Badminton League MOD APK Download

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 I used to be a great fan of Badminton when I was a child, but after some time I stopped playing badminton. I don’t know why but I still enjoy playing this sport and whenever I get time I go to court and start playing with children playing there. However, I don’t get much time, therefore, I downloaded the wonderful game on my Android phone that is Badminton League MOD APK.

This game makes you feel like you’re playing the game in real, graphics are simple but 3D and awesome sound. If you’re looking for any badminton game then this one is probably the best badminton game for Android device. The game crossed 10 million downloads over Google Play store.

The game is also getting really good reviews and ratings in the play store, and people want to get its modified version.


The main reason why I am talking about this game is just that our team has successfully modified this game and you can simply download it from our site and play it. You’ll get unlimited money and coins in with Badminton League MOD APK and many other features.

Today, I’ll give you a direct download link to Badminton League MOD APK + Normal APK(Original APK is for those who don’t like any kind of mods or something and want to play the game in a genuine way). But make sure you don’t forget to read the installation details given below the post.

Badminton League 3.99.5009.1 MOD APK Unlimited Money

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Download Badminton League 3.99.5009.1 MOD APK


Download Badminton League Original APK


Badminton League MOD APK Overview

Badminton League is developed and published by RedFish Games Android Gaming Company. There are different modes in the game 1v1, team matches, even play offline or online. Different leagues to compete and if you win the league you’ll grow further in the game.

Features of Badminton League


  • Multiple Modes: There are many different Modes in the game available for you to choose, you can choose whichever you like as there are 1vs1, 2v2 and other multiplayer options to play, play as the fan in local.
  • Own Characters: You can also create your own character in the game, which can play in the match, grow your character and upgrade it to new levels.
  • Simple Controls: The controls of the game is really easy to understand but difficult to master. Learn the controls and be Pro in the game.
  • UI Design: Simple and elegant design of UI of the Badminton League MOD APK for Mobile device.
  • Graphics: You’ll not get disappointed in terms of graphics, sound, and animations. As your player will do awesome stunts and realistic shuttlecock hitting animation makes feel like real.
  • Outfits: You can customize your player with different outfits and make them more awesome.

Multiplayer MODE Badminton League MOD APK

Badminton League consists of many different game modes, as there are Offline modes, online modes in the different courts of the world. You can create your own character with their own different characteristics and upgrade your abilities by making your character do exercise.

Badminton League 3D APK Download

Controls of the are simple and easy to understand, this will let you enjoy the game most. While playing this game you’ll experience some awesome graphics style and animations which will make you feel like as you’re playing in the real world. Grow your characters by upgrading them with colorful outfits, accessories, racquets and other things.

Play in Teams

What I like the most is that you can play this game with your friends, all you need is a good Wifi Lan connection and then simply play in single or multiplayer option with friends in 2vs2 Mode. Turn on your Hotspot and tell your friend to join your hotspot with Wifi, and then open 1vs1 game offline mode.

Both of you have to spend coins in order to give some bet and then see who’s the best among both of you. This feature is something most popular in this game, and most people download badminton league mod apk only because of this feature only. And whoever wins the match will get all the money which is bet by both players.

How to Install?

In order to get benefits of Modded version of the game you need to follow these steps carefully:

  1. If you have ever played the game before then uninstall it
  2. Now, Download Badminton League MOD APK from the link above
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” option from settings>security
  4. Install the game on your Mobile device
  5. If it asks for any other permission allow it
  6. Open the game and Enjoy

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