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Design, configuration, price

Review Redmi Watch Lite 2: Design, configuration, price

Although Redmi Watch Lite 2 was launched before Redmi Watch 2, it is still quite quietly. Currently, some stores in Vietnam have allowed you to register to buy products. To see if this smartwatch is worth buying, check out the Redmi Watch 2 Lite review below!

Review xiaomi redmi watch lite 2 in detail

About design

Xiaomi Redmi Watch lite 2 inherits many similarities with the old generation, but the disadvantages have been completed as much as possible. Compact smartwatch size is only 41.2 x 35.3 x 10.7 mm and weighs about 35g.

Review xiaomi redmi watch lite 2 in detail

The watch face size is 1.55 inches, just right for both men and women’s hands. The watch is equipped with a rubber strap, soft and comfortable to wear and does not cause a feeling of mystery for a long time of use.

The strap is 140-210mm long, more than enough for all hand sizes. The overall design looks both luxurious and dynamic. The excellent black color tones the skin and stays clean.

The side of the watch is also equipped with a physical adjustment button to help navigate the user interface.

About the screen

The smartwatch screen has a resolution of 320 x 360 pixels with TFT screen technology. Thanks to that, the image displayed on the watch face is always shimmering, clear and vivid.

The screen size is 1.55 inches, which is quite large, suitable for even those with eye disabilities. At the same time, the effect on stroke is reduced more strongly than those with small display letters.

About the screen

About features

Xiaomi Redmi Watch lite 2 is fully equipped with the features that a smart watch needs. All the health monitoring features are indispensable in this version.

You can also work out every day with 100 built-in sports modes. These modes make training more effective, scientific and methodical many times over.

Your training distance will be carefully recorded by the independent GPS system. You also don’t need to take your smartwatch off while swimming thanks to its 5ATM water resistance.

If you want, you can also play music from your smartwatch and adjust the sound to your liking.

About features

About battery capacity

Xiaomi Redmi Watch lite 2 owns a 262 mAh battery, which is quite large. You can use the smartwatch continuously for 10 days, then need to fully charge the battery again.

Equipped with advanced battery charging technology to fully charge the smartwatch in a quick time. You can soon use Redmi Watch Lite 2 again without worrying about the long wait.

How much is redmi watch lite 2?

Redmi Watch 2 Lite has a price of about 1.28 million VND if placed on Ali Express. When buying from a retailer, you may incur higher prices because shipping costs are not cheap, especially during this covid season.

Previously, there were many concerns about whether it was possible to order in Vietnam. But fortunately at CellphoneS was able to provide this product for you.

How much is redmi watch lite 2?

Should I buy Redmi Watch Lite 2?

Among the smartwatch versions, Redmi Watch Lite 2 is the new and most improved version. Moreover, the price of the watch is also very reasonable and affordable for the Vietnamese people.

Therefore, there is no reason for you to refuse to buy such a great product. Redmi Watch Lite 2 will help you monitor your health day and night, supporting health exercises and training in the right way.

This modern, versatile and convenient tool is also ready to play music at any time to help you relax more during tired hours. A note for you is that when you want to buy Redmi Watch Lite 2, go to a reputable address to buy products such as CellphoneS.

Not only the price is cheaper than the market, the warranty is better, but any error claims will be resolved quickly.

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