5 suggestions to build a website into a key sales channel without 'losing your breath' after the gap

Building a website into the main sales channel is always something every business must put on their heads because in the end, whether selling through e-commerce or social sites, in the end it is still not a channel you own and depend on. depend too much on their ‘rules of the game’.

To be more proactive and take advantage of the increasingly popular trend of ‘online shopping’ after the lockdown, it’s time for businesses to start refreshing or modifying their website to bring the best results first. new wave in consumer behavior. If you don’t know where to start, what to pay attention to when looking for a partner, let’s find out with Digit Matter through the article below!

1. Website improvement should focus on the most important problem

There is always more than one way to improve an existing website. It’s important where you start so that each rollout brings about positive outcomes. And in most cases, prioritizing the most essential adjustments is the shortest path to getting your business to the finish line ‘without effort’.

One of the things to keep in mind when ‘improving’ a website is to consider the following two factors simultaneously: performance and customer experience. Try to put yourself through the lens of your target audience and find out if functional additions – adding a chat feature, for example, or changing the design of your website – have the opposite effect on the customer experience. ? From there determine what factors should be changed before – after to bring the best effect!

The first priority to consider to maximize website effectiveness is ‘site performance’ and the similarity between the website message and the advertising content. In addition, businesses can also consider angles such as how to better support the target audience, how to bring ads on the page to users; how to manage transactions… Focusing on the above items and setting improvement goals will make it easier for businesses to measure and optimize!

2. Optimize website speed

5 suggestions to build a website into a key sales channel without 'losing your breath' after the gap

Online shopping is a behavior driven by the pandemic and will continue to grow as more and more ‘stores’ migrate to the digital environment. And when the traffic is increasing, the most important thing is that your website is ‘ready’ to catch that wave!

Here are a few suggestions for your in-house team:

  • Check your CDN (content delivery network – eg Akamai, Cloudflare, Google Cloud CDN) providers to reset and speed up processing.
  • Use HTTP-caching to improve page load times for returning objects and minimize ‘server load’ with as few code changes as possible.
  • Compresses weight in images and text but does not ‘compress’ display quality.
  • Application font-display swap to help viewers easily read the text even if the font used has a slow loading speed
  • Remove unused tags in tag manager.
  • Regularly test page speed with the following tools: Test My site or PageSpeed Insights.

3. Ensure a seamless payment experience when building a website

76% of smartphone users will be willing to shop at the optimal website/app for payment. Therefore, when designing and building a website, businesses need to ensure the optimization in the steps of conducting and processing transactions.

In addition, businesses can also enhance the personal experience for customers who often transact by automatically storing basic information fields or recently viewed products.

Contact a consultant now to have Digit Matter support and advise on front-end and back-end systems for businesses to bring maximum user experience!

4. Upgrade technology for optimal customer support for all needs

5 suggestions to build a website into a key sales channel without 'losing your breath' after the gap

From the past until now, customer service has always been a factor that has been heavily trained by many businesses so that every employee is capable of serving all customer needs in the best way. So in the ‘digital experience’ story, have you done this well? If you are planning to improve or build a new website, consider the above factors!

A few suggestions to optimize the ability to support hundreds of people at the same time is to combine the chatbot and the staff at the same time to gradually clarify the needs/problems to be answered and provide comprehensive support. high individuality for each subject. In addition, businesses can also integrate more CRM software to:

  • Automate customer support through automation features
  • Connecting clients to the most appropriate caregiver based on success data with similar cases
  • Personalize support through instant access to past customer interaction history

And in the current time when experiencing prolonged distances and new ‘variables’ in the face of the possibility of a re-epidemic of the pandemic, customer experience is increasingly placed more and more heavily in consumption decisions. In a panic, consumers will likely buy from any brand that offers the product they’re looking for, but in the long run, they’ll only favor places that offer satisfaction in service!

5. Adjust the advertising message and media plan as needed

The city still has many red zones – green zones with diversity in shopping behavior in each region. Make sure your approach across ad campaigns is reflective of that reality:

  • Direct customers to your website instead of stores that may have closed
  • Stop advertising campaigns in areas out of service or sensitive content
  • Use automation solutions to optimize your budget in real time before the ‘up-and-down’ in consumer demand.

To build a website to maximize sales and develop appropriate digital marketing plans for the recovery period – growth before the new reality, businesses need to sprint now! Contact a consultant now to get ready for the most essential changes!