There are a variety of different gas efficient cars out on the market today. The most popular class is the hybrid. Hybrids use both gas and electricity to propel the vehicle forward. But the question we are asking today, do these types of cars really save you money?

Let’s look at the Toyota Prius. It is perhaps, the most popular hybrid on the market today. The EPA estimates it to get about 48 miles per gallon. That might seems like a very high estimate but the Prius is actually that efficient, on gas. That means you will not be filling the tank up like you used to.

If I drive I Prius, I am saving money, right? Nope!

First off, you are not going to get any tax breaks when you purchase your Prius. The federal government stopped the tax credit for the car a couple years ago. So these particular savings go out the window.

Second, if you want a nice Prius with all the options, you are talking about $30,000. If you figure the miles per gallon between the Prius, and other non-hybrid cars from Toyota and their competitors, then compare the price of the cars, you will actually be spending less per mile with the cheaper cars over their lifetimes. Fuel efficient economy cars can be bought for as low as $8,999. Sometimes these car companies run “buy one, get one free” specials which can turn out to be an even better deal.

Finally I would like to conclude by saying that all of the fuel efficient and hybrid cars have excellent warranties. In the end, if you buy a hybrid, you would be spending more money per mile plus an exorbitant amount of money when your hybrid needs repairs after the warranty has expired.

I hope I have answered your questions. You don’t even need to buy a new car just to save gas and money. Would you be interested in doubling your gas mileage? Find out how you can convert your car [] to use an alternative fuel that is pretty much free and actually double your gas mileage.