Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK 1.1.6 Download

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 If you are a great lover of Arcade fun games then today is gonna be a good day for you. I am here with amazing arcade fun game and possibly the best arcade dragon game I have ever played that is Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK. I’ve played many dragon games before like dragon city mod apk but Nothing like this one.

Princes is waiting for her prince to rescue her with his dragons jumping and sliding through the hill to hill to rescue here beautiful princes. This is the second game of dragon hills series developed and published by Rebel twins. You gonna love this game after downloading.

The Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK is more polished and smooth than of previous versions and more I like is improved graphics. There will be many places to explore in the game like pirate themed islands, Arabian deserts, and snowy mountains.


Yes, Most people may think that game is free to play and install so why do we need to download hack mod apk of the game. In this matter, you’re wrong because many of in-game items need real buck from your pocket or time to get unlock. This is why there’s a thing called Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK which will give you unlimited coins so you can purchase anything you want.

In this article, I am gonna share you download link to Dragon hills 2 mod apk + normal apk(for those who don’t like mod apks of the games). And Importantly installation details which you must follow so you don’t complain later that hack mod version is not running on my Android device.

Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK v1.1.6 Unlimited Coins and Money

Download Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK


Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK Overview

In this version of the Dragon Hills, the princess stuck in the latest advanced metropolis scape troubled with a zombie apocalypse. Instead of a revenge-fueled onslaught, You will be after McGuffin which will allow you to do time travel and try to stop zombie apocalypse before it gets worse.

And for any reason, Princes has a dragon mech, due to the fact she simply does, and as rather than wielding your sword every time, you will grab gun weapon pickups on the warzones as you gonna unlock them. Let’s have look on some of the great features of this game.

Features of Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK

  • Slide down the hills for jumping into and out of the ground. Play the Dragon Hills 2 with crashing and destroying everything to your way in this awesome action arcade game.
  • Explore the awesome thrilling and magical lands consisting of thousands of zombies, giants, dragons, in addition to lot new surprises.
  • Super fun, fast-paced and furious realistic gameplay.
  • Many new and awesome places to discover consisting (buildings, bridges, automobiles and more).
  • Powerful boss battles, More than 28 towers to play and Up to 5 completely exclusive and interesting worlds to discover.
  • Upgradeable and customizable weapons, dragons and explosive energy-ups are free to unlocking in Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK.
  • However, the Dragon Hills 2 Hack is easy to learn but difficult to master, intuitive one-touch controls blended with modern gameplay
  • There are Achievements and leaderboards stars to see who’s the best among your friends.
  • Everything is elevated on Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK. The enhancements and graphics feel greater unique and thought out.
  • Each gun in the Dragon Hills 2 have a different way, you can improve dragons with more base dragon state, like digging velocity, and the super forms of dragons are all awesome, while in the first version of the Dragon hills they have been in the main interchangeable save for basic differences.
  • These consist of a sky dragon that enhances via the air, panther kind mech that simply runs down the entirety on the surface, and an outright Mecha-Godzilla kaiju mech complete up on fireplace energy.
  • The Energy-ups are extra thrilling too. Instead of the freeze blast like in the first game, you got bubble typhoon which will trap your all enemies in harmless bubbles.
  • Rather than 1 fast blast of comets, you will turn into an incredible flying bit of power and speak to focused lightning down on whatever you want a pair dozen times.
  • Plus, there will be a dragon tsunami, which summons a couple of dragons for added destruction and series houses.

Graphics and Sounds

When you begin the Dragon hills 2 you will be very weak, almost frustratingly so, even though it’s short. There was be an arc of energy at the first game, but it wasn’t as huge so capped out sooner. The kind of improvements make a huge difference, mainly powers and amazing mech forms, so it’s would be worth saving as much as unlocking those extraordinarily early.

One main difference in Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK which I observed immediately coming off the heels of replaying the primary is that now when you gonna run right into a wall or steep incline or building, you’ll soon start digging thru it and ascending, whereas in first game your momentum might be beaten.

If we talk about momentum, there has been not anything worse inside the first game than having a terrific run going decked out with pickups And low harm only to be immediately killed by way of barely grazing a lava pit.

How to Install Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK

  1. Download the Hack mod apk of dragon hills 2 from the link above
  2. or you can also download normal apk from the link
  3. Install the Apk on your Android device
  4. Enable “Unknown Sources” Option from the settings>security
  5. Allow any permissions if asks
  6. Open the game and Enjoy

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