How to Install iOS 13 by CMD on Windows

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 Currently, iOS version 13 has no official version and no iOS 13 public beta. Only iOS 13 beta dev (developer) version is available. The installation method will not be as simple as before. On MacOS, you must install Xcode 11 beta to install iOS 13 for iPhone. On Windows you have to use CMD.

How to remove iOS 13 for iPhone

How to remove iOS 13 for iPhone

Most likely not everyone has a Macbook, iMac to install. Furthermore, Xcode 11 beta requires 2013 or newer models to be updated. So today I will guide you how to install iOS 13 through CMD on Windows.


- Exit current directory: cd .. \

- Go to directory: cd "directory name"

- Perform the restore ios command:  idevicerestore -d "firmware name" .ipsw


Before going into the steps to install iOS 13 for iPhone using CMD on WindowsYou need to prepare a few things necessary to make sure the installation is complete. 

First and foremost not to be missed is that the computer must have a network connection. If stable as possible (LAN).

The computer needs to have Apple Computer Driver installed. The Driver will be available in the iTunes and 3uTools installers. You see how to install driver Apple Computer HERE .

Then download the iOS 13 compatible firmware for your model. The download link for you is HERE .

Download the iOS restore command file support toolkit via CMD. Go to  libimobile2019 home page  > select  Clone or Download  >  Download ZIP  to download all libraries. Extract to the Desktop for easy find and management.




This approach works for computers running Windows 7, 8, 10 32-bit and 64-bit.

Please note Backup all data before installing iOS 13 offline. In case of unforeseen errors.

Step 1: Open CMD as Administrator

You press the button "Windows" and type "cmd" search. Right click and then select open as administrator "Run as administrator"

Open cmd with administrator

Step 2: Put iPhone into recovery mode (Recovery Mode).

There will be a different way for each iPhone to access recovery. So I have put it all into one article for you to easily find. You see this article: Synthesize the ways to enter recovery mode for iPhone

Step 3: Copy the iOS 13 firmware to the folder .. \ .. \ libimobile2019 \

The folder contains the command files that support to restore iOS earlier you downloaded. I have noticed you unzip it on the desktop. Now, please copy the iOS 13 firmware to be installed to this folder.

copy firmware to libimobile2019

Step 4: Use CMD to access libimobile2019 folder

Since the scripts to restore iOS are located in the libimobile2019 directory, you need to move the cmd permission to this directory. You follow the steps below.

Go to the root directory: cd C: \

Move to libimobile2019 folder: cd C: \ Users \ LETY \ Desktop \ libimobile2019-master \ libimobile2019-master

Move to the final exam folder

Step 5: Install iOS 13

Execute the command  idevicerestore -d <ipsw file name>

If you go through the previous steps correctly, the restore will do the rest automatically. Wait also quite a long time, about 20 minutes (depending on the speed of the computer). When the result is completed, it will appear as shown below.

Restore firmware finish by cmd

Step 6: Wait for the device to restart.

Good luck!

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