The best insurance seller in my country

The Ben Feldman method

Starting by selling eggs to his father for a salary of $ 10 per week, Ben switched to selling insurance with the urge to make money to convince his teacher to accept the proposal.
He works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, meeting at least 5 potential customers a day - mainly by door-to-door knocking.
Understanding what insurance policy means for individuals and families, he turned to young entrepreneurs with a burning desire to help them insure their families and careers with their empathy. Many other sellers also focus on customers but few are as sincere as Ben.
He also bought insurance for himself and continued to maintain until he reached $ 6 million because he realized that "if I don't buy it, I can't sell it " . Many other sellers are sincere but few have motivation like Ben.
Ben sets a challenging goal for himself every month, breaking it down and calculating it to see that he needs to meet at least 30 clients a week and by all means to do that.
Many others also sincerely want to help customers but few have clear goals like him.
All day Ben Feldman hurriedly searches for customers everywhere by knocking on the doors of companies' offices, and in the evening, he spends an extra two hours working on the design of the sales scenario, selecting the target customers, building the plan Financial planning to prepare for the next meeting.
Many other sellers are also hard-working and workaholic, but few have specific goals like Ben.
It is as remarkable as Ben Feldman himself later said: “Just having a goal is not enough . You must have a time . It's big enough to enjoy and I can see for you so you can wait ! ”
When learning about Ben Feldman's illustrious career, many experts discovered that he was extremely good at finding customers (prospecting), in a unique way that was unmatched. In a lost book, Ben Feldman himself recounts the spectacular sales situations as if it were the screenplay of an imaginative author:
  • After weeks of trying to reach out to a busy but unsuccessful giant, he asked the clerk to give his boss $ 500 to buy five minutes of time: “If I don't present it, I will. Good idea , "Ben asked his secretary: " He can keep a lot of this money! " . He was soon agreed to meet and eventually closed a $ 14 million contract.
  • Another time, Ben identified an extremely potential customer, but choked that he was a business so busy. The client was so busy that it was impossible to arrange any time for a medical examination. So Ben Feldman decided to rent a mobile medical car with full equipment and a doctor, standing at the door of the office waiting for the businessman. The results could not be more wonderful, he received a signature for a terrible insurance policy worth up to $ 52 million. The deal was so big that he had to convince himself to go to different companies to join New York Life.
  • Realizing that making phone calls to companies is often blocked by secretaries - so from his experience, Ben Feldman chose to come in person, usually the business office Of course he was rejected a lot. times, but he will return again and again until the boss feels 'sorry' and agrees to meet.
To convince the boss Ben often first conquered the secretaries, trying to turn them into allies, so he has an important help. He did that by giving the clerk a nice gift package that was usually plain sandals - only then could he receive a thank you note and the zeal to help when he returned.
  • ...
In an interview with how he sold so many intangible products such as life insurance, Ben Feldman replied:  Actually , I do not sell insurance. Ooh . I sell money . I sell the dollar items for the same price . A dollar is only worth 3 cents a year ! ”.
About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. Mr Cuong.
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