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Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting in Indonesia

As a blogger, things that often become casual chats between me and friends are about hosting and domains. You know that uses a free service, namely Blogspot, but how come you're still talking about hosting? You see, I don't just manage one website. There are still several other websites that act as money sites and mostly use WordPress. So it's clear that I still need hosting.

Most of the chat was about price, server quality, capacity offered, and most importantly for me is the service from Customer Service. Honestly, I like lazy when I find hosting with less friendly CS and answer questions as simple as possible. After discussing here and there, I finally found a name that caught my attention. So called because it turns out that he is still young but already able to compete with other best hosting service providers in Indonesia. I also just found out that this hosting provider provides backlink services. Incidentally, you can order hosting, domain, and SEO optimization from the same place, so it's not complicated. His name is DewaBiz.

What is DewaBiz Hosting?

Maybe this name is familiar to some people's ears. Especially if you have been in the internet for a long time, of course you have got to know a lot of hosting providers. Including one of them DewaBiz Hosting.

Established in 2016, DewaBiz is a trusted Indonesian web hosting provider. Although it is relatively new, DewaBiz is quite attractive, especially by website owners who entrust hosting there. It is because the service provided is very good, so that in a short time there are many loyal customers.

Why Choose DewaBiz?

DewaBiz provides complete and varied products according to general user needs such as domain, hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, Colocation Server, SSL and others at low prices and the best quality.

Dewabiz is very credible and professional, the service and support is very good. The servers at DewaBiz are very stable, so there is rarely a down on the website. And most importantly, there are lots of promos in every period so that we can get cheap hosting that is still of high quality.

One of the attractive promos that are the target of users is the very cheap ulimited hosting package. Imagine, for the starter package (Starter Pro) only 9,900 Rupiah per month! The specifications and facilities obtained are still qualified, you know. For example, free disk space, large enough RAM capacity, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, unlimited databases, and many more.

It's not enough, DewaBiz hosting packages are also rich in features. Some of them include Litespeed Enterprise, Ddos & Malware Protection (Imunify360), Cloudlinux OS, Spamexpert Protection and many more that cannot be mentioned one by one.

The following are the cheap unlimited hosting packages offered by DewaBiz, namely:

  1. Starter Pro (Rp. 9,900 / mo)
  2. Marketer Pro
  3. Business Pro
  4. Enterprise Pro

DewaBiz SEO services

What's interesting about DewaBiz is this SEO service. A variety of products that are rarely found in other hosting services. In order for the website to be able to compete on page one of Google's search results (page one), it must be optimized in terms of SEO. One way that is often done is by planting backlinks.

Cheap PBN Backlink SEO Services with Quality

Of course this is not easy because you have to choose quality backlinks. If wrong, it will actually damage the position of the website in search engines. That's why DewaBiz presents a new service in the form of backlink services to help bloggers maximize SEO optimization.

One of the features of using backlink SEO services at Dewabiz compared to other service providers is the presence of PBNs that are very high quality and have high authority from well-known big websites such as CNN, Nytimes, BBC, Huffingtonpost, Washingtonpost, Web EDU, Wikipedia, etc. Really cool, right? No need to doubt about the quality.

The packages offered vary widely, from economical to complete packages. Customers can adjust their budget and needs.

  1. SUPER Package 1 (5 SuperPBN Backlink)
  2. SUPER Package 2 (10 SuperPBN Backlinks)
  3. SUPER 3 Package (15 SuperPBN Backlinks)
  4. SUPER 4 Package (20 SuperPBN Backlinks)
  5. SUPER 5 Package (40 SuperPBN Backlink)
  6. CUSTOM PBN package

So, among the complete range of DewaBiz products above, which one is interesting for you to try? Cheap hosting packages, cheap domains, VPS, or cheap quality backlink services? Can be adjusted according to individual needs.