UberMenu v3.7.0.1 - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

    UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

    UberMenu is a highly customizable, user-friendly Mega Menu WordPress plugin. It works great with the WordPress 3 Menu System, making it simple to get started but powerful enough to create highly customizable and creative mega menu configurations.

    Optimal WordPress menu UberMenu support Fully Responsive, Mega or Flyout Submenus, compatible with mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android, Touch-enabled, Build advanced submenu layout with column grid system built

    Grow quickly the Mega Menu from your pages, posts, custom links or any of your content! Works well with most WordPress 3 activation menu themes. Integrates directly with WordPress 3 Menu-Enabled Themes – works with the system you know and love!

    Demo: https://codecanyon.net/search/154703

    • Salient Features UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

    menu layouts Create beautiful menu layouts

    Columns, tabs, rows, images, icons, maps, forms and more.

    With a fully integrated grid system and separate layout controls for each menu item, building beautiful menu layouts is easier than ever.

    Responsive & Mobile Optimized

    Responsive & Mobile Optimized Touch-enabled for an enhanced mobile experience

    UberMenu Not only fully responsive, it also has a touch interface that helps unify the user experience on mobile operating systems.

    Choose your own stops – control the width of the view at which the menu collapses through the Control Panel

    Easy to add photos

    Easily Add Images Attract customers’ attention. Provide visual references to help your customers quickly navigate your website.

    Content & Custom Widgets

    Custom Content & Widgets Shortcodes, maps, contact forms and more.

    UberMenu allows you to add any HTML, shortcode or widget you want to the menu.

    Find a style that is yours

    Find a style that's yours Create custom skins for your menus with the Customizer

    UberMenu includes many pre-designed skins, as well as integrates with WordPress Customizer with over 50 configurable settings, so you can design your menu style with Live Preview. It is also easily customizable with CSS.

    Create items automatically

    Automatic Item Generation Build submenu content flexibly from posts and terms

    Types of Dynamic Post menu items and Dynamic Terms of UberMenu allows you to insert any Post, Page, Category, Terms, Custom Post Type or Custom taxonomy terms into your menu. Configure how results are filtered and sorted.

    Tabbed Submenus

    Tabbed Submenus Is there a lot of submenu content? Easily organize your submenus into tabs – above, below, to the left, or to the right of the table of contents.


    Icons 50+ essential Font icons included.

    UberMenu 3 includes 50 icons in the box that can be assigned to any menu item. Get the Icon extension for more than 1,500 icons, along with the ability to customize locations and more.

    Advanced item settings UI

    Enhanced Item Settings UI Precise control. Unobtrusive design.

    Each menu item has an advanced settings panel that can be turned on without expanding the menu item. Each table is saved independently through AJAX, so there is no longer saving the entire menu whenever you need to adjust the settings.

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