Are you being too hard on yourself?

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Life is often not easy, especially when you face a lot of different big and small problems. They seem to be more difficult, especially for perfectionists.
That means they go to extreme perfectionism, and they always feel their efforts are not enough.
Of course, perfectionism is good. But on the other hand, that perfectionism will cause a lot of hurt.
Not only that, but the craziness for that inherent perfection does not only make them more sad and disappointed in themselves.
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Are you that kind of person? Let's take a look at some signs of being too strict with yourself below!
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#first. Never feel satisfied

When you worship what is called perfection, you tend to move toward greater things, which means more ambition.
You will find that the successes you achieve seem too ordinary and inevitable. Therefore, you force yourself to pursue more distant goals, sometimes even beyond what you can do.
And when things don't go your way, you feel frustrated, down, torment yourself and immerse yourself in melancholy days, along with negative thoughts, like: "I could have ..."

There is nothing called "Should have" both! You are not almighty? There are things in this life no matter how hard you try, the results will still be the same. You must accept them!
If you are just a normal office worker but you have the ambition to run for president of the United States, or change the world politics, etc ... then they are not aspirational aspirations, but they have become unrealistic dreams, illusory dreams 🙂
So put away those distant dreams. People who are too ambitious and rigid often forget the true value that still exists every day. They should be your goal, rather than far-fetched things that you may not be able to reach.

#2. Always try to please others

The strange thing is that people who are too hard on themselves always find ways to meet all requests and ideas from others.
They do not consider them merely comments, but invisible commands, and then most often obey.
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You must understand that meeting the world's tongue is impossible. Think about it, you've met and interacted with so many people.
Then one day all of these people come in and make you do what they want. That is ridiculous and difficult, isn't it?
Therefore you have no obligation to please anyone. Focus on investing for yourself, because you do not have time to live life for others.
Don't worry, how can they know you better than you? Therefore, the things that you always try to manage to meet them are essentially just subjective and superficial perspectives!
Of course, saying that does not mean that I advise you to completely reject suggestions from those around you. It's exactly to listen selectively.
In case, those are the right and sincere words that you insist on not absorbing, then you will turn yourself into a stubborn and conservative person!

# 3. Always assume that good results are due to luck

Have you ever assumed that what you achieved was by luck? If so, you are a typical example of a person who is too strict and rigid to yourself.
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Before an exam, a task or any job, even though you have prepared and trained very carefully, until you get the results, no matter how good they are, you still Find every reason to prove that your achievements are due to luck.
Do not confuse this with modesty. Humility is when you are not arrogant and flamboyant, but not at all that you deny all the efforts that you have tried to.
You must learn to appreciate even the smallest step of yourself. Because life is not a sprint, it is a long journey that is more persistent than a winner.
On that stage, if you just a little stronger than yesterday, the chances of winning are already great.

# 4. Epilogue

So we went together into the basic personality traits of the kind of people who are too rigid and rigid with themselves.
Hope they are useful to you and I hope that through this article you will know how to appreciate and love yourself more.
I wish you success, do not forget to leave positive feedback to help the Knowledge Sharing Blog grow!
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