How to change the Apple ID account password for iPhone, iPad

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 In recent times, there have appeared many cases of losing Apple ID account, making iPhone, iPad device locked or worse, it becomes the true "Brick". The main reason is that users do not have knowledge of the importance of iCloud and ask someone to create their own Apple ID account.

Therefore, if you are in this situation and need to make changes to your Apple ID account information , the following article will be helpful to you. Changing your Apple ID account information will impact other Apple services if you are using such as iCloud, iTunes, ...

Cause change Apple ID password

When you first buy a device from the store, or an old laptop, you should check if the device has iCloud or not  and at the same time make changes to your Apple ID account.

Apple products are essentially more complex than Android, and the technologies that are equipped are better than Android. Therefore, about the security mechanism it will help your device be safer against risks and vice versa. If you lose your Apple ID account, you will probably be in big trouble.

Example: You let someone else register your Apple ID at the store and risk changing your Apple ID account email and password and rendering your device useless.

Apple recommends that users change passwords regularly and use passwords that are highly secure - including numbers, lower case letters, upper case letters and special characters like {} @ # $% ...

How to quickly change an Apple ID password

Implementing change Apple ID password is quite simple with a few steps from the official website that Apple provides.

Step 1: Access the following Web address using Chrome, Firefox or Safari:

Step 2: Select the button Manager your Apple ID and proceed to sign in to the Apple ID account that you currently own, including Email and Password.

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Step 3: At the website interface after successful login, choose Password and Security . And continue to select the line Change Password to make changes to the old password

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Step 4: At the Change your password interface, enter the old password in the first box and the new password in the last 2 boxes. Then, click the Change Password button to make the change.

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You will immediately receive a message: Your changes have been saved.

Now, you have successfully changed your Apple ID password . And you'll be asked to enter the new password changed on devices where you used the old Apple ID password.

In addition, you can also change Email, Security question in the sections on the left. And you can also see more frequently asked questions about Apple ID accounts from the official Apple website via the link here.

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So you already know how to change your Apple ID account password through this tutorial, hope this article will help you to get back your Apple password and if you have questions or Any other related comments, do not forget to leave your comments in the section below.

Good luck!

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