Install CloudFlare for a simple website

Detailed instructions on the steps to install CloudFlare for website to increase security and load speed.
CloudFlare can really bring your website a lot of benefits, even if you only use the free service pack. CloudFlare CDN not only helps your website load faster everywhere in the world, has better load, but also has the ability to resist DDoS attacks of small and medium scale. WP Basically there was an article analyzing the pros and cons of the CloudFlare service. If you do not know, you can read it in the reference link below. For now, I will guide you in detail the steps to install CloudFlare for my website. Take a few minutes to learn together offline.

Steps to install CloudFlare for website

1. First, go to the Sign Up page of CloudFlare, enter the email and password you want to use and then click the Create Account button .
2. Enter your website domain name in the Enter your site box and then click the Add site button .
3. Select the CloudFlare service pack you want to use, then click the Confirm plan button .
4. Wait a moment for the system to scan and display the domain's DNS records. You can create or delete records to suit your needs.
Note the Proxy Status column :
  • Which records show an orange cloud means they will use the CloudFlare CDN service.
  • Those records that show a gray cloud mean that they will only use the CloudFlare DNS service (do not cache static data on CloudFlare servers).
You can also completely turn off these two modes according to your needs. After completing the declaration, click the Continue button to move to the next step.
5. CloudFlare will provide you with 2 new nameservers, used to replace the current nameservers of the domain name.
6. Visit your domain admin page, find the nameservers manager. For example, here I use the domain name at GoDaddy. Instructions to change the nameservers of other domain name providers, you can see here .
Click the Change button to change the nameservers.
7. Click the Enter my own domain name server (advanced) button .
8. Copy the nameservers folder provided by CloudFlare in step 5 and paste here. Click the Save button to save the settings.
Click the Done button , check nameservers (step 5) to confirm with CloudFlare that you have changed the nameservers as required.
9. Set up some basic configuration for CloudFlare. You can set up as shown below.
cloud-computing-cloud -are-a-number-design
To learn more about SSL modes in CloudFlare, you can refer to the article: Installing CloudFlare SSL for WordPress website for free
10. Wait for your domain to receive new nameservers. Once completed, you will receive a notification that looks like this (including email notification as well).
Thus, your website has completed the installation of CloudFlare. For other optimization settings for CloudFlare, please see the reference link at the beginning of this article.
If you want to install CloudFlare for other websites, from the CloudFlare account administration interface, click the Add a Site button and repeat the steps as instructed above.
Are you using the CloudFlare CDN service for your website? In your opinion, should CloudFlare be installed for your website for free? Please share with us your views and opinions in the comment box below.
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