Instructions How to Jailbreak iPhone XS Max Xr iOS 12.3.1 12.4

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Jailbreak is not as popular as it used to be, though. But those who love tweaks remain. Therefore, the programmers are always looking for ways to jailbreak to make their iPhone even more functional.

Jailbreak iPhone XS Max

Jailbreak iPhone XS Max

Recently, some programmers have successfully developed jailbreak tools iOS 12.3.1 and 12.4. The tool is called unc0ver. And here, I will guide how to use unc0ver to jailbreak iPhone XS Max iOS 12 - 12.3.1 - 12.4.


From 12/2018 the Cydia app market officially stopped providing in-app purchases. The Cydia Store's father, Saurik, said:

“I actually wanted to completely shut down Cydia by the end of the year, but rescheduled it for the weekend. This service cost me money and it was not a passion for me to keep it going ”

From now on, jailbroken iPhone users using the Cydia app store will no longer be supported for in-app transactions. But users can still download free tweaks and apps on the Store. Or can be purchased on the developer websites.

However, I think it will not be a problem for brothers who like to "stray".


Step 1:  Open the link  using Safari and install this tool for your iPhone. Settings> Allow according to configuration profile> Accept Settings.

Step 2: Install Unc0ver 3.5

At the beginning, you just installed one tweak to support installing Jailbreak tools. So the above tool has absolutely no effect on the machine at all. From there you will perform the following actions to install the Unc0ver Jailbreak tool.

Open TweakBox App> go to Apps page> select Tweakbox Apps and enter unc0ver keyword. 

After the results show up in the search page, you  nhấn vào biểu tượng nút unc0ver Jailbreak >  Cài đặt and wait a few seconds for the app to be added to the home screen.

Once installed, you need to do one more step to jb iOS 12.4.

Loi cannot be unc0ver 3.5

Loi cannot be unc0ver 3.5

You go to the “ Cài đặt > Cài đặt chung > Quản lý cấu hình & thiết bị > Chọn ứng dụng doanh nghiệp > Chọn tin cậy Zhuhai Hengqin Bright Scholar Management ..."After this meal, you can use Unc0ver 3.5 to Jailbreak iOS 12.4.

Step 3:  Jailbreak

You should delete the iOS update that has been automatically downloaded before doing so. This makes the jailbreak process less error prone. To delete the OTA file, go to “ Cài đặt > Cài đặt chung > Dung lượng iPhone > Tìm phiên bản iOS đã được tải về máy và xóa đi". Now, Jailbreak only, it's quite simple.

Launch the unc0ver application> press the Jailbreak button> wait for the unlocking process to complete  (maybe when the jailbreak will automatically reboot, you just need to restart the tool and continue pressing the jailbreak until the jailbreak is successful. ) .

So I have guided Jailbreak iPhone XS Max XR iOS 12.3.1 - iOS 12.4 finished. This tool not only gets the iPhone Xr XS Max JB, but also supports all iPhone iPads running iOS 12-12.4. Ie models like iPhone 5s iPhone 6 6s Plus… iPad mini 2 iPad Air… as long as it's on iOS 12 - 12.4 is fine. Good luck!


  • Some repos may not work with Cydia / APT due to a code error on iOS 12
  • After jailbreak do not update to new iOS version via OTA
  • When you open Cydia if you are stuck with the message  "Extracting Cydia ..."  you just need to reboot your device and perform the jailbreak again.

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