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Instructions for compressing images with the Robin Image Optimizer plugin are detailed and detailed.
Robin Image Optimizer is one of the two free image compression plugins we recommend for customers who are using the WordPress Basic WordPress Hosting service . In the previous article, I showed you how to compress images using the Image Optimizer plugin. If you haven't already, read it in the reference link below. For today, the Robin Image Optimizer will be the main character we need to work towards. The compression performance of these two plugins is similar, so you can choose any plugin.

Why should you choose the Robin plugin of Webcraftic?

  • Completely free but very good compression effect.
  • Support lossless, lossy, high and custom compression (quality selection).
  • Unlimited number of compressed images.
  • Support for image compression up to 5MB.
  • Support compressing both original image and sub-image (thumbnail).
  • Support resize images automatically.
  • Using Webcraftic's own server to compress images, so it does not consume host resources.
  • Image compression speed is quite fast, especially if you use an international host.

Compress images with the Robin Image Optimizer plugin

1. First, you need to install and activate the Robin Image Optimizer plugin ( download ).
2. Go to Settings => Robin image optimizer => Settings and proceed with the setup for the plugin.
  • Optimization server : to default to server 1 to have the best performance.
  • Compression mode : select compression mode ( Lossless - no quality reduction, Lossy - low quality reduction, High - high quality reduction, Custom - customize the quality level). You should choose Lossy if you do not need images too high quality. And if you need a good image, choose Lossless, of course the image size will not be reduced by Lossy.
  • Auto optimization on upload : automatically compress when uploading images to the website. You should set this item to On .
  • Backup images : backup the original image. This will help you restore the image to its pre-compressed state, but will also consume the host space and the number of archived files. For normal needs, you should set it to Off .
  • Error Log : error logging. For normal needs, you should set it to Off .
  • Convert Images to WebP : Create WebP image format . This feature is only enabled on the paid version.
  • Manage backups : allows you to delete the backup file or restore the original image from the backup file.
  • Leave EXIF ​​data : Choose between keeping and deleting EXIF ​​of images. For normal needs, you should set it to Off .
  • Resizing large images : automatically resizes uploaded images If you select On , you will have the option to set the size you want to use. Images larger than the set size will automatically be resized upon upload. For normal needs, you should set it to Off .
  • Optimize thumbnails : select the sub thumbnail sizes that you want to compress.
  • Scheduled optimization : leave it as default.
Click the Save button to save all settings.
3. Switch to the Bulk optimization tab Here, you will see statistical information about the number of unoptimized , compressed ( Optimized ) and uncompressed errors ( Error ).
Click the RUN button => click the OK button => click the OPTIMIZE NOW button to optimize the images previously uploaded but not compressed. You must maintain the web browser window until the process is finished. If stopped midway, just repeat the steps above.
4. Wait until the number of uncompressed images (Unoptimized) is zero and you have finished compressing the image. The total image size before and after compression, as well as the percentage of reduced capacity will be displayed as shown below.
It is amazing, isn't it? Good luck!
What plugin are you using to optimize images on your WordPress website How would you rate the Robin Image Optimizer pluginPlease share with us your comments through the comment box below.
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