Top 25 best Genesis Child Themes 2020 for WordPress websites

You currently use free WordPress themes , premium themes or even custom themes. The content of the page is built with certainty, so is there something wrong that makes the web not succeed as expected? It may be because the code is not optimal and SEO is not good. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this: Genesis Framework! Together with Genesis Child Theme, you will take your WordPress site to a whole new level. Go beyond the limits and take advantage of its benefits.

What is the Genesis Framework?

Genesis is a WordPress theme framework for building entire websites. It includes tons of SEO, security, performance and optimization features. Thanks to that, it ensures the backend of the site perfectly. need to worry.

What is child themes?

Put simply, Child Themes separates the design (the work of Child Themes) and the performance part (Genesis Framework) of a website. Meaning you can change the design elements on the site continuously without touching the basic code, which is very good.
Note: Genesis Framework does not work if your website is hosted on (e.g. This is a limitation of WordPress hosting websites.

How to install Genesis Framework and Genesis Child Theme

There are two ways to install. This process is similar to installing regular themes for WordPress . Here are the options:
  • Use FTP Client (we recommend FileZilla ).
  • Use the upload feature in the WordPress dashboard.
The real and only difference is that you have to install the Genesis Framework before Child Theme. The framework must be placed in the / wp-content / themes / directory on your server. The directory containing the Genesis Framework must be named "Genesis" .
After installing the Genesis Framework, please install one of the 25 Genesis child themes below.
Finally, activate the theme just like any other WordPress theme. You just need to go to Appearance -> Themes , select the theme and click " Activate ".

Top 25 Genesis Child Themes in WordPress

Now that we understand what Genesis Child Themes is, let's take a look at the list of the best Genesis Child Themes.

1. Fearless

Genesis child theme fearless
Are you a photographer who wants to showcase his best work? So Fearless is just right for you. The minimalist style and full screen width will bring the best visual effect to your photos.
Moreover, the modern Genesis child theme comes with a vertical menu that resembles the overall aesthetic. Other features include custom post types, collections and contact forms.
If you're worried about customizing, you'll be happy to have 11 different ways to help you display your collection. You do not need to adjust the size of the images because the theme's mobile-responsive image gallery will arrange them perfectly.
You can place blog posts in grid style, alternating grid pattern or standard. You may be wrong with a theme, especially if you prioritize freedom and image over anything else.
This theme comes in the bundle With images with different pricing options - All Themes with images ($ 69 ), All Themes and Plugins ( $ 139 ) and All lifetime ( $ 299 ).
We recommend checking which package suits your needs best, and don't overpay for features and options you won't be using. If you love the current collection of themes, you need to consider buying a Lifetime Everything package for unlimited access to every future update and addition!
At the very least, you will have access to 19 beautiful Genesis child themes regardless of which package you choose - including Fearless - the beautiful theme we emphasized here.

2. Cafe Pro

cafe pro genesis theme
StudioPress is known for creating stable, high-performance, and visually appealing themes. You'll be happy to know that the same creator that created Cafe Pro is available for download for $ 99.95 (including the Genesis Framework). The price also includes full-time in-depth support and detailed documentation.
Cafe Pro is Genesis child theme designed for restaurant owners. It has a neat sticky header, parallax background, nice price display and a collection of ready-made page templates for easy customization.
Despite their culinary disposition, such beautiful landing pages are capable of attracting visitors in any segment.
It offers many functions such as: easy to format, outstanding email newsletter subscription box, and placeholder to copy. It is a reliable theme that attracts visitors.
Moreover, this genesis theme is mobile friendly and comes with smooth navigation transitions when clicked. A great combination of image and function.

3. Start

start genesis child theme
We know what you're thinking - this theme has everything you need! From huge slideshow header to customizable icons to show features. It has dynamic gallery and full width Google Maps integration at the bottom. It is a great versatile theme that will make a lasting impression on visitors.
You can use certified slideshows to beautifully display positive reviews from customers. In addition, with call-to-action you can add with parallax effect, which is a good tip to help visitors have a lasting impression.
Not to mention, everything can be put in one page, this is the perfect way to promote products or services without distracting.
For just $ 49 , ZigZagPress will give you instant access to this useful theme along with 1 year of updates and support. In addition, the theme is guaranteed to be mobile-responsive, compatible with all browsers, SEO friendly and has translations available.
Moreover, it is not limited to the number of   domains - it only pays once and you can use this theme multiple times for you or for your customers (of course after you modify it).
Or, if you can spend a lot of money, buy the version of the club theme package for $ 89. You will be given access to every other theme available on ZigZagPress (46 premium themes) for 1 year. And for $ 249 , you can get the same lifetime benefits!

