What is social media? The power of Social Media brings Marketing Online

Referring to Social Media you will immediately think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... your thinking is right but not enough. Because Social Media is bigger than what you know about it. This article will cover you with the right and sufficient thinking about what Social Media is, and offer social media strategies for website development and improve keyword rankings when doing SEO.

1. What is Social Media?

If you feel confused about the concept of Social Media being copied quite a lot on Google, let GOBRANDING break down this phrase and analyze in detail to help you understand better:

What is social?

Social: social nature It is understood as simply a group of people or communities with similar interests and common points of view gathered to share, exchange and learn from each other.

For example: In daily life, you may come across many clubs or groups of members gathering every weekend to discuss topics they are interested in such as English, cars, pets ... Phat More and more, they started moving from offline to online environments to exchange through large forums such as children's websites for women to share parenting experiences, daily life, and sophisticated forums. specializing in technology or forums for car lovers like otofun ... Do not stop there, when social networks are widespread and booming, there are groups appearing on social networks allowing members with similar interests. , passionate about sharing, discussing and exchanging information with each other.

What is media?

Media was Media used to transmit information and data to users or help them connect and share information with each other. Media developed from offline environment such as television, newspaper, radio ... used to transmit one-way information to users to online environment such as websites, applications ... allowing users to interact with each other .

When you combine the two words, it is easier to understand the concept of Social Media.

Social Media are the media used to communicate and share information on the internet, allowing users to interact directly with each other.

Specifically, GOBRANDING will bring 4 Social Media groups for you to have a more detailed view:

  • Social Community: Used to connect, connect people with similar interests to develop relationships by allowing them to interact, chat and share information. The most popular in this group are social networking sites like facebook, instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin ... or the latest is Lotus - a social network built by Vietnamese people.

  • Social Publishing: are websites used to share images, videos, knowledge, documents such as Youtube to share videos, Reddit to share information, SlideShare to share documents or Spotify to share audio, music ...

  • Social Commerce: is a part of e-commerce to support buyers and sellers to exchange and interact better such as booking, hotels with Booking, pages where users can rate and comment on services like Yelp ...

  • Social Entertainment: is a site that allows users to play online entertainment like Twitch is a streaming game site that many people talk about in the game field. Or like the game Pokemon Go, players interact virtual on smart phones to catch and train Pokemon like real life.

What is social media 1
Social Media includes social networks, blogs, sharing channels, forums ...

Now, there are two major issues that GOBRANDING will clarify so you don't confuse Social Media and other concepts:

# Traditional media is not Social Media!

Let's look at the concept of what Social Media is, as analyzed above it must include Social and Media put together. But traditional media such as television, newspaper or radio only meet the Media factor but not Social.

Social Media not only provides information to you but also allows you to interact directly with that information by expressing your feelings or expressing your opinions. Meanwhile, the media only provides one-way information, meaning you can watch TV, read the newspaper or listen to the radio but cannot interact via a television screen, paper or radio device. .

For example: In the daily news program on TV you see the news about the super typhoon Hagibis that has devastated Japan, maybe after watching this news you will feel sorry and mourn for your country. But you cannot express this feeling through the TV screen.

On the contrary, with this information but posted on facebook or forum you can interact, express your feelings through like, share or comment on something to express, this is the Social Media.

# Do not confuse Social Media with social networks (Social Network)!

There will be many people who confuse that Social Media and social networks are one. But in fact, social networking is only a small part of Social Media. Besides, Social also includes other groups such as forums, blogs, photo sharing channels, videos ...

For example: You want to share the video of how to trim fruits on social media, now you can have many ways to share such as posting on facebook, instagram, zalo ... these channels are called social networks. Or you can post on a video sharing channel like Youtube - this is not a social network but a video sharing site but it is still part of Social Media.

2. Social Media brings a boom to interactive marketing

Interactive marketing (Interactive marketing) is a form of building a multi-dimensional marketing channel, allowing businesses and customers to interact directly with each other via online channels such as email, website, blog, social networks ... Here , users will express, their opinions, preferences, businesses will record and create messages tailored to their needs.

Through this concept you can easily recognize the similarity between Social Media and Interactive Marketing is "Allow user to interact". This shows that Social Media is an effective assistant for interactive marketing because every interactive marketing campaign can be deployed via Social Media.

What is social media 2
Social Media created a boom for Interactive Marketing.

If marketers wanted to collect information from customers in the past, it would be very difficult, sometimes without cooperation from customers. But through Social Media this will be a lot easier as you can create a social media post, a video on youtube or a blog post to mention the product of the business. Through these Social Media channels, users will express their feelings and interests from which marketers will record these data, optimizing the marketing campaign to be more appropriate.

For example: An article on the GOBRANDING website is posted on the fanpage that allows users to interact directly with this content by using,Express your feelings if you like or dislike the post, leave a comment if you have something to say to GOBRANDING, share if you find it valuable and want to spread it to others, save the post if you like haven't got time to read h yetor if you are interested in GOBRANDING's SEO services, you can send a direct message to the company to receive SEO advice.

