Create an Office365 admin account to get 5TB Ondrive and Microsoft Team for free

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 To help everyone overcome the nCovid 19 epidemic during a time when people and companies are in need of solutions to use online work tools. Today, please get Instructions for creating an Office365 admin account to receive Ondrive 5TB and Microsoft Team for free for 6 months, enough to overcome the epidemic.

When you create an admin account successfully, you will receive:
– OneDrive 5TB
– Office 365 online
– Microsoft Team
Free use for 6 months. That's enough to pass the translation, right?

Registration steps

+ You access the link Office 365 Education

+ Click on Get started for free

+ Enter registration information and select Next

+ Enter information to create User ID and click Create my account

+ Enter your real phone number, select Text me to receive the confirmation code

+ Check your phone and enter the confirmation code in the box below and click Next

+ Select Next You're ready to go…

+ Like That's it, after creating an Office365 admin account, you can use it.

Good luck with your registration. Please register and use as well as share for everyone for free.

Thank you for watching the article How to create an Office365 admin account to receive 5TB Ondrive and Microsoft Team for free for 6 months

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