How To Install .Ipa App On IPhone / IPad Without Jailbreak

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 The installation of the .ipa app outside the Appstore on the iPhone, iPad is always blocked by the Apple manufacturer, and in order to do that, your device must be jailbroken (unlocked). Today's article would like to guide you to install .ipa apps on iPhone, iPad without Jailbreak, install games freely, apps at ease. Very simple!

How to install .ipa app on iPhone / iPad 


installation of the .ipa app

What is .IPA?

.IPA is an application store file of the iOS operating system, literally, application files or games with .ipa extension will be installed on the iphone / ipad. Normally, we want to install apps or games for iphone / ipad, we will go to the Appstore to download, the installation of applications, games outside the Appstore will be blocked. That means that we are limited by a very large number of good third-party applications, games. Therefore, today's webcuibap article would like to share with you how to install applications, games. via computer, no need to jailbreak the device, experience it freely.

How to install .ipa file on iPhone / iPad

Step 1: Download & extract the tool CYDIA IMPACTOR

Step 2 : Download the application files or game .ipa format for iPhone / iPad

Step 3 : Connect your iPhone / iPad to your computer via a USB connection (must install iTunes before for the computer to recognize the iPhone).

After connecting the phone will display a message as shown. Click  Trust  to continue.

Step 4 : On your computer, launch the extracted Cydia Impactor tool   above

Step 5 : Drag the downloaded .ipa application into the Cydia Impactor tool   as shown in the picture until the word Copy appears (Note: Only drag one application at a time).

Step 6 : After dragging the app, in the tool interface, a message will appear asking you to sign in with an Apple ID account (Note: Enter your secondary Apple ID account (ID is activated and valid) risk when entering primary Apple ID).

Step 7:  A warning panel appears informing you are ready to install the .ipa file on your phone. Click OK to install is done.

Fix Cydia Impactor installation error

  • By default, Apple ID free account will be limited by Apple can only be used for 7 days to install through Cydia Impactor, to use for 1 year you will have to spend $ 99/1 year.
  • However, the Cydia Impactor community around the world is very large, always updating the latest versions of Cydia to circumvent Apple's laws. The latest way to install unlimited apps, ipa games on iDevice No Jaibreak currently using webcuibap (and successfully) is as follows:

Step 1: Connect IDevice to your computer, open Cydia Impactor (make sure Cydia receives iDevice)

Step 2: Click on Xcode => Revoke Certificates => Enter your Apple ID and Pass on 7 days (let Cydia Impactor bypass Apple, reset this ID for continued use)

Step 3: Wait for a successful notification is OK. We can install the IPA file as usual in the instructions above

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