SetupAd Evaluation – How does SetupAd stack up?

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 SetupAd is a header bidding and monetization platform for high-traffic website owners.

When SetupAd is implemented in accordance with recommendations, it ensures a 30% increase in revenue compared to competitors. Some users have even seen up to 300% increase.

While header bidding is a relatively complex concept, SetupAd takes the stress out of the process and makes deployment super easy – no source code manipulation required.

Below, we'll dive into how SetupAd can help you monetize your website, what kind of features it offers, and what you can expect to pay for its solution.

Pros and cons of SetupAd


  • Easy to do
  • Stay up to date with industry standards
  • Guaranteed 30-300% increase in revenue
  • Support many types of banners
  • Mobile-friendly advertising
  • Original advertisement
  • Trusted customer support and personal account managers
  • Partnering with 16 of the industry's top SSPs


  • Not suitable for low or medium traffic sites
  • Minimum payout of 200 Euros
  • Missing ads.txt update related notifications
  • The account manager must generate the ad placement code on behalf of the user

SetupAd feature

Understanding the pros and cons of a solution is a quick way to determine if it fits your needs. But to really understand if SetupAd is the right solution for you, you'll need to dive deeper into some of its key features.

Header Bidding Wrapper

Title tender is also known as pre-bid or pre-bid. In a nutshell, header bidding allows site owners (publishers) to provide inventory (ad space) to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously before reverting to their ad servers. surname.

The idea is that you will have multiple sources of demand bidding for your inventory at the same time, thus increasing the profits and revenue you earn from advertising. It sounds complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Especially when you have SetupAd on your side.

SetupAd's header bid package solution is ideal for sites with fewer than 500,000 monthly visitors. It is ready to use and extremely easy to implement. You see, instead of manipulating the source code, SetupAd uses a tag-based solution that is deployed directly through your ad server.

SetupAd's header bidding wrapper will connect you to the top 15 SSPs including Google. And as soon as your card is launched, it will start monetizing your website by purchasing inventory immediately.

If you're worried about ads slowing down your site, you don't have to. SetupAd's header bider wrapper runs using a cloud-based ad server to connect SSPs located near the data center. Not only will this mean your ads will be delivered faster, but it will also mean you'll fill more inventory and be rewarded with more revenue.

Furthermore, SetupAd will also help you understand the best ad formats and placements for your particular site. You will have access to lots of advanced formats for free like fixed rankings, mobile fixed ads, etc. Enabling the right ad format is very important in generating effective results. revenue rate.

Finally, you don't need to worry about filling up your site with irrelevant or unwanted ads. SetupAd detects and reports any inappropriate content using a Chrome plugin with an extensive block list. Outside of this block list, if there are any ads you don't want to see, you can also include them, making sure they don't re-appear through another source.

SaaS header bidding

SaaS Header Bidding is a customized and unique prebid.js based header bidding software for website owners. In a nutshell, SaaS header bidding allows you to hire a fully developed and optimized solution instead of creating and managing your own prebid.js.

Compared to the header bidding wrapper, SetupAd's header bidding SaaS is a much more advanced solution and is ideal for publishers with over 50 million monthly unique visitors.

It is also much more difficult to implement and requires managing your own SSP account. But the bonus is much more flexibility and the ability to monetize 100% of your inventory.

SetupAd header bidding SaaS software is deployed directly into your website source code and works through your Google AdManager. It takes into account existing revenue streams for direct sales and programmatic connections. Instead of paying a revenue share commission, you'll pay a flat CPM fee.

Furthermore, SetupAd was able to feed additional demand from additional SSPs and server-side integrations to increase the number of bids, thus increasing revenue even further. It's important to note that you will still pay SetupAd a revenue share on these bids.

One of the downsides of header bidding SaaS is that you'll be responsible for updating block lists, rather than SetupAd managing them for you. However, you will be provided with a default block list to start with and will have the opportunity to use anti-malware software for an additional cost.

Advertising flexibility

The main highlight of the SetupAd product is that you have a wide range of options when deciding which ads are best suited for your website.

Ad flexibility allows you to tailor your ads to meet your visitors' needs and interests, encouraging them to spend more time on your site. It is also important in allowing you to monetize your website in a way that is not disruptive, annoying, or unappealing to your audience.

For example, SetupAd can help you recommend content, native ads, and video assets.

Content recommendations encourage users to stay on your site longer by suggesting other, relevant content for visitors to click through. And the longer visitors stay on your site, the better your analytics and revenue. SetupAd provides recommended content through widgets, giving you the opportunity to earn additional revenue from sponsored content posts or promotions.