4. Academy Pro

academy pro genesis child theme
Add another StudioPress theme for your review. Similar to most StudioPress themes, Academy Pro comes with customizable headers, custom themes and 6 widget areas to further personalize the theme.
To get the mobile-responsive Genesis child theme with this lifetime framework, you have to spend $ 129.95 .
If you have a knack for teaching, using Academy Pro as a theme is a good idea. You can use theme features to optimize service sales. You can place an introductory video on the header, choose a call-to-action location, add About me and more.
You can also set arbitrary page layouts - full width, put content to the right or left.
In addition to being a stylish and modern theme, the lean product page is ideal for e-commerce of any chosen field - this theme is compatible with WooCommerce , meaning you can set up an online store. Its online in minutes!

5. Junction

Junction genesis
If you need a website portfolio or web record their online journey, it will not do your won Junction disappointed.
The simple, modern and clutter-free interface comes with great functionality: Large slideshow, widget area, hover effects, portfolio page, contact form and newsletter signup form.
Moreover, you can set image slideshow bar or display images featured for blog posts.
Without a doubt, Junction is a smooth landing page that will win over your customers.

6. Jessica

jessica genesis child theme
Jessica is Genesis child theme designed for fashion e-commerce . There are many factors that can help you build trust and communicate with customers, such as the notable social networking icons in the upper right and a placeholder for early call-to-action.
Not only that, this theme can work well with three of the most famous WordPress eCommerce site builders - WooCommerce, iThemes Exchange , and WP e-Commerce .

7. Gallery

genesis gallery
The gallery is exactly what it sounds like - it looks like a photo album! If you have a talent for photography, this minimalist and modern theme will satisfy you. .
The homepage includes a full screen image slideshow and an expandable vertical menu. In addition, it allows you to customize the page layout: set the collection to a certain number of columns, configure the layout to full width or with sidebars, etc.
Moreover, this theme makes it easy to format and add elements using a variety of shortcodes: slideshows, testimonials, buttons, features and boxes for groups, etc.

8. Derrick

Derrick genesis child theme
The overall look and feel of the Derrick homepage looks professional - with the call-to-action button appearing early and the 3-column area for placing important anchor links.
It allows you to choose different color palettes. You can use up to six columns for posts. You also have the option of adjusting the sidebar positions in your blog post.
It has a pre-designed theme that works well with LMS and other member web plugins. This is a great option for teachers who want to make money through a website.

9. ReadyFolio 2

theme readyfolio2 genesis child
Imagine a neat theme to show your portfolio elegantly? Nothing other than ReadyFolio 2. You will find useful features for any professional portfolio. You will have options like image slideshows, service boxes and clutter free layouts.
The customer experience presentation area is not normal. The version in this mobile-responsive genesis child theme fits perfectly into the sidebar. A unique and effective way to build trust with potential customers.
To perfect the website, you can change the color scheme to suit the tastes of customers by.

10. Executive Pro

executivepro genesis child theme
If you are an elegant person, this genesis child theme will be your cup of tea. Preview of the blog post displayed on the sliding header with the featured image on the right.
Moreover, Executive Pro also integrates with the WooCommerce plugin. Make it a powerful tool to grow your business and make money online.
If you look in the home page, you will see there is a position on the top of the sidebar to add a newsletter signup form. It is suitable to grow your mailing list!
If you create a website to create an online presence or simply a personal blog , then this site is worth considering.

11. Tote

tote genesis child theme
If you remember the Tumblr blog, you'll be able to rediscover this experience with the free Genesis child theme.
Not all bloggers have time to write long posts - this theme will be suitable for those who like to write a few shorter blog posts like dialogue, favorite quotes, lyrics, etc.
Like Tumblr, there's no end when scrolling down. Plus, the cute design makes it perfect for helping you share with your world one day.
Themes will help you get started with blogging easily.

12. Fresh

fresh genesis child theme
Sometimes, simpler is better - especially if you don't like handling many customizations. Fresh is a well packaged Genesis child theme with a pastel color design.
Whether you're a website developer or a complete beginner, Fresh will help you. It has a very easy to learn set of documents.
If you want to focus more on blogging - and with less technical tweaking, you'll love this theme. .

13. Ansel

ansel genesis child theme
Ansel is a Genesis child theme in photography, useful for displaying images or artwork in the best way. .
Smooth transitions between each image are intuitive, beautiful and interesting. It incorporates a center-aligned copy button and a call-to-action button for greater efficiency. .
Not only that, you can choose 1 of 11 ways to display different photo collections. It includes the type of e-commerce that allows visitors to buy your work in full size.

14. Grind

grind genesis child theme
Combining performance and aesthetics - it's Grind. A full width header is common among Genesis child themes, but Grind takes it to a whole new level.
In addition to the background, you can add other visual elements: product descriptions and call-to-action buttons on the slideable header.
There is even a partial portfolio that displays images or artwork. .. If you like a professional looking theme, this one is for you.

