Instructions for managing and inserting Ads.txt on Blogger and WordPress

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 Advertising revenue is the blogger's main source of income. There are billions of website/blog owners living on ad revenue

Through different ad networks, advertising companies place and display their ads in different websites. But to protect publishers from ad fraud and increase ad revenue.txt files must be used in their blogs and websites to declare who is allowed to sell your inventory with ads. txt

If you want to manage, insert Ads.txt in Blogspot and WordPress site, in this tutorial we will explain the whole process through step by step guide.

What is Ads.txt?

The simple answer is that this is a text file containing information about different ad networks. And by using this ad.txt the file site owner authorizes the advertiser to display their ad on the publisher's site.

Why is ads.txt important?

AdSense users must use ads.txt because without this they would not be able to generate ad revenue.

What information is in the ads.txt file?

An Ads.txt file, will have the following information:

Instructions for managing and inserting Ads.txt on Blogger and WordPress
  • Domain name of the advertising system
    • For example, AdSense users like Google seller publishers must use as the advertiser domain.
  • Publisher ID
    • Each advertising agency provides a unique publisher ID with the ad code. Here we have to add publisher ID in ads.txt file.
    • For example, using AdSense will see a unique publisher ID with all ad scripts. It looks like pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Account Type
    • Under account types, we have to add a value to indicate the relationship
  • Certification Authority ID
    • This is an optional field, you can use it or not. This is also known as a Trusted Accountability Group (TAG). The TAG is used as an authority ID to identify the advertising system. For google seller account, TAG ID is f08c47fec0942fa0.

How to troubleshoot potentially faulty earnings in Adsense?

AdSense users may have seen a red warning banner at the top of the AdSense dashboard

watch ads

If you are not aware of this issue, just check your AdSense account now, because you will lose ad revenue until the problem is fixed.

How to insert ads.txt in Blogger?

If ads.txt is not inserted, AdSense publishers will see a warning message in their AdSense dashboard. And by inserting the promotional .txt code, we can solve this problem.

Once the AdSense Publisher ID is inserted, it will be verified or detected by the AdSense system and then within 24 hours a red banner with a warning message will be removed from your AdSense account.

To insert AdSense Publisher ID in Blogger via ads.txt

Step #1 : At the Adsense account admin page click fix now and download yourself 1 copy of ads.txt

other ads

Step #2 : Now login to your Blogger account. Go to Settings -> Monetization -> Enable Custom Ads.txt

other ads 1

Step #3 : Proceed to copy the newly downloaded ads.txt file into the custom Ads.txt as above

Step #4 : Once everything is done, proceed to check by going to (Replace your domain name)

How to insert ads.txt in WordPress?

WordPress users can easily create and manage ads.txt files using the plugin.

Step #1 : Go to Ads.txt Manager to download and install it on WordPress.

Step #2 : After activating the plugin in the WordPress dashboard, go to the Settings -> Ads.txt page to configure the plugin. You will see a plain text area to add the publisher ID by copying the download information from the Ads.txt file above.

Step #3 : After you have done the process then click Save button.

If you have followed my instructions properly then earning at-risk errors in AdSense will be resolved within 24 hours.

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