Instructions for installing and configuring Rank Math SEO

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 In this article, I will guide you how to use and configure the latest version of Rank Math SEO fully and in detail, the configuration options can be applied to any website from blogs to Woocommerce.

For the best configuration, you should register for Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts in advance, in addition, you can register more Bing Webmaster Tools if you need to compare more data at the Bing search engine.



First you download the zip file, then upload it to the website, choose to install and activate the plugin, to download the plugin you go to:

guide to install rank math seo


After activating the plugin, it will automatically redirect you to the setup wizard, if the plugin does not automatically redirect, go to the plugin section and click the Setup Wizard button to proceed with the installation.

setup wizard on rank math seo

This setup has 3 modes, but you only need to care about the first 2 modes, the 3rd mode must use the pro version to be able to use it.

  • Easy: the plugin will automatically recognize and configure the whole thing from AZ, you don't need to do anything
  • Advanced: you will have to manually configure each step to suit the settings of the website, I recommend you choose this mode

After selecting Advanced setup plugin will take you to website configuration, analytics, sitemaps, follow the instructions, you can choose skip step if you don't know how to configure.

  • Health Blog is a : choose your website type
  • Logo for Google: upload your website logo to identify with Google search engine
  • Default Social Share Image: choose the default image when you share on social networks, this part you skip and do not fill in anything

In all these setup sections you can configure as you like or choose skip setup if you do not know the configuration, I will guide you to configure each plugin's requirements in detail later in the article.

return to dashboards option on rank math


In this dashboard there will be modules if you want to use any modules, then turn on that module, I have explained carefully the features of each module if you are lazy to read, you can turn on the same option as shown below. is to be

  • 404 Moniror: this feature allows monitoring of 404 urls, this option you choose to enable
  • ACF: compatible with content using Advanced Custom Fields, enable this option if you use ACF
  • AMP: compatible with content using AMP, enable if you use AMP
  • Analytics: connect to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts for the purpose of putting information right in the WordPress dashboard, enable this option
  • bbPress: compatible with content on bbPress
  • BuddyPress: compatible with BuddyPress content
  • Image SEO: automatically add alt and title tags to the image, you can flexibly enable or disable this option according to you, it should be turned off, about the alt and title tags you should add manually so it will be more natural
  • Instant Indexing: option to help index content immediately on Bing search engine, disable this option
  • Link Counter: count the total number of internal and external links on a page or post, enable this option
  • Local SEO & Knowledge Graph: supports SEO Google Maps and knowledge maps, can flexibly enable or disable this option according to needs
  • Redirections : manage redirect options, enable this option
  • Schema (Structured Data): allows automatic and manual creation of schemas based on data structures, enable this option
  • Role Manager: allows to customize and manage user objects on the website, turn off this option
  • SEO Analysis : overall seo analysis on the website, turn this option off
  • Sitemap : create a sitemap to help search engines easily crawl your website, please enable this option
  • Google Web Stories : allows creating stories right on WordPress
  • WooCommerce: automatically compatible with Woocommerce allows creating schemas, please enable this option
modules on rank math seo


To use the analytics section that requires you to connect to a Rank Math account, first visit the Rank Math website to register for an account, then select the Connect Your Rank Math Account section and then log in to your account. Rank Math account and select OK ACTIVATE NOW

Please select the Google account that you use to register for Google Analytics and Google Search Console to grant Rank Math SEO permission

give permission to google account rank math seo

Once connected, you can see all the website's metrics right in the WordPress admin, the metrics include the number of organic keywords, the number of impressions, clicks, keyword rankings...



  • Strip Category Base: remove the category section on the url, for example: after deleting
  • Redirect Attachments: redirect all attachments to the post where they appear
  • Nofollow External Links: add nofollow to all external links
  • Nofollow Image File Links: add nofollow to all external image links
  • Open External Links in New Tab/Window : open all external links in new tab


100% of WordPress themes now support breadcrumbs, so you don't need to enable this option anymore, this part is quite complicated if you configure it because it involves php code.

install breadcrumbs on rank math seo

Webmaster Tools

This section is related to verifying you are the website owner for search console engines, if you have already verified it, you can skip it, if not, just verify each Google Search Console, leave the rest blank.

verify google search console on rank math seo

Others, Edit robots.txt and Edit .htaccess

3 This section you leave blank without filling or configuring anything, especially do not touch robots.txt to avoid unexpected errors, the robots.txt part is very important in SEO you should learn carefully before giving it. decided to edit


  • Remove base: remove the characters /crab-hang/ /san-pham/ on the product's url
  • Remove category base: remove the characters /list-muc-san-pham/ on the product category url
  • Remove parent slugs: remove parent slugs on the product page, example before removal: after removing
  • Remove Generator Tag: delete Woocommerce tag, this part you can't delete also this tag does not affect SEO
  • Remove Schema Markup on Shop Archives: if your Google Search Console has a schema warning, enable this option to remove all schemas
  • Brand: select the corresponding taxonomy to set up the schema, this brand section you should install the Perfect Woocommerce Brands plugin or Yith Woocommerce Brands to add custom branding on the product page

404 Monitor

In this section, you choose Simple, set the log limit to 100-500 and add the Ignore Query Parameters option

install rank math monitor 404 on rank math seo


If you have linked your Google Search Console account, remember to choose the right domain for Rank Math to enter the most accurate data, the Analytics Database section you choose 90 days

configure analytics on rank math seo


For the redirections you choose Default 404 or choose custom depending on your needs, according to my experience the Default 404 option is the best option for SEO, remember to choose the 301 redirect code and Auto Post Redirect to Rank Math automatically redirect when url changes

install redirect on rank math seo


In this section, there are many pages that need to be configured. I only configure the important pages, the rest you can find out by yourself.

