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erhaps referring to SEO, people often remember that there are still two schools of existence exist in parallel. There are websites optimized in terms of top notch SEO techniques like Newspapers. An auto-copy news site, but it lives great. While Viet Bao is a professional copy site, it is lost in confusion. Or like 24h newspaper is a newspaper specializing in copying like that, but that's okay.
In addition to good technical SEO factors, they also have many other skills such as skillfully writing articles (using tags or categories), or developing sustainably by enticing fans on social networks ... And within the framework of In this article, I would like to share the knowledge and experience related to technical SEO to improve your website quality!
Note: SEO techniques, not SEO techniques, guys!

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a concept that indicates technical SEO optimization. Unlike SEO offpage (promoting keywords via backlink) or SEO Onpage (promoting keywords through content). SEO techniques (SEO techniques) ensure the technical factors of a website to facilitate SEO easier.
There are many factors in technical SEO that have a direct and "vital" impact on an SEO campaign. Once the technical SEO element is guaranteed, other campaigns are easier to implement!

The criteria need to optimize in technical SEO

Display well on mobile

Since the beginning of 2018, Google's indexing technique has changed. Instead of scratching the desktop information first, they index the mobile first. Because more and more mobile devices are sold, used and browsed ...
Web design in the form of responsive architecture
Web design in the form of responsive architecture
The new technique is called Google Mobile-first Indexing . They visit your website and index your mobile before the bot crawls the desktop version. So if your website is not suitable to display on mobile, it will definitely be downgraded to mobile results. As you know, mobile accounts for an average of 60% of web browsing!
Usually people will design the interface under Responsive technique. But to ensure speed and better experience on the service pages, they still designed separate mobile interfaces into separate packages.
To check the suitability for mobile devices, you can check on Google Search Console or on your own phone! In addition, Google Pagespeed Insights also has its own mobile report!
Google also encourages people to apply AMP technology to speed up mobile page loading for even weak links. You should refer to because they are extremely fast on mobile.


A sitemap is a file in the format ".xml" used to declare to search engines like Google the links to index. Sitemaps are important for search engines to follow those links and to quickly index the elements of a website.
SEO sitemap
In the absence of a sitemap, your website is still indexed but they follow the links in the page. This slows down the search engine!
There are many plugins or extention that help you do that. If you use WordPress, you can use Yoast SEO. If not, you can use tools like to have them scan your site and create sitemap.xml files! is a standard for declaring information using metadata tags. When embedded schema tags, users often do not see them, they are only for search engines to extract data more quickly.
What is and its structure
Most commercially available themes for WordPress embed Schema as a common standard. They declare what is news website, what is blog, what is content or comment ...
You can refer to other standards on home !


To protect the user information transmitted over the internet, we use the HTTPS method. Google and other web search engines strongly encourage you to switch to this protocol. Including web browser alliance. If your website doesn't have this protocol, a warning icon will appear in the address bar.
Simulate HTTPS protocol
Simulate HTTPS protocol
In terms of search rankings, this is a plus point for your website. Do not waste this point!
Most hosts today have the function to automatically generate SSL certificates for your website! In case you install VPS, you can use Lét's Encrypt - a free SSL certificate module!

Short links

The more descriptive your links, the shorter the better. You can easily configure them in the installation (if using popular CMSs today) or use HTACCESS technique (for apache server) or Config file (NginX server).
The link structure is as short and descriptive as possible. If it is deeper, do not exceed 2 floors. For example:
The deeper the link, or the variation, the easier it is for duplicate content . Deep links, in particular, scare search engines because they can trick robots into an infinite deep path. That makes search engines waste resources and time in vain!

Website speed

Load the page as quickly as possible. According to statistics, every second you slow down, you lose 20% of loyal customers. After 4 seconds, the evaporation rate of visitors is almost 60% and higher, they may leave!
Tell you the ways to speed up Internet very simply
Website speed strongly affects landing page user experience. And the faster it is, the better the search engine will give you the top priority!
Google's new algorithm, Google RainBrain, also relies on user experience to evaluate your website.
There are many techniques to help you speed up your website including optimizing CSS, Javascript and website structure. There are also caching techniques available for you to apply. I use WP Fastest Cache to handle that!

Experience a better landing page

One is to be smooth, many pages have too many images and banners that make the page twitch uncomfortably when scrolling.
Second, the content is coherent, easy to see, and the font is large enough. The location of content is also convenient for readers!
Advertising should not be much, and should not cover content.
There are related posts, breakcrum for user to navigate easily. There are enough menus to manipulate ...
Longer retention of users is better for SEO. The lower the bounce rate, the better.

Internal link

For content SEO, Internal links play a very important role. They are like natural backlinks in posts. As for technical SEO, Internal links can be created automatically based on the words that match the link.
Internal Link - Internal links on the page are illustrated as family members
Some websites choose to find words matching the category and tags to link them automatically. You will be more comfortable in optimizing these internal links!
Internal links help better blend content and help users navigate around your site!

Heading tags

H1 tag is required to declare the main title of the page and article. In content, we deploy from the H2 tag onwards.
The H1 tag is usually attached to the interface. We need no more intervention. But if your interface is not optimal, this should be fixed.
In HTML5, a page has dozens of H1 in "Article" tags but with HTML4, each page only allows 1 H1. Whichever standard you follow, apply that standard!
H1 helps search engines determine the title of the page and the main content. It's like your name is printed on your identity card.

ALT tags of photos in posts

People often forget to write alternative text for photos (ALT tags). This is a tag for a book reader, or a search engine that identifies what is in the image.
There are many algorithms to read a picture. However, because it is mechanical, so if it does not have any suggestions, surely it does not understand what the image is and what the subject is.
In technical SEO, people will automatically find and correct ALT tags in posts that you have not yet filled. Like me, add titles to ALT tags if they don't already exist. But it is best that you fill it in while writing your article.


With a website that applies many SEO techniques, content SEO will be more leisurely. Your job will only be optimal and content writing so that, interesting!
Optimize good SEO techniques, it is not difficult to top 10 Google is not it!
Good luck !
About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. Mr Cuong.
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