How to use the Recovery.wim file to recover Windows

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Yes, in the previous article, I have detailed instructions for you How to create Recovery.wim file already. And in this article I will guide you to use that Recovery.wim file to recover Windows operating system when it is slow or fails.
And of course the tool we use is still Onekey Ghost. The tool we used to create the Recovery.wim file 😀
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#first. How to restore the Windows operating system with the Recovery.wim file

+ Step 1: You access Mini Windows => then open the Onekey Ghost software.
how-to-use-file-recovery-wim (1)

+ Step 2: You choose Phục hồi => then click the button Mở… => then navigate to the partition containing the file Recovery.wim. Here we are the partition Recovery That red guys.
how-to-use-file-recovery-wim (2)

Then select the file Recovery.wim => press Open.
how-to-use-file-recovery-wim (3)

+ Step 3: Go back to the main interface of the Onekey ghost software => select the partition containing the current operating system (the partition with the operating system icon next to you) => and click Đồng ý.
Note: Choose the correct Windows partition, select the wrong drive and you'll lose all the data on the partition you chose wrong.
how-to-use-file-recovery-wim (4)

+ Step 4: Please note that you need to add boot to the partition containing Boot Win. If..
  • If your computer is running UEFI standard, you choose EFI partition (7)
  • And the computer is running standard LEGACY then choose the partition System Reseved (if available), and if you do not have this partition, always select a partition C (operating system drive).
how-to-use-file-recovery-wim (5)

Okey, finally you clicked to start the operating system recovery process.
Yes, so I just gave you very detailed instructions on how to recover Windows operating system through the Recovery.wim file.
Very simple and easy, isn't it 😀
If you encounter any problems during the operation, please comment below to receive support.
Hope this article will be helpful to you, wish you success!
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