What is Googlebot and how to optimize the website for Googlebot


What is Googlebot and how to optimize the website for Googlebot - What is Googlebot? Understanding the answer to this question is important because Googlebot will have a significant influence on how you design your website. This sophisticated program has a lot of control over how content is ranked in Google. To increase your page visibility and need to understand what Googlebot is looking for and how to ‘speak’ its language.

Wondering what is Googlebot? Do not worry. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about this search engine crawler and discuss how to use that knowledge to optimize WordPress for Googlebot. Let's start from the beginning!

What is Googlebot? Basic introduction


Google is the main way people will find content online - and Googlebot is the tool for that to happen.

So, what is Googlebot? It's a bot with Google's web data - or a 'crawler'. In other words, it's a program developed by Google that explores websites on the internet.

Googlebot has a few important jobs. The two most important things it does are:

  • Explore pages with new links to find and index as much content as possible.

  • There is information about every page it finds, updating Google's database.
This is a non-stop process. Googlebot goes from page to page, checking every link it finds and recording the information it visits along the way. It's automatic, Googlebot has the ability to crawl a specific website multiple times but not in predictive intervals.

Also, it's important to note that Googlebot is not really a standalone program. Google runs data servers from servers in various places, to streamline and index as many websites as possible.

Why is Googlebot important to your website?


An example of how Googlebot will have data on your page every day. Take a look at this chart in Google Search Console

What is the answer to the Googlebot question? You have found this web crawler so important. After all, that's the main means that Google uses to understand your page.

Google itself is vital to the success of your site. It is the most popular search engine, where a lot of traffic is going to. There is a reason that the tips you will find in optimizing your page for Google-focused tools.

To motivate searchers towards your content, Google needs two things:

  • It must know your content exists in the first place.

  • It must understand it well enough to decide which search term is relevant.
Googlebot is very important in both cases.

Obviously, this Googlebot is responsible for searching pages on your site and letting Google know about them. It also collects the data Google needs to create those pages for the right type of searchers. Although Googlebot does not evaluate the information it collects - the index Google is responsible for - it is an important step in the process.

Googlebot has a great influence on the number of people visiting your site through the world's most popular tool. If you want to get lots of new views, you'll need to make sure this crawler will find everything it's looking for.

How to optimize your website for Googlebot.


The easiest way you should do to optimize your site for Googlebot is to make sure it's visible everywhere.

After answering the question, What is Googlebot? The next question is about how can I be sure this bot will find my page and understand it?

It is almost certain that Googlebot will soon find your page, theoretically you do not have to do anything. However, there are steps you should take to tilt the scale in your favor. It is very important of search optimization (SEO) - adjusting the site and content so that it is ranked high in search engine results.

Very broad SEO includes many useful techniques. We have explored a lot of these at other depths. Let's implement some of the most important SEO strategies to make Googlebot's job easier. To begin:

  • Make sure your page is visible to the tools. You will easily do this by using a setting in your WordPress dashboard.

  • Do not use ‘nofollow’ links on your page, or keep them to a minimum. These links specifically tell Googlebot not to follow them to their source. More importantly, you should not nofollow an internal link (one to a section or page in your own site).

  • Create a diagram for your site. This is the list of pages on your site and the main information about them, organized in an easy-to-understand way for Googlebot. If you have a diagram, it will be a Googlebot resource to learn about your site and find its content. But, you will create easily with Yoast SEO and many similar plugins.

  • Use Google Search Console. With this toolkit, you will accomplish a lot of tasks. For example, you submit your sitemap, so Googlebot will find it faster. Additionally, you'll find out if there are any errors related to having information on your pages and seek advice on how to fix them.

The Google Search Console chart indicates the errors that Googlebot encountered. You will want to fix these to optimize your page

Of course, you will also want to follow as many best practices accepted for SEO as possible. While this will take a little effort, the results are well worth it. The more you do to make your site easier to understand with Googlebot and other bots, the more visitors they'll send your way.


Ever wondered what Googlebot is? Then you have the answer already. Although its functionality is complex, the purpose of this crawler and the basic process that it follows is easy to grasp.

Once you know what Googlebot does - it explores links and pages on your site and records information about them - start using SEO techniques to prepare content for its visitors. Most importantly, you need to create a sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console.

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