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The Secret to Overcoming Limited AdSense Ads Quickly

 It's not a secret that we have to hide. As a blogger, being able to display AdSense ads on a blog is a matter of pride as a tool to raise enthusiasm in writing. 

Being able to display AdSense ads on blogs is the main goal of many Indonesian bloggers, including world bloggers. From the AdSense ads that we display on the blog, it can be a rupiah coffers that we will receive every day. Moreover, AdSense CPC is increasing drastically, this is certainly a new spirit in writing and bringing visitors to the blog. 

Then what if the ads we can display are limited by AdSense

Stay calm and relaxed. Face the limitation of AdSense ads by enjoying and positive thinking. 
There are various ways we can do to remove restrictions on AdSense ads on blogs. Tips and tricks for removing AdSense ad restrictions that are limited by AdSense

What causes AdSense ads to be restricted?

Common reasons for limiting AdSense ads are: 

  • Invalid Traffic
Invalid traffic or invalid traffic is one of the things we often encounter in playing Google AdSense. Invalid traffic is caused by the traffic source of our blog which is rated poorly because the traffic source on the blog is not an organic traffic source (Google organic traffic). Invalid traffic can be a disaster if it continues to be ignored, the hardest thing when exposed to restrictions on ad types of invalid traffic is AdSense account is permanently banned and your blog is no longer able to display AdSense ads

Adsense accounts that are subject to ad restrictions with invalid traffic types, including; 

  1. Deliberately Click Your Own Ads
Clicking on AdSense ads on your own blog is prohibited. This can lead to ad restrictions until the AdSense account is permanently banned.

      2. Visitor clicks on Ads Repeatedly

Visitors who deliberately click on repeated ads can be the first to be exposed to AdSense ad restrictions. Usually this happens because there is competition in the world of blogging. So that your competitors click booms on the ads on your blog which can cause AdSense ads to be restricted. 

        3. Using Floating Ads Script and Ad Click Tools

In recent months, the blogger world has been enlivened by the presence of floating ads scripts. Even though the floating ads script existed several years ago, it was only in the last months that it became a hot topic of conversation. 

The thing to watch out for when placing floating AdSense ads is the size of the ad type. 
If you deliberately place floating AdSense ads with full display size, then the AdSense ad restrictions are ready to nest on your blog. 

If you don't want to know about how to place safe floating ads so you don't get hit by ad restrictions, please read here

  • Account being rated
For ad restriction issues with the type of account issue being rated, this usually occurs or is caused by a very drastic traffic spike. So that Google is analyzing the source of your blog's traffic, whether purely from Google search or traffic sources from other sources. Example ; Using Tools, Spam Links and so on. 

The Secret to Overcoming Limited AdSense Ads Quickly

To be able to get rid of AdSense ad restrictions quickly, there are a number of steps that you must understand and do so that the ad restrictions are quickly resolved and display ads again on your blog. 

How to Overcome AdSense Ad Restrictions

1. Increase Google Organic Traffic

By increasing the number of blog traffic sources that come from google (search google), the ad restrictions on the blog will quickly be released and return to normal in serving AdSense ads. 

2. Uninstall ad code in templates and widgets

The recommendation for being able to remove AdSense ad restrictions is to remove all ad code in templates and widgets. In addition to accelerating the release of AdSense ad restrictions, removing all AdSense ad code on templates and blogs aims to make visitors to our blog comfortable. Because if the ad code is not removed, then the blank display on your blog site will greatly disturb the comfort of blog visitors. 

3. Change Template (not recommended)

Changing the template that is subject to AdSense ad restrictions can be an alternative to removing all advertising restrictions on the blog. I did this and the result was less than 3 days of advertising restrictions on freelance blogs. 
But I don't recommend this method for you. But if you want to try, the first step is to back up the template before replacing it with a new template. 

4. Associate an AdSense Account with Google Analytic

By linking an AdSense account with Google Analytics, Google will know and track all traffic sources on the blog. It is highly recommended to speed up the removal of restrictions on AdSense ads on blogs. 

5. Unique and Quality Article Updates

Always updating articles on the blog can be a pillar for releasing restricted AdSense ads. Update the article at least once a day so that it gets lots of unique visitors and the restrictions on AdSense ads will come off quickly. 

6. Be patient for a while

If you have done all of the ways to deal with restricted AdSense ads but the results are still subject to advertising restrictions, then we are required to be patient and always be enthusiastic in making the next quality article. 


The conclusion that we can get from a number of ways to overcome the restricted AdSense ads above is to be careful when playing Google AdSense. Keep up the spirit and don't give up

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