Global Meta

Select index all pages, enable Noindex Empty Category and Tag Archives option to noindex all empty article categories and product categories

  • Separator Character: optional characters in between title tags, for example: Title – Blog
  • Capitalize Titles: automatically capitalize the first letter of the title
  • OpenGraph Thumbnail : choose the default thumbnail image when sharing on Facebook, leave this section blank
  • Twitter Card Type: choose a tag type when creating a new post, leave this field blank
configure global meta on rank math

Local SEO and Social Meta

These 2 parts are quite simple, you just need to fill in the information required by Rank Math, in the Local SEO feature you can skip it if you have not focused on Google Maps SEO.


  • Homepage Title: the title structure of the homepage, for the best structure you enter %sitename% %sep% %sitedesc%
  • Homepage Meta Description: the meta description tag of the homepage
  • Homepage Robots Meta: enable this option and select index
  • Homepage Title for Facebook: the title of the page when posting to Facebook, you can fill in the title to customize or leave it blank
  • Homepage Description for Facebook: the description when posting on Facebook, you can leave it blank
  • Homepage Thumbnail for Facebook: thumbnail image when posting to Facebook, can be left blank if your homepage already has thumbnails
configure home page on rank math


To be fastest and avoid duplicate content, choose Disabled, when choosing this option the plugin will automatically redirect the author's url to the homepage, depending on your needs, you can choose Enabled, remember to set noindex To avoid duplicate content

This author section is quite difficult to configure depending on the needs and status of each person's website, no configuration is really 100% standard, so you should be flexible to refer to more SEO knowledge on Google. Please

disable author on rank math

Misc Pages

This section is very important for every website, you need to configure it correctly to avoid duplicate content and index spam pages, depending on the needs of each site, there will be different configurations, so so I only give the best configuration

  • Date Archives: this will index the date/month/year directory, select Disabled
  • 404 Title : please enter the page not found or the website does not exist
  • Search Results Title : no need to fill in anything
  • Noindex Search Results : does not index the search results on your site, to understand what the search results on the page are, see the image below, enable this option
site search result image
  • Noindex Paginated Pages: do not index category pagination, e.g.
  • Noindex Archive Subpages: do not index subpages , please enable this option
  • Noindex Password Protected Pages: do not index password protected pages , please enable this option
configure misc page rank math


  • Single Article Title: customize the display of the title tag, please fill in the structure %title% or %title% %sep% %sitename% if you want to display the brand structure for your website
  • Single Post Description: custom display description tag
  • Schema Type: selected by default Article
  • Headline: please fill in the structure %seo_title%
  • Description: please fill in the structure %seo_description%
  • Article Type: select Blog Post
  • Robots Meta : select enable, then select index
  • Link Suggestions : this section Rank Math SEO will suggest links for you to add to the article
  • Link Suggestion Titles: choose Focus Keywords
  • Primary Taxonomy: select the category taxonomy
  • Add SEO Meta Box: enable this option
  • Bulk Editing: select Enabled
  • Custom Fields: leave blank
Instructions for installing articles on rank math

The rest

The rest you configure the same, note in the tag and product keywords , choose noindex to avoid duplicate content


Sitemap is a sitemap where search engine bots access from there to crawl and index your website, for the best SEO optimization should only add meaningful content and really important to sitemap, first set up General

  • Links Per Sitemap: the number of links on the sitemap, you enter 5000
  • Images in Sitemap: select enable
  • Include Featured Images : including the featured image of the article, select enable
  • Exclude Posts: exclude posts, pages
  • Exclude Terms: exclude ids, taxonomies
  • Ping Search Engines: optimize sitemap for both Bing search engine, can be turned on or off depending on usage needs

When creating the sitemap is complete, you go to Google Search Console to the sitemap section and enter the sitemap if a successful message is displayed, it means that it is ok, remember to regularly monitor Google Search Console's notifications to see if there are any errors.

Instructions to enter rank math sitemap into google search console

The rest of the sitemap you do the same, in the tag and product keywords , turn off Include in Sitemap to avoid indexing junk content.

option exclude product keyword rank math


In this section, Rank Math SEO will save a log of specific 404 error pages including date, time, number of hits... if you see 404 errors ending in .php, don't worry too much, only when these errors appear. 404 url ​​errors with a large number of hits, you need to handle. The handling is very simple, check why it is faulty then redirect or edit the content

404 log on rank math seo


Redirections allows you to redirect faulty urls or switch from old url to new url, the plugin supports 3 redirect codes 301 302 307 I recommend using code 301 in most cases

To redirect successfully, please remove the domain name in the url, for example: /san-pham/iphone-6s/ or /danh-muc/hosting/ in this section there are 5 matching types as follows:

  • Exact: exact match
  • Contains: contains
  • Starts With: begins with
  • End With: ends with
  • Regex: pattern matching, this part is quite confusing for non-technical people, you can learn more here


The feature allows statistics of which pages have good SEO, which pages are not good and give suggestions to help you improve, to use you click on the Start Analysis section to automatically handle the plugin.

analysis of rank math seo


Status & tool allows to display parameters, revert to old version, export, import plugin settings, view log… the features in this section are quite simple you can learn more by yourself.

Import and export feature allows you to export and import settings quickly thanks to the built-in setup files, this is a nice feature that allows you to import settings from websites with similar configuration

import and export feature of rank math

The article comes here is also very long, so I would like to pause here, the Rank Math configuration section still has many odd features, but I am not convenient to include in the article, if you have trouble, please leave a comment and I will answer. quick reply in 24h

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