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The biggest difficulty of Influencer Marketing is finding the right Influencer group. If you do not know the Influencer classification, you can refer to the article 4 TYPES OF INFLUENCER IN DIGITAL MARKETING

Along with the rapid development of social networks, Influencers are considered an important factor in Digital Marketing campaigns. The Influencer selection will be much simpler when you use 4 Influencer evaluation index below for evaluation and analysis make appropriate selection. npm, npm


This index is measured by the number of followers like Fans or Followers of that Influencer on social networks. Conventional brands often choose Influencers with a large fan base and follow to reach more people, but it also does not guarantee the success of the campaign.



This index describes the similarity and connection between Influencer’s positioning and brand image. This index is shown through the following factors:

  • Personal brand: Lifestyle, the concept of life is shown on the personal page
  • Demographics: Age, gender, age, marital status, field of activity
  • The content of the article on the personal page: Topic that they are interested in, style, words that learn to use
  • Audience Audience: Personal brand, demographics, topics that fans or followers are interested in

Many brand ambassadors when you mention the name will immediately remember the product that they represent. Conversely, when it comes to products, immediately remember the ambassador. npm, new plus media, np media, npm. newplusmedia


This Influencer rating refers to the level of audience engagement with the type of article content that Influencer creates. Depending on the content, the Influences that content interaction will vary. Resonance determines the audience’s engagement with a given message and makes them actively share that message on their personal pages.

SENTIMENT – FEELING INDICATOR – the final Influencer rating

This factor is extremely important that you should keep in mind. Influencers bring negative or positive feelings for the target community to affection for the brand. npm

An example showing the importance of the emotional index is that Scandal Ho Ngoc Ha is the third person who is strongly boycotted by the online community, the association of mothers with milk, the consumer products that this singer represents. npm

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