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 Ultimate Teen Patti MOD APK: Since childhood, we all were playing cards, a typical playing card deck consisting of 52 cards in it. With these 52 cards we cal play a lot different games. In India, there are many different games which people play but one of the most popular game with these 52 cards is Teen Patti.

I used to play Teen Patti a lot with my friends and believe me, teen, Patti is the best game among all different games which we used to play with cards. So, it becomes difficult to play Teen Patti these days as all of my friends are busy with their lives and we don’t get time to sit together. But hey, we get time to play together, how?

We can’t sit together but we can play, Me and my friends are playing Teen Patti on our Android phones with sitting at home. It is really easy to play Teen Patti, all you need it Ultimate Teen Patti MOD APK which you can simply download from our site Fast MOD APK. There are many different Teen Patti games available for Android but this one is probably the best among all.


Well, You can download this game on your Android device for free but You won’t be getting features like Unlimited Coins, Gifts, Chips, Gold and more. There are only 3 ways to get them, one is to work hard and play the game to earn it, another is to buy them if you have real money, and last is to Download Ultimate Teen Patti MOD APK.

Today, I’ll give you a direct download link to Ultimate Teen Patti MOD APK + Normal APK(this if for those who don’t like any kind of mods or something and they want to play the game in a genuine way). All right, I don’t fall in that category, however, whichever APK you choose don’t forget to read how to install that from below.

Ultimate Teen Patti 38.8.8 MOD APK Unlimited Coins/Gifts/Chips/Gold

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Download Ultimate Teen Patti 38.8.8 MOD APK[Latest Version]


Ultimate Teen Patti MOD APK Overview

Ultimate Teen Patti has got many downloads on the Google Play Store, probably the best in the Casino games category. UTP MOD APK is published and developed by Ultimate-Games and you will be loving the game style and features of the game.

Features of Ultimate Teen Patti MOD APK

MOD + APK of Ultimate teen patti

  • Bet Bigger, Earn Bigger: If you’re talking about which Teen Patti game is most popular among all then Ulitmate Teen Patti is most used game from all around the world. More you bet, the more you win the price in the game.
  • How to Play: Well, if you Install Ultimate Teen Patti MOD APK then you’ll get unlimited chips but if you install normal APK then you’ll get limited 3,00,000 Chips, with these chips you can begin your Poker career in the game.
  • If you run out of chips then don’t worry, buy it or what you can do is wait for 4 hours then open the game again, you will see that your chips have increased. And hey, you can play this game in your native language, Hindi too.
  • Play with Friends: You can play with Friends or with People from all around the world. In order to play with Friend, you have to create a Private table, don’t worry if you have Ultimate Teen Patti MOD APK.
  • If you want to play with people all around the world then you need to use a public table. You can also play get additional rewards from lucky draw games.
  • Simple to use and Easy to Understand: Ultimate Teen Patti is simple to understand. You don’t need to become pro gamers to play this game, all you need is Rules of Teen Patti. If you’re playing with people online then you don’t even need good Network. Not even Wifi.

Different Game Modes

Gameplay image

In Ultimate Teen Patti MOD APK, you will get different teen Patti game modes to play, you can choose your favorite one:

  • Classic Teen Patti Mode: Here you have lower Boot tables. This mode is easy to play and simple to understand.
  • No-Limit Teen Patti: Here you will get your own selected Boot and bet accordingly. You can even purchase higher or lower.
  • Tournaments: Here you will get to compete with different people across the world and if you win the tournament you’ll get amazing rewards.
  • Variations: Ultimate Teen Patti Offer Variation mode where you’ll get jokers, 2x or 20x boot, Hukums and more.

Ultimate Everything Features

  • Unlimited Gold/Coins
  • Unlimited Chips/Gifts
  • No Need to Root Device or something stupid
  • 100% Free to Download and Play
  • Safe to use
  • Auto-Sync to your Id
  • Latest Version
  • Auto-Update

Rules of Teen Patti

If you know the rules of the game then great if you don’t then you must read this.  There are 2 ways to bet a chip on card hands one is Blind Bet or one is chaal. And at the last, a person who will have more hands will win the game. He will get all the chips of opponent player.

This is How cards are Ranked:

  1. Same Rank: Trail, Trio and Three of a Kind will have the same Rank
  2. Pure Run, Direct Flush, Pure Sequence: Three running cards which belong to same suit
  3. Normal Run, Straight, Sequence: Which don’t belong to the same suit
  4. Color/Flush: 3 Cards which are not running but they are of same suit
  5. Pair/Two of same Kind: Those two cards which have similar Rank
  6. High Card: Those 3 cards which are not same at all

How to Install the game?

  1. First, You need to Uninstall the previous version of the game if you have
  2. Then Download the UTP – Ultimate Teen Patti MOD APK from the link above
  3. Now, Install  the game on your Mobile device
  4. Make sure you enabled “Unknown Sources” option from Settings>Security
  5. Open the game and Enjoy

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