Tips on how to find high paying AdSense keywords (HPK) 2020-2021

 The average income of novice bloggers always relies on AdSense, right? Therefore, beginner bloggers like me are required to be able to do keyword research that has the highest CPC value.

Because doing keyword research is not easy, let alone determine the search volume, difficulty, competitors and CPC value. 

Most beginner bloggers like me have a hard time doing the above, especially with free keyword research tools. 

What is high paying keyword (HPK) ?? 

High paying keywords or abbreviations commonly referred to in the world of HPK blogging are keywords with high value as the basis for billing ads networking parties such as Google AdSense to advertisers who advertise with the PPC (Pay Per Click) system.

The benefits of high paying keywords 

The benefit of doing high paying keyword research (HPK) is that it aims to increase google AdSense revenue from every ad that visitors click on the ads we display on the blog.

List of Indonesia's high paying keywords (HPK) ??

 Here I will list Indonesia's high paying keywords (HPK). 

  • classified ad website creation services (Rp. 158,782)
  • plasa hosting (Rp. 266,918)
  • software to access the internet (Rp 224,694)
  • server computer specifications (Rp. 79.252)
  • collection of computer software (Rp. 67,535)
  • hosting and domain (IDR 66,203)
  • definition of insurance claim (Rp. 59,836)
  • Indonesian webhost (IDR 56,984)
  • Islamic insurance (IDR 50,020)
  • dedicated server Indonesia (Rp. 47,064)
  • understanding of insurance premiums (Rp. 44,595)
  • Indonesian Atlas (Rp. 39,936)
  • understanding of sharia insurance (Rp. 39,689)
  • the best web hosting in Indonesia (Rp. 39,052)
  • financial companies in Indonesia (IDR 37,576)
  • web hosting (Rp. 36,742)
  • list of the best insurance in Indonesia (Rp. 36,522)
  • download the latest pc software (Rp. 36,006)
  • Indonesia's best web hosting (IDR 35,697) . Indonesia's best web hosting (IDR 35,697)
  • paper on health insurance (IDR 35,646)
  • insurance papers (IDR 35,616)
  • cloud hosting Indonesia (Rp.34,811)
  • school health business (IDR 34,471)
  • Atahiriyah Islamic University (IDR 34,404)
  • traveling in Indonesia (IDR 34,085)
  • example of a simple business plan (IDR 33,749)
  • list of insurance companies in Indonesia (IDR 33,213)
  • Batam International University (IDR 32,460)
  • best web hosting (IDR 32,420)
  • Indonesian cloud server (Rp. 31,800)
  • Indonesian file hosting (IDR 31,648)
  • cheap domain hosting (IDR 30,672)
  • insurance according to Islam (Rp.30,601)
  • total population of Indonesia (IDR 30,405)
  • Pancasila University tuition fee (IDR 29,656)
  • cheapest web hosting (IDR 29,133)
  • free web hosting (Rp. 27,932)
  • manulife indonesia (Rp. 27,119)
  • PT Adira Dynamics Insurance (Rp 27,042)
  • Indonesian travel (IDR 26,914)
  • cheap domain (IDR 26,071)
  • Allianz Indonesia (IDR 25,959)
  • web hosting price (IDR 25,693)
  • Indonesian education university (IDR 25,253)
  • how to create a vpn server (Rp. 25.238)
  • university ranking in Indonesia (IDR 25,113)
  • php web hosting support (Rp. 24,354)
  • Indonesian Host (IDR 23,674)
  • cheapest domain (IDR 23,599)
  • Trisakti University Tuition Fee (IDR 23,587)
  • website hosting price (IDR 23,038)
  • Indonesian travel guide (IDR 23.005)
  • domain hosting (IDR 22,763)
  • Indonesian website builder (IDR 22,492)
  • Indonesian university major (IDR 22,323)
  • domain and hosting (IDR 22,321)
  • Indonesian web hosting (IDR 22,003)
  • Indonesia travel (IDR 20,542)
  • financial statements of go public companies (Rp 19,845)
  • list of universities in Indonesia (IDR 19,786)
  • domain and hosting is (IDR 19,751)
  • list of the best insurance (Rp 19,574)
  • Indonesia country code (IDR 19,335)
  • understanding of insurance law (Rp. 19,040)
  • Nusantara Multimedia University (IDR 18,750)
  • buy Indonesian domain (IDR 18,211)
  • Indonesian VPS (IDR 17,346)
  • travel insurance to Europe (IDR 17,256)
  • Complete map of Indonesia (IDR 17,079)

How to Find the Highest Indonesian High Paying Keyword (HPK)

1. The first step that you should take to find high paying keywords is by visiting the website 

2. Select Tools> Keyword Research> Keyword Research Tools

3. Copy the list of the highest Indonesian high paying keywords according to the blog niche. 

4. Paste in the Spyfu keyword research tools then click enter. 

5. After clicking enter, all will be visible. Start from Search volume> Paid Click> Difficulty> CPC

Tips for Choosing High Paying Keyword Indonesia

 If we pay attention to search volume, paid clicks, difficulty and CPC. so don't focus on high CPC values, but also pay attention to paid clicks, search volume and difficulties. 

- Search Volume is the search value calculated on a monthly basis based on google organic search.

- Paid Kik is the potential value of a click on a keyword that appears in a google search. 

- Difficulty is the difficulty level of SEO that must be mastered in order to be able to optimize while on the Google search engine. 

Before searching for and finding high paying keywords in Indonesia, it would be better if we measure how strong our ability to SEO is. If you feel that you have not mastered the difficulty value on difficulty, then you should look for a lower difficulty value so that page one is easy and your AdSense income will increase.

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