Detailed instructions for installing and using UltraView software

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 UltraViewer is a remote computer control software that allows users to connect another computer to their own PC, allowing access and control of the computer's files remotely. This is a convenient way for people to provide technical support without having to be physically present at the customer's location.

What is the main feature of UltraViewer software?

UltraViewer remote computer control software is highly appreciated for its performance and meets high connection needs even when the network is unstable. The feature of remote computer control with UltraViewer is quite stable and all operations on the screen are smooth and smooth. Standard-setting software for complex operations or supporting related applications for great experiences. In the field of remote computer control software today, UltraViewer is considered one of the best quality versions worth using.

Advantages of Ultraview

  • Stable use
  • Can use basic features such as remote control, chat

Disadvantages of Ultraview

Sometimes errors due to conflicts with some applications running on windows 10, causing the application to not run.

What's good about UltraView compared to other software?

Support, remote control is simple, anywhere just need internet

  • Secure control: UltraViewer is designed to support customers and partners remotely. So the person being controlled can see what you do on the screen and take back control if they want.
  • Easy file sharing: You can send files to partners and receive files easily. All are under the supervision of the person being controlled.
  • Chat window: You can both control and chat with the person being controlled very conveniently. You can press the F1 button to quickly turn on / off the chat window when supported.
  • Multiple computers at the same time: You can control multiple machines at the same time or share your screen for multiple machines to see.

Instructions for installing and using the UltraViewer section

How to install Ultraviewer software

  • Step 1: Download UltraViewer software to your computer here
  • Step 2: Open the downloaded file and install it by selecting Next
  • Step 3: Choose the folder to save UltraViewer settings (default is C drive) => Select Next
  • Step 4: If you want the UltraViewer icon to appear on the desktop, leave a check mark, otherwise click uncheck => Select Next
  • Step 5: Select Install to install Ultraviewer
  • Step 6: The installation will take place in a few seconds. Finish, select Finish, so the installation is complete, below is the main interface of UltraViewer

How to use UltraViewer remote computer control software

After successful installation, to be able to connect and control the computer remotely via Ultraviewer, follow the instructions as follows:

How to control another computer remotely?

To be able to connect and control another computer, you need your partner to send you the ID and Pass recorded on their Ultraviewer software. Next, enter your partner's IP and Pass into the software and click Connect.

At that time, the window of the partner's computer screen will appear on the screen of your device. Now you have complete control of your partner's computer right on your desktop.

How do I let someone else control my device?

In order for others to control your computer, you need to send your partner the IP and Pass on the software and accept the partner's connection request when notified.

Chat with the person who is controlling the computer remotely

UltraViewer has an additional feature that allows users to quickly chat with partners while controlling their devices. To chat quickly, you press F1, then the chat window appears and you can chat on it in a very convenient way. If you do not need to use the chat window anymore, in order not to interfere with the screen, you can press F1 to turn it off.

How to stop your partner from controlling your computer

To pause remote computer control through UltraViewer, you just need to turn off the UltraViewer software on your device and the partner can no longer control your computer.

In short, UltraViewer remote desktop software connects computers securely and efficiently. Compared to other competitors like TeamViewer, UltraViewer is not inferior in terms of flexibility and very good interoperability. The speed of sharing data on UltraViewer software is also very respectable, without requiring you to use more complicated intermediate applications.

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