3 How to fix the error that SMS cannot be sent on Android

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Can’t send sms message on Android phones is one of the serious problems, badly affecting the use of our Smartphone. This means that SMS messages will not be sent, and when it is necessary to send a message to the switchboard, it cannot be done. The cause of the error is sometimes simple, but sometimes complicated, forcing us to factory reset the phone.

Currently, the form of sending SMS messages is no longer popular and has been replaced by online messaging and chat applications. However, there is one aspect that makes SMS indispensable, such as you want to advance money but cannot send a message to the switchboard. To fix SMS problems on Android, please read the article below!

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How to fix the error that the phone cannot send SMS messages

The following ways can help you fix the error Unable to send SMS, could not send the message to the switchboard.

Enable SMS messaging

In most cases, the phone can’t send messages, it’s because the texting feature has not been activated. To fix, users need to grant permission to send SMS messages for the system to make requests. Proceed as follows:

Step 1. On the Android phone screen, go to Settings (Settings) => then go to application management (or Applications) as shown below.

can't send android sms

Step 2. In the new interface that appears, find and click on the application Messages Messages as shown below.

can't send android sms

Step 3. At this point, the system will transfer you to the window containing all the information of the application Messages. You find and touch Permission/ Grant access (as shown below).

can't send android sms

Step 4. In the next interface, if you see the option SMS message is in Off mode activating this feature will solve the problem of the phone not sending messages.

Check the money in the account

One of the most common causes of errors Unable to send SMS on Android, it is out of money in the account. To check and make sure the cause is from here, you need to check your phone account and the fastest way to check the money in your phone account is to compose a message with the syntax of the network operator.

To check your phone account, follow the following syntax:

can't send android sms

For phone use Viettel network: You press *101# and *102# => then press the button Call.

For phone use network Mobifone: you compose *112# and press the button Call.

For phone use network Vinaphone: You compose messages according to the syntax *101# and press Call.

For subscribers network Vietnamobile: You compose messages *102# and press Call.

Restore phone factory settings

The final solution if your phone is still faulty Unable to send SMS, which is a factory reset of the device. This will erase all data on the phone, you need to back up before proceeding. To factory reset your new Android phone, do the following:

Step 1. On the Android phone screen, click Setting/ Settings => then find and tap the option General Management => then continue to choose Put as shown below.

can't send android sms

Step 2. In the list of Reset options of the device, click on the item Restore factory settings (as shown below).

can't send android sms

Step 3. The next window appears, please click on Set again to confirm factory reset Android phone.

can't send android sms

Right after that, the Android operating system will proceed to reset the phone to its factory configuration. Please wait for a few minutes for the process to complete and proceed with the initial settings for the phone after the reset. After that, please check if the sms failed to send error has been fixed!


So I have completed the steps to fix the error Unable to send SMS on Android phones. Hope you have successfully applied it on your device. If you have another way, please share it with everyone through the comments below. Also, you can refer to this article to fix the error App Not Working trên Android.

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