Magsafe, AppButton, Crystal and some of the more prominent recent tweaks

 It seems like jailbreak tweaks lately are appearing slower than usual. This also usually happens every time a major iOS / iPasOS version is updated.

In this article we will go through some recently released tweaks for you to choose and use.

The most prominent tweaks

Magsafe - MTAG Repo


If you keep track of what's new in Apple's newly launched iPhone 12 , you'll probably remember they feature the Magsafe charging model used in the Macbook. Equipped with Magsafe also night comes for the new iPhone charging indicator, like the image above.

Tweak Magsafe gives you a way to display this new charging device on old devices.

If you want to try Magsafe you can download it from MTAC source ( )

AppButton - Miro92


AppButton is a newly released tweak that converts recently used apps to a novel look and uses touch and drag gestures.

As described above, you can hold and drag to switch apps, tweaks also come with a lot of customization for you to install.

If you are interested in AppButton, they can download it from Miro92 source ( ) for free.

Crystal - Packix


Crystal is a newly released tweak that automatically switches between noise canceling and normal mode when you use Airpod Pro at the volume level you have set.

Basically, when you turn down the headphone volume, you think you're trying to listen to outside sounds and Crystal automatically turns off noise canceling for you to hear better. This is a pretty smart gesture that we won't have by default.

If you want to try out Crystal, you can download it for free from Packix's source.

Other recently released tweaks

App Library Controller - Bigboss

Allow iOS 14 users to customize the look of their App Library

BattSafe - udev

Select the battery percentage at which your handset stops charging. By default charging will turn off when the device is 100% full but this tweak will help you customize that (source udev: )

Color-3DTouch - Bigboss

Allows users to change the color of 3D Touch / Haptic Touch menus on the Home screen

EasyAirplaneDisabler - anthopak's repo

Add a button directly to the Airplane Mode shortcut reminder to conveniently enable mobile data (Anthopak's repo: )

EditSettings - Bigboss 

Edit different text strings in the Settings app

FullFaceIDButton - fakefakedev

Open the passcode entry screen by tapping anywhere instead of the Face ID label (source Fakefakedev: )

NoEditPages - Bigboss

Turn off page editing in iOS 14

NowPlayingIndicator - Packix

Displays an icon on the Status Bar whenever there is music playing in the background

TextTime - Lightmann

Show Lock Screen time as text instead of numbers (source Lightmann: )

ToldYou - Bigboss

Show custom messages, pictures, or ask siri to say something when wrongly writing your iPhone passcode


The new week starts again and TTJB still provides general tweaks every week, please remember to watch it.