15. Journal

journal genesis child theme
The journal comes with a static background on the left along with a vertical menu. It is a free Genesis child theme designed for blogging, but can also be used to display photos.
It has a clean and simple design with many ways of displaying blog posts - grid, alternating grid, two alternating grids, and standards.
Journal perfect for storing your landscape photos, thanks to its mosaic style .. Or, if you like other types of photo galleries, you can choose thumbnails, grid albums, movie clips, etc.
It also supports e-commerce, so you can make money while building your portfolio. It is also very convenient, right?

16. Derby

derby genesis child theme
Derby is a versatile theme suitable for photography, news and portfolio. It is capable of adding shortcode elements like retina-ready icons for social networks , responsive Google Maps and embedded videos , buttons, alert boxes, etc.
The unique thing about Derby is that it has a special widget area. You can customize, expand at the top. You can add useful copies like notifications, contact info, quotes, etc.

17. Brisket

brisket genesis child theme
You will be hungry, because any restaurant that uses this Genesis child theme!
Brisket's selling advantages are not only visually appealing, but also have great functionality. It stands out in the icon box to display important information, menu sections and shortcodes. This theme will also help you increase sales by displaying working hours, locations and contact information right in the most noticeable places.
In addition, it also supports e-commerce. It has everything any restaurant owner needs.

18. Splash

spalsh genesis child theme
Splash is a great option for creating an online resume, portfolio introduction, freelance service or simply blogging.
The first thing visitors will see is an email subscription box with your contact information. It makes it convenient to contact potential customers and grow the network.
Moreover, this beautiful theme is also easily customizable - you can set up social networking icons and forms in seconds!

19. Proof

proof genesis child theme
Do you have high resolution images you want to display? So why not choose a retina-ready theme?
We are sure that this genesis theme is the most unique theme on this list - the homepage has a vertical slideshow format with a full screen wallpaper.
In addition, it has a portfolio page, expandable horizontal menu and contact page.

20. Richmond

richmond genesis child theme
Designers would be very flawed without a suitable website to showcase their portfolio. The Richmond Genesis child theme will help them do this.
But even if you're not a designer - with a bit of tweaking, you can use the theme for any niche. .
It has portfolio-side-by-side, transition-enlargement for a dynamic feel. On top of that, Genesis child theme is mobile friendly. Support shortcode, testimonial part one column and three columns are stacked, and more.

21. Quik

quik genesis child theme
If you're looking for a news-driven Genesis child theme, you're in the right place.
It has a menu bar for the menu item and a navigation bar above the logo. The sidebar also meets the needs of a news site - Twitter bulletin boards , news tabs, featured images, social networking icons and more.
Making money through this theme is extremely easy - providing smart ad placement designed to increase clickthrough rates.

22. Foxy News

foxy news genesis
Foxy News is another news theme you may consider using for your website. The smart feature, it has a lot of similarities with Quik except for the full width news slideshow, as opposed to the local section.
In addition, this news theme lacks a wallpaper to make the feel of it clearer.
The sidebar also has tabs that include the most popular posts, latest posts, and latest comments. In the footer, you can embed videos, display the Flickr gallery   and add other gadgets to your liking.
In addition, thanks to responsive design, Foxy News works well on many devices - smartphones, tablets and PCs.

23. Line it Up 2

genesis line it up theme
Good news for IT developers or website designers - there is a Genesis child theme that receives programmatic nods.
Beautiful, colorful designs come with line-up typography for a specific niche - making it easier and more expressive of the service.
Other features include e-commerce , blog post pages with tons of format options, etc.
Additionally, adding visual elements to your blog posts is extremely easy - there are countless items you can insert using shortcodes. Buttons, retina-ready icons for social networks, embedded videos and more are waiting for you on Line it Up 2

24. Hatch

hatch genesis child theme
Announced new product? Countdown to the wedding ? You will hardly find a suitable Genesis child theme other than Hatch.
The use of a countdown tool combined with a call-to-action button makes it perfect to keep visitors aware of what is about to happen. .
On top of that, the ability to set video as a background header and a smooth animation when scrolling makes the whole content more energetic and attractive.
More interestingly, Hatch allows you to insert logos of companies that have used your product or service. It helps build trust with customers quickly.

25. Blink

blink theme
Blink is a theme that displays your blog posts in grid form so that it looks compact and clutter-free.
It comes with a portfolio page, a contact page and popular social networking icons including RSS, Twitter and Facebook feeds.
This child theme is a good choice for your writing products, as visitors can see multiple blog posts at the same time.


 After learning what Genesis child themes are and how to install them, it's time to choose one of our favorite themes and use it.
Each of them has its own unique features that you can use depending on the market selected. Our favorite is Proof because of its retina-ready element and attractive full-screen image.
With Genesis child themes, you will combine the two best things: the great backend genesis framework and the beautiful frontend interface.
About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. Mr Cuong.
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