API3 publishes the end-of-term Marketing report

There should have been a separate report for November but at the moment API3 is busy for the Bitcoin Bankathon. Therefore, they just released a final report today, covering both November and December.

Bitcoin Bankathon

API3 successfully co-hosted the first Bitcoin Bankathon in El Salvador. Here are a few reasons why this contest is important from a marketing perspective:

  • Latin America has become the global focal point of blockchain adoption beyond Bitcoin. Bankathon helped establish API3 as an oracle for DeFi on Bitcoin.
  • The motivations behind blockchain adoption in Latin America are fundamentally different, including finance, wealth protection from inflation, and decentralized banking.
  • Banking is a use case for Airnode – the out-of-the-box RRP request response protocol. Users cannot access their bank accounts from Web3 with a feed, but can with Airnode.

API3 is a data agnostic platform and intends to work with any blockchain platform. However DeFi on Bitcoin is almost here as well, and API3 is aiming to be the hub on that.

Update on development roadmap

API3 has announced a product roadmap. API3 agrees that it is impossible to map ethically managed projects in the traditional sense, API3 also understands that the API3 community wants a picture of what active contributors care about. So API3 met in the middle and offered an abstract road map with no timeline showing what the collective was thinking right now.

Update on API3 Development Roadmap

API3 . Products

Learning from all stakeholders and adapting is one of the most effective aspects of being a DAO. Therefore, API3 is looking forward to receiving a lot of positive feedback from the community.

Airnode is ready to take off

Airnode 0.2 and 0.3 have been released. Airnode is ready for development. The API3 Alliance is very “forgiving”. Airnode first-party API is available. The focus of the marketing team has shifted from the supply side for the Web3 API economy to the demand side. Currently, API3 is focusing on Beacons. Details will be shared by API3 as early as January next year.

Focus on developers

As API3 has shifted its marketing focus, Web3 developers are therefore API3’s highest priority target audience. Their marketing team is still in the process of learning to improve the technique. They think that it is necessary to empathize with the target customers to serve them best.

Ben and Brian are leading the effort to launch a developer portal on api3.org as a starting point for Web3 developers.

API3 has created a position on Github for the marketing team. This is where API3 will build demos, code samples, proof-of-concept and other useful projects just for developers.

Changing team members

With 5 marketing lifecycles, API3 has made some adjustments, even more changes have been made. Here’s the hot news.

Ugur will be rotated from the marketing team to the core technology department as the product owner. He will also work closely with the marketing team, helping to keep the teams in sync and working together. Ugur has been a “huge asset” to API3 and is now able to contribute more in his new role.

Of course, this leaves a gap in event coordination and social media. Currently, API3 is welcoming anyone for this position, please apply if you feel like it.

Finally, API3 would like to introduce a new team member, Can, who will start with community development and visual design.

In conclusion, API3 is really looking forward to 2022 which will bring both API3 and Web3 many new flourishes. If 2021 is the year of the NFT, let’s set 2022 as the year Web2 merges with Web3.

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