How to choose the most suitable domain name for your website to do Affiliate Marketing?

Today we talk a little bit about thinking about choosing a domain name to develop a blog or website to make money with affiliate marketing.

The domain name will be associated with the website’s brand for life, choosing a good and suitable domain name is really not easy.

In fact, choosing a domain name will not be right or wrong, it all depends on whether you like it or not, but there are also some principles like “unwritten rules” for you to refer to.

5 factors to consider when choosing a domain name

I will show you how to choose suitable domain name for authority site right below, but first read through the following 5 essentials.

1. Domain Name Range

You should strike a balance between wide domain name and narrow domain name.

You should balance just wide enough but again not too narrow so that the content can be easily extended to other topics in the future.

Wide domain name

  • (Review)
  • (Beauty)
  • (Technology)

Narrow domain name

  • (Mechanical keyboard)
  • (Computer mouse)
  • (Bluetooth Headset)

Broad domain names are usually very beautiful and very expensive. But for an authority site to make money with affiliate marketing, you don’t need to bother with this type of domain name.

2. Domain name extension

Although the domain extension (Top Level Domain) does not affect SEO, my number 1 priority is .com, next is .VN (if working in Vietnam market).

The reason is

  • Domain name extension .com most popular in the world.
  • All big companies use .com (,,,,,,…)
  • Domain .com can create higher trust for users, easier to share.

3. Short, simple and easy to pronounce domain name

Domain names should be simple, short, easy to remember, can help users retype correctly and do not need to read much.

If the domain name contains complex, long words, it will make it difficult to remember and more difficult to spell correctly.

Preferably 2 syllables, up to 3 syllables.



Should not


4. Domain name without hyphen

Stay away from domains with a hyphen (-).

These domains does not create trust for users, hard to remember, hard to pronounce…



Should not


5. Domain names must not be misleading or misspelled

You should avoid domain names that are misleading in meaning, confusing with other brands that can cause some unnecessary trouble for you such as copyright infringement claims, domain name revocation or even may even be prosecuted.

3 popular types of domain names today

These are the most popular types of domain name selection on the market today that I observe. Depending on the purpose of use and personal preferences, you choose the type of domain name accordingly.

1. Brand domain name

Think big, you should choose a branded domain name, but in return you have to build a good enough brand so that customers can remember your main field through the domain name.

You can have a completely meaningless domain name that is unrelated to your niche, but make sure it’s easy to pronounce.


Do you find them relevant to your industry or niche?

The common characteristics of these domain names are short, easy to remember, easy to pronounce and NOT industry related.

2. Domain name contains all keywords

There was a time when domain names matching keywords (Exact Match Domain) were highly appreciated, because it had a very good impact on SEO results.

For example, if you run an “air purifier” business, choosing a domain name like is the number one choice.


At the end of 2012, Google Announcement reduce the quality of keyword-matched domains in search results.

Up to the present time, then Domain names with keywords are completely useless in SEO

These domain names sound very “hometown” and “earthly”, unprofessional, difficult to expand and do not create trust for readers, completely unsuitable for developing an authority site.

3. Domain name containing main keyword

Domain names containing descriptive main keywords will help users instantly identify your field in search results, and increase the probability that your website will reach people who are looking for products or services that are relevant. involve.

Some typical examples of this type of domain name

  • (Electrical)
  • (Bach Hoa)
  • (Document)
  • (Finance)

Formula to choose the right domain name for Authority site

This is the way I use often to choose a domain name for’s authority site system, sometimes with the exception of using a brand or broad domain name.

General principles

  • The domain name is not too wide and not too narrow
  • The domain name extension must remain .com (if in Vietnam market, you can choose .VN if .com is no longer available)
  • Easy to pronounce (up to 3 syllables)

The simple formula is: Branded + Seed Keyword

  • For Branded: You can use prefix (Prefix) or suffix (Suffix) attached in the table below.
  • For Keyword: This is the main keyword (Seed Keyword) that describes your industry. For example: Coffee, Web, IELTS, Food, Cooking, Kitchen, Golf, Camping,…

So the formula is Prefix + Seed Keyword or Seed Keyword + Subffiex

200 common prefixes and suffixes to choose a domain name

Some typical examples of the above formula.

  • (Finance + Z)
  • (IELTS + Vietop)
  • (Cyber ​​+ Web)

Tools to find domain ideas from Seed Keyword

  • Instant Domain Search
  • Panabee
  • Name Mesh

Instant Domain Search

This is a great tool for you to look up which domain names can be registered

For example, I want to find a domain name for a niche Camping, just enter the main keyword in the search box, the tool will list out a series of suggested domains.

  • Domain Extensions: Check to see which domain extension you can still register.
  • Domain Generator: List the different variations of the domain name.
  • Domains For Sale: List domains related to your main keyword that are for sale.

You should combine with the above prefixes and suffixes to continue searching for the right domain name.

Tools Panabee, Name Mesh does the same thing, enter your main keyword and get suggestions of related domains.

Where’s the reputable domain name registration?

After you have chosen the domain name you like, here are suggestions where to register the domain name.

Country domain (.vn or

International Domain Names


As a reminder, choosing the right domain name is entirely up to you personal preference your.

You just need to choose a good enough domain name according to the important principles I shared above, you don’t need to spend too much time on choosing the perfect domain name that won’t start the project forever.

Now it’s time to start researching which domains you can use and think of a few extra domain names in case the domain you want is already registered.

Once you’ve made your decision, get some sleep before you start signing up. 😴

If after waking up you still do not change your decision, congratulations, you have chosen a satisfactory domain name. 🤘