Fix the archive is either in unknown format or damaged

In the process of extracting files using WINRAR software, you sometimes get errors like the archive is either in unknown format or damaged . You tried to find ways to fix this error but not, so details how to fix this error. 
Before learning about how to fix this error, let's find out some of the causes of this error.

The cause of the archive is either in unknown format or damaged

This error stems from the following:
  • Because the file has been infected with malware or malware, the software will not decompress to prevent malicious code from spreading to your computer. And the above error message will display.
  • Missing file compression also results in this error.
  • Downloading too many files at the same time leads to missing files, the software will also report this error
Sửa lỗi the archive is either in unknown format or damaged

How to fix the archive is either in unknown format or damaged

To fix this, you can try one of the following:

Method 1: Use other file decompression software

If the WINRAR decompression software fails, try other decompression software such as 7-ZIP , WINZIP, 7Z, TAR.GZ ... This is a way to fix this error quickly, try it now.

Method 2: Use download software to help download the file quickly

Because the download process is missing, you should use one of the following software to download files quickly and fully, such as IDM , Coc Coc .
In addition, to know if the downloaded zip file is infected with viruses, use anti-virus software before scanning it. If something goes wrong, tell the other person to compress and send it back.


Above is how to fix the error is either in unknown format or damaged , hopefully through the article to help you fix this error quickly and get the documents after unpacking.
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