Posts received results 186 likes, favorites, 2 very positive feedback, 11 shares.

Do not stop here, in interactive marketing all information about customer interaction behavior are extremely important figures for businesses. For example, for customers who have liked, shared, shared this article will be quite potential customers to provide SEO services. Therefore, when deploying facebook ads, you can choose the file of customers who have interacted on the fanpage.

What is social media 3
Articles on the GOBRANDING website when shared on fanpage allow users to interact directly with the business.

Social Media is not only for conducting interactive marketing campaigns, but also for marketers to collect demographic and customer interest data through interactive behavior to serve marketing activities. online later.

3. Social Media strategy combined with SEO to increase keyword rankings on Google

3.1 Branding on Social Media

Building a brand on Social Media consistent with the brand on the website and offline business environment is the first step to positioning the brand in the hearts of users.

When your business has multiple Social Media accounts, you should build a consistent system from images, colors, content to more detailed components such as operating time, company introduction, website address. ...

For example: How to build a Social Media system associated with the GOBRANDING brand and website: all GOBRANDING Social Media accounts are used in the same blue color, the same logo and all the above information. These accounts match each other, especially with the GOBRANDING website.

  • GOBRANDING's Facebook

What is social media 4
GOBRANDING's Facebook.

  • Linkedin of GOBRANDING

What is social media 5
Linkedin of GOBRANDING.
What is social media 6

According to statistics up to now, more than 250 social networking sites are being used, so you can not focus on investing and developing all these social media channels to increase keyword rankings for SEO. .

But what you can do is create accounts and update your profile for those accounts that are attractive and unified to increase brand coverage, help Google index and identify you faster. Besides, focus on the Social Media channels with the highest number of users and interactions at the time and country you are active in.

For example, GOBRANDING creates a lot of Social Media accounts but only chooses facebook as the main channel to promote and deploy activities for the brand because at the present time, Facebook is a social networking site that is used by many people. most interested in Vietnam.

Branding on Social Media as an introduction to Google about your business, is a way to make the website known to Google faster. Through Social Media you can build your brand in several ways:

  • Create posts that mention brands on forums and groups for people to discuss.

  • Build a loyal fan base by creating pages and groups related to the field that businesses are offering.
Similarly, you also choose for yourself a main page to deploy and do not forget to create more other accounts to build your brand on Social Media.

Impact: If your brand is not well known but consumers accidentally see other people mentioning on social media. Now the opportunity for users to find information about you on Google is very high, they start looking for you and Google starts to record these search data. The more people care about it, the easier it will be for Google to recognize you.

3.2 Create a link on Social Media

Although factors related to Socical Media are not a direct signal for Google to rank search results in SEO, GOBRANDING thinks that it certainly has an indirect effect on keyword rankings when doing SEO because:

  • Links of shared websites on social networking sites are considered as backlinks - a factor that directly affects ranking results in SEO. When there are many social networking sites sharing links from your website, it means that there are many backlinks pointing to the website, which proves the credibility and reliability of the website.

  • Besides, with the large number of Facebook and Twitter users now, the Google search engine trust and appreciate the links shared on these pages, thereby improving the ranking on the results. Google search.

What is social media 7
Each link clicked on Social Media helps improve keyword rankings in SEO.

However, Google can not read all the links that you share on it, only the links that are clicked are recorded and rated well. Therefore, when sharing links on Social channels, you need to have a research strategy, select the channels that are most effective:

  • Select channels that allow sharing links like facebook, youtube, google +, twitter, ...

  • Select channels with a large number of users to increase the number of clicks on the link ..

3.3 Increase interaction for websites

Instead of having to create an account to log in to the website to be able to interact with the article, nowadays almost all websites are integrated with the facebook plugin that allows users to comment, like, share directly on that article.

Shortening the process is a way to enhance the user experience, increasing the convenience for everyone when interacting with the content you create. When the article receives a lot of attention from users, helping Google to appreciate the content, the quality of the article has since increased the keyword rankings on Google search results.

For example: A post on GOBRANDING received 61 likes, 2 shares and 12 comments from Facebook. When checking the keyword "see website visits", the article is ranked in the top 1 position in the ranking of Google search results. While this is not the only factor to get the keyword to the top, it helps accelerate the process of getting to the top faster thanks to the way Google evaluates user experience.

Therefore, to increase the interaction for the article on the website besides building good, attractive and valuable content for readers, you should integrate more social networking plugins used by many users such as Facebook, Zalo. , Google + ... to make it easier for users to comment, share, love the content of the article

What is social media 8
The amount of interaction of the article is listed on the website.

4. Conclusion

Make good use of the power of Social Media to help your business reach faster to target customers by promoting keywords to the front page of Google faster. Social Media is not only a channel to promote, it is also the key to connecting customers and businesses to become more connected to create quality products to meet the needs of users.

Combine Social Media and SEO to dominate the front page of Google!

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