3 ways to write simple content

 If you find content marketing difficult, consider that boring people don't struggle with creative expression.

Here are three ways a content marketer can keep their standards high when creating content.

Method 1: Capture your ideas

Do yourself a favor and create a place where you will keep all your details and find them again when you need them. I call it “ Idea Garden”

I keep content ideas in my creative journal, with pages bookmarked so I can find them quickly and easily. (I use a washi ribbon along the side of the page, but anything easily visible will work.)

If you keep your ideas on a digital app, tag them so you can express them all with a few keystrokes.

Make stupid ideas and save them in the “ Idea Garden”. Sometimes you can develop a pretty cool piece of content out of a stupid idea.

When you get in the habit of capturing and recording your ideas, even silly ones, you'll realize how many ideas your creative brain is sending you every day.

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Method 2: Acknowledge that lack of confidence is normal

If you are creating unique and interesting work, you will doubt yourself whether it is really original work or if you are on the right track.

We get in trouble when we misattribute that self-doubt.

In fact, it's a sign that we're on the right track.

3 Ways to Make Content Writing a Little Simpler... Without Lowering Your Standards

Method 3: Go into the framework

It's okay to tell yourself "just do the hard things," but it's a lot easier said than done.

When I'm doing something particularly difficult, I'll find a way to frame myself.

A framework is not the same as a recipe.

“Swipe and deploy” is a recipe. Taking someone else's copy and plugging it in the blank will only get you on the wrong track.

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Instead, good writers use frameworks. Frameworks give you a loose structure, but you fill them in with your own creativity. Problem-Trigger-Solve is a framework for writing persuasive content. 

As a creative content writer, it means that you have chosen a harder path than the usual one.

If you're still struggling with how difficult it is, credit yourself for taking on a more meaningful path. Use a writing framework to make the hardest parts easier.