What is digital marketing?

If you think Digital Marketing is Online Marketing, completely wrong! The fact that this term has a broader meaning than that. To implement effectively, you must first think properly. This article will help you "rebuild the foundation" of Digital Marketing.

1. What is Digital Marketing?

GOBRANDING does not want to explain "around" to this term. Let's go directly to the meaning of the word Digital: digital. And you must be familiar with the digitalization of Vietnam in Digital Marketing: digital marketing.

Digital marketing.

It sounds simple, but a lot of people confuse Digital Marketing with Online Marketing (or Marketing Online) as one. In essence, Online Marketing (Internet marketing) is only part of Digital Marketing. However, in Vietnam around 2015, we have witnessed the strong impact of Online Marketing on business activities - marketing, perhaps that is why people often equate the meaning of the two techniques. this term.

Any activities based on the digital platform used for marketing purposes will be called Digital Marketing. Of course, digital is more than just the internet!

For example: some marketing activities do not need customers to connect to the internet but are still based on digital platforms such as SMS Marketing (marketing via phone messages), advertising on televisions, radios in apartment buildings, medium shopping malls, VR Marketing (marketing via virtual reality devices), ...

Now, surely you have a more complete view of Digital Marketing. In Digital Marketing, you can allow yourself to focus more on Online Marketing because of its strong influence on marketing activities, but you definitely must not misunderstand these two specialized terms!

Not stopping, GOBRANDING continues to want to mention a term related to Digital Marketing: Marketing 4.0. The explosion of Industry 4.0 has brought a new step in marketing activities using digital technology to build relationships with its customers. When mentioning Marketing 4.0, these 4 digital technologies must be mentioned (applied in both online and offline marketing):

  • Internet of Things (all things connected)

  • Cloud (cloud computing)

  • Big Data (big data)

  • AI (artificial intelligence)

So, how are the 3 terms related to each other? Take a look at the picture below to see their parent-child levels!

Marketing Online is part of Marketing 4.0, Marketing 4.0 is part of Digital Marketing.

You can learn more about Marketing Online and Marketing 4.0 here:

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2. The importance of Digital Marketing

Do you know the first Digital Marketer to do Marketing without the internet?

It was Guglielmo Marconi, he made the live broadcast of the opera performance at the Metropolitan in 1896, and people bought tickets to watch it!

After that, advertising via radio, television, ... flourished.

Until 2000, Digital Marketing became more widely known thanks to the development of e-commerce, starting with big companies like Amazon, Alibaba, ...

E-commerce was born, which made Digital Marketing focused.

Up to the present time, you know, we are all using a lot of electronic devices (televisions, phones, computers, ...) continuously every day. Along with the rapid development of technology, a large amount of generated data is continuously stored and processed. We are all dominated by "Digital". The greater the impact of Digital on human life, the more important it is for marketers!

In particular, thanks to the ability of the internet to connect to most devices, Marketing Online and Marketing 4.0 are focused more. This is an opportunity to promote brand development for countless products.

However, GORBANDING still wants to emphasize to you that: The plan of implementing Online Marketing must still be in the plan of Digital Marketing, that is, digital application to "mix" Online and Offline marketing activities.

Read on, you will better understand the idea.

3. What is Digital Marketing?

GOBRANDING will divide Digital Marketing tools into two groups: Offline and Online.

Digital Marketing in Offline environment

We are familiar with the form of digital advertising without internet-connected customers such as TV commercials, SMS, on LCD screens in elevators, shopping malls, or large outdoor displays. , ... They still exist daily, and you also see them often.

Digital Marketing in Online environment

This is an array that opens many specific online marketing tools that most of us often use such as:

  • Website: is a "brand representative" in the online environment, every business participating in online games must build a website for themselves.

  • Social networks (Fanpage Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, ...): a place to build community, promote customers to interact with businesses.

  • Types of ads: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Zalo Ads, ads in mobile apps, ...

  • SEO: is an effective "assistant" to help the website thrive, is a "magnet" that attracts visitors to the website voluntarily and pushes the brand reputation up when skillfully combined with Content Marketing.

  • Email Marketing

  • PR online (in online newspapers)

Digital marketing tools in an online environment can form a "strong online ecosystem" created by the power of links, enabling users to (and be motivated) to move easily in " online ecosystem ”of businesses.

Links create power for an "online ecosystem".

For example: You perform SEO for your website, through Google search, customers access the website link introduced on the Top of search results. Visit your website, customers are interested in the content on it, they sign up to receive notifications of new articles via email. Thus, when the email notifies you of new content, customers will access the article on the website via the link attached on the email.

At the same time, your website also introduces a fanpage, they click the "like" button to easily follow you on social networks. You run a Facebook advertising campaign that calls customers to a workshop you organize. Details are written on a website landing page. You put the link in the ad, customers can move from Facebook to your website to read the program information and register to attend.

Similarly, links can also be placed in PR articles in electronic newspapers that lead to websites. Just like that, online digital marketing tools will promote their role strongly in the "online ecosystem" of businesses.

Marketing 4.0 is gradually blurring the lines between Online and Offline

If before, to watch TV you need TV, now your TV can connect to the internet. So "internet of things" has created a dramatic change, a means like TVs can now be used both for offline marketing and online marketing.

In addition, online marketing data becomes a "valuable resource" to research target customers. From there, we use it to coordinate digital marketing activities in both online and offline environments in particular and all marketing activities in general.

Marketing 4.0 opens up easier opportunities for customer research, data collection, measurement and analysis.

For example: For example, you trade cosmetics, your brand has been popular in the market. Through analyzing data in Google Analytics, analytics data on Facebook, industry forums, interactions between businesses and customers when "chatting" on social networks, ... recently you noticed Customers who are more interested in health, especially tend to switch to outdoor sports. At the same time, you also easily know that most of her customers follow the social networking accounts of singer Toc Tien.

And so, you decided to organize an event related to the outdoor activities with the presence of the singer Toc Tien to entice customers to participate and put into the event messages to improve care knowledge. leather when outdoors.

In the event communication step, you use online channels such as Email Marekting, Facebook Ads, KOL's Fanpage, ... Parallel to that, using external channels such as sending SMS to invite customers to participate in the event, advertising on mounting screens. in the supermarket, in your store chain, ...

Another related issue in the mix of online and offline digital marketing: the message transmitted between online and offline must be similar when reaching a target audience. You should not create a personal style on online messages, but create a gentle personality on Offline messages.

You see, above is a small example for you to better see digital applications to "mix" online and offline marketing activities, especially with the help of Marketing 4.0.


Think of Digital Marketing as a powerful marketing tool, collaborating with other communication tools to achieve the overall goal of the entire marketing activity. With that perspective, you will see Digital Marketing Online and Offline (or other activities) as "each part of the same body". They are not separate but need to be "mixed" (Marketing mix) together to create the greatest value.

Google based on Marketing 4.0 has attracted more than 3 billion searches every day.

Take the opportunity to put your website on Top Google,

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