better space if you store large amounts of content (read media files: photos, videos, cartoons, etc.). So if you consider the site heavily from this perspective, then a cache will make it lighter.

10. The WordPress importer


When we finish this list, let's meet with the WordPress Importer, which is also part of the most popular WordPress plugins ever created. So if you want to import a file from a WordPress site, this plugin helps you do that in a few clicks. The WordPress importer helps you enter a lot of things into your site.

This plugin is created for two types of people: people who have multiple content input / output sites and sometimes (or even once in a lifetime) need this plugin to move content from the current page to the page new. .

Are the most popular WordPress plugins surprising you?
Based on data from, here are the popular WordPress plugins that exist. Are any of these plugins surprising you?

And we'd love to know the plugins you are using, as well as any alternatives that you would recommend.

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