Today’s 150-degree Ex is put on by the owner in a very gorgeous and luxurious carbon coat. When looking at this shirt, you will certainly not be able to resist its strong and fierce attraction. Not to mention that on this 150-degree Ex, there are also high-quality high-performance toys that are extremely loved and sought after by car enthusiasts.

Ex 150 degrees of the golden carbon shirt is so beautiful it's heartbreaking

Ex 150 degrees clothes Carbon The golden queen is so beautiful

The entire outfit of the shirt Ex 150 degrees went through the embedding process Carbon meticulous and elaborate to get the luxurious and beautiful appearance today. In addition to the role of increasing the overall prominence, the set of embedded clothes Carbon This also makes the toys appear on the car Ex 150 degrees become extremely outstanding and eye-catching.

The rough plastic position on the left bib has been cut a bit so that the rib booster can be attached YSS. Plays an important role in bringing stability to the vehicle Ex 150 degrees when operating at high speed ranges.

The original brake shackles and clutch shackles have been completely replaced by brake shackles Brembo RCS Corsa Corta and shackles Domino TWM from Italy. At the present time, in order to ‘smash the box’ to win this pair of shackles and clutches, you will have to spend an amount of approximately 10 million VND.

The braced style of the front and rear legs not only exudes a flexible and neat beauty, but also perfectly blends with the shirt above with a pair of braces. Boushi version Carbon glossy. Pig wins 1 original piston is completely replaced by pig Frando Ticket 4 muscular and pitiful pistons.

The most special feature in the rear legs Ex 150 degrees it’s the pig Frando Ticket 4 pistons perfectly synchronized with the front legs. Due to the extremely strong braking force, when mounting the mechanic will need to carefully align the wind and oil to avoid the risk of locking the wheel during brake control.

The magnificence of the rear legs Ex 150 degrees It also comes from the combination of the fork tree Nitron Genuine Vietnam and grips King Drag new generation. Two elements ensure stability and certainty for the owner and prevent the risk of floor shaking when moving at high speed ranges.
Ex 150 degrees and other magnificent angles…

Photo source: Van Vo Duy Linh