How to develop web or skills faster

How to develop web or skills faster - If you want to learn something, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort trying to learn new skills from business, web development, to martial arts. But not everyone's learning process is always smooth, especially for newbies exploring a new field. Here, we will go through various methods that will help you. By understanding your mind a little better and following some of these psychologically established methods, you can better learn any skill. In this way, you will easily overcome competitors and continue to learn great new skills.

Now think about one thing in your life, something you are trying to improve. Focus on it and use the instructions, advice we will give here, to help you learn much faster.

Try a variety of different methods when you get started

When you want to learn a new programming skill, an art skill or maybe a new sport, enjoy your freedom and find the one that suits you best. Once you've found the one that works best for you, start. Focus on what you find easiest to grow. You will learn much faster but eventually in the hard part you will learn to slow down. When you reach that part, it's time to look back, adjust something, and improve yourself even more.

Try out different teachers, books, tutorials and see how it works the best. Once you've found it, drop the rest and work hard on that one.

Learn from the most basic things


If it's a new programming skill you're trying to learn, the measure of your success will be whether you've solved a specific problem. If it's a martial arts skill, the measure of your success will be whether you can make a move or not. Although the measure of success in real projects and events in real life is binary, it is not in learning.

You should strive to make your success measure as small as possible. This applies to programming languages ​​and martial arts. For example, in programming, the first thing you learn is to divide a bigger problem into smaller segments. Then learn each small segment and even if you don't understand the problem at first, you will relearn it and the process will not take much time. If you find that understanding the syntax of the language better, you have improved. If you remember the function you couldn't use the last time, then you've succeeded again.

This also happens with other skills. In a martial art, your success at the end depends on whether you manage to strike or receive submission. It will take you a lot of time to become like this, but this way, you can gradually build it and build yourself from zero into a hero.

First, to capture the original part of the move. Are your feet in position? If so, it is a measure of success. Both of your shoulders face in the right direction? It is another measure of success. Are you struggling with your opponent at the right place? Will you break his posture? Do you get wrist movements?

How do you feel? We have divided your task into 6 separate blocks. So if you succeed at the first 3 questions and fail at the 4th, then you will know what needs improvement and what needs to be focused on. This way, you don't have to waste any time doing the same thing over and over.

You will also better understand yourself, which will make it easier for you to choose the best lessons for you.

Choose only one thing


The notion that you will do many things at once is completely wrong. Have you ever tried to focus on two thoughts at the same time? It is impossible, no matter how hard you try. That is why you should focus on one task at a time. If you take a week to pass a lesson, then do it. Concentrate on one thing without breaking your mind from the countless things you still have to learn. Focus on one thing and make a habit.

Learn only one bit per day

In your learning endeavors, learning a little bit a day would be a lot better than a batch study. For example, execute the five-hour rule. Spend an hour throughout the week on purposeful study. You will go further and learn faster than you do with spending 5 hours straight in a day a week.

Consistency is the most important. Spend an hour studying every day and you will learn much faster. You review what you learned the day before and establish it more firmly in your mind. Practicing short periods on a regular basis is what will help you learn much faster. It takes more willpower to do this way, but it will help you be much more successful.

Work regularly


An internal conversation or a conversation with your teacher will take your learning efforts a long way. It's a great thing to do when you fail, and believe, you will do a lot of that. If you make a mistake, stop for a moment and analyze what went wrong. Or ask your teacher or friend to guide you to understand exactly what mistake you made. Once you understand where the error is, correct it and continue.

You need a second opinion to see what you're doing wrong, so don't be afraid to ask someone about it.

Set your bedtime between two study sessions

A French scientist put a group of 10 people into an experiment in which they studied how well they memorized 15 French words. They divided them into two different groups. Each person has two classes. The first group studied an hour in the morning and an hour before bed. The second group studied at night, slept until morning, and continued studying when they woke up.

After measuring the results, the study showed that although the same amount of time had passed between their study sessions, the second group performed much better. The second group remembers 10 out of 15 words, while the first group can only recall 7 words.

This leads to the conclusion that putting your bedtime between two sessions will help practice much more effectively.

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Revise your practice


If you've learned a method to solve a particular problem, don't stop there. An American study of 86 volunteers showed that continually revising a practice you have learned is good. Do this by using a different method or another tool to complete a specific task.

The study was conducted with two groups, each tasked with finding a way to develop certain motor skills. Group 1 is given a task and once they complete it, they have to redo it using a different method. Group 2 only repeats the process after they finish it the first time. Finally, Group 1 showed that they were able to complete the task with a double speed and accuracy.

So, in case programming applies different methods and algorithms to a problem, you increase your accuracy and efficiency a lot.

Increase concentration when exercising

Having trouble concentrating? Even a 15 minute exercise will significantly increase your concentration. If you're too lazy to exercise, just take a short walk around the block or in the park. Doing so will clear your mind, help you focus a lot more.

Sufficient water supply for the body


Your body is 70% water, so you need to stay hydrated throughout the day. Not only is it good for your health, but staying hydrated will help you focus more easily than in other ways. If you lose water, you will lose the ability to concentrate, even headaches.

Reward yourself

You will not want to do much if you do not have the reward you want to receive. If there is a continuous reward during learning, your memory function will increase. Your brain also releases dopamine (the happy hormone) in the process. Meaning it will make you more excited. If you're more excited, you'll learn much faster, which explains why it's easier to learn what you like to do.

Try Feynman Techniques


The technique is named after physicist Richard Feynman, a great scientist and a great teacher. This simple technique will make your learning process a lot faster.

There is a famous saying: If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough.

Therefore, the best way to ensure that you understand a certain method or concept is to explain it in simple terms. Explain an operational concept to improve your understanding of that concept in any field.

You use this to understand a topic better or to test your understanding and put your assumptions into the test. So in order to capture the difficult aspects of a concept, the best thing you do is explain it.

Here's how this technique works:

Take a piece of paper, write the names of the ‘techniques or methods’ on top and start explaining them in the simplest terms.

Go through the examples and make sure you also bring this concept to practice.

Identify points that you do not understand. Do this until you gain a solid understanding of the various sub-domains involved, returning to your notes, study materials or instructional videos.

Look at your explanation and find out the parts where you have to use technical terms or terms that others won't understand right away. Break them down to simplify terms.

The most important is simplicity. Think about how you would explain a complicated programming for a 6-year-old child. Use simple terms that everyone understands what you mean.

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Bringing at least one of these techniques into practice will greatly improve your ability to learn. By doing so, you will not only be better than what you want to do, but also better understand yourself. These apply to whatever you are looking to do or improve, so be sure to put them into practice after you have finished reading.

We hope you enjoyed reading through this article and hope to see you again in the upcoming articles!

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