SetupAd also supports native ads that attract users by presenting them in a style similar to your website layout. Content is always sponsored and relevant to the visitor's search history. Ads are custom created for each page and provide an intuitive, non-intrusive advertising experience for visitors.

Finally, SetupAd allows you to harness the power of video content. Video marketing and content is more prevalent than ever and is one of the best ways to capture the attention of your audience. SetupAd video assets can be native or display ads, giving you flexibility in determining the type that is most engaging for your visitors.

Make money from AdBlock

Did you know that 10-20% of your website visitors use content filtering and ad blocking software like AdBlock? It basically prevents page elements like ads from being displayed while they visit your site.

When visitors don't see ads on your site, it has a direct impact on your ad revenue stream.

Thankfully, SetupAd has you covered. It respects the privacy of visitors who use AdBlock and runs non-intrusive ads instead. You see, some ad formats make a website more visually appealing and user-friendly, thus seeming less intrusive to users. These formats include desktop, native, mobile, fixed, and video.

Not many other monetization solutions offer this feature, so that's the obvious benefit of using SetupAd.

Mobile-friendly advertising

How often do you browse the Internet on your mobile phone to be bombarded with poorly placed ads that are clearly not optimized for mobile viewing? It's annoying and annoying and most likely makes you leave that site in no time.

We don't want this to happen on your site. Especially when, in this day and age, mobile web traffic surpasses desktop traffic for most website owners. That's why it's extremely important to have fast loading, mobile-optimized ads on your website.

If you're scratching your head wondering how best to do this, fret not. SetupAd will create customized versions of mobile ads to increase ad revenue on your website. It also suggests the best type of ad formats to view on mobile devices and provides guidance on where to place ads so they don't irritate viewers.

While other monetization platforms offer mobile-friendly ads, they will only adjust your ad size to fit your mobile site. Meanwhile, SetupAd will guide you exactly where to place them and what format is best for your mobile site. With this in mind, SetupAd is a great choice for users with heavy mobile traffic.

SetupAd Pricing and Package Options

One of the best things about SetupAd is that it is completely risk-free. You don't have to commit to a monthly subscription fee to use its services. Instead, SetupAd makes money by keeping 20% ​​of your ad revenue as a commission.

However, there are some requirements that you need to meet in order to use SetupAd's services. These requirements include:

  • Your website needs to comply with SetupAd's quality policy
  • You will need to prove that your website receives more than 100k visitors per month
  • You must agree to paste SetupAd's ads.txt file into your website and use all demand sources, including Google

SetupAd pays in Euros and you'll need to earn a minimum of 100 Euros to get paid. SetupAd's payment method is via PayPal or bank transfer. It is important to note that the first pay period is 60 days. So if you start using SetupAd in January, you won't see any revenue until March. You will then be paid monthly as long as you reach the minimum payment threshold.

In terms of revenue, SetupAd guarantees that you will increase your revenue by 30% by using your software on Google Adsense and Google Adx. But if you want an estimate of the revenue that SetupAd can give you, you can run a test period to see the results before committing to a contract.

One particular downside to SetupAd's requirements is that the minimum monthly visitor threshold is quite substantial. It completely excludes all low and medium traffic websites from accessing SetupAd's solution.

SetupAd Reputation

SetupAd has a reputation for bringing in great revenue. Most users say they've seen extremely satisfying results or have at least doubled their revenue since switching. In fact, dozens of European publishers report revenue increases of 30% to 200%.

Reviews also show that SetupAd's customer support is helpful and easily accessible by phone or email. Furthermore, after signing up, you will be assigned your own account manager to handle any issues or troubles you may encounter.

Another thing that SetupAd is famous for is the easy setup process. SetupAd is easily implemented with a tag-based solution on your ad server – no need to use your source code or need a developer to make changes.

While users have a few negative things to say about SetupAd, many users have commented that creating ad placement codes falls into the hands of account managers, which can be frustrating. SetupAd is also not very good at notifying users when it modifies its ads.txt file.

Some argue that the 60-day payment period is quite long compared to other monetization solutions. In other words, payments are reported always on time and earnings are paid out exactly as expected so there are never any issues in that regard.

So, if you have a high traffic website with at least 100,000 monthly visitors and want to increase your current revenue by at least 30%, then SetupAd is a great solution for you. It can give you ad flexibility, AdBlock monetization and mobile friendly ads, allowing you to monetize your website without affecting your visitors experience. .

If you are a low or medium traffic site you won't be able to use SetupAd, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't monetize your site. Getting started with Google AdSense or the Amazon Affiliate Program are great ways to get started without minimal visitor thresholds getting in your